People Under The Stairs Lyrics by Mac Miller

Mac Miller Lyrics

People Under The Stairs Lyrics
Hey microphone testing
Testing you playin' politician
You martin sheen on the west wing
Guessing the best thing for me to do is spit it
This shit is never a gimmick you listen you listen more than a minute of it
I've been spitting flows since a kid was 6 years old
And if you listen close I'll do this like some mismatched clothes
It's whatever put in together
You never could be this clever, I'm rockin the mic forever
You gonna stop me never
I'm cocky because I love it, you Rocky without the punches
Hockey without the ice and boxes without the lunches
Flowing like me, no one and that got you mad bitch
So your boys are nothing but just air, rich
I ain't tellin nobody how they should live they life
I got my own shit to deal with, so that just isnt right
I'm just trying to leave the crib go out and live the night shit
F*ck that, I'm locked in the lab working
Dropping the track beats, get bodied and bags certain
See the world through 1st 2nd and 3rd person, omniscient
Istening so efficient
Trapped in my own goal line ready to go the distance
Consider it a privilege
That what you get to witness
History in the makin'
You f*ckin bitches, just playin' with ya
Still in line waiting for my name to get called, ya

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