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Mammoth WVH Lyrics
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Wolfgang William Van Halen ([ˈʋɔlfɣɑŋ ˈwiliəm vɑnˈhaːlə], born March 16, 1991) is an American musician best known as the former bassist for Van Halen (2006–2020) and Tremonti (2012-2016).

At 29 years old, he was the youngest member of Van Halen prior to their disbandment in 2020.

Named in homage to the classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, he is the only child of Dutch-Indonesian American guitarist Eddie Van Halen (January 26, 1955–October 6, 2020) and American actress Valerie Bertinelli, and the nephew of Dutch-Indonesian American drummer Alex Van Halen.

Wolfgang has said that he did not know his father was a famous musician until he "started picking up CDs and saw his father's [Eddie's] picture on them".

In late 2006, in an interview with Guitar World, Eddie Van Halen confirmed that his son would replace Michael Anthony as Van Halen's bassist.

Distance, a Single in (2020) as part of his group Mammoth WVH peaked at number 25 on the Bubbling Under charts and 9 on the Rock/Alternative charts. -Wikipedia

Birth name:
Wolfgang William Van Halen

March 16, 1991 (age )

Santa Monica, California,

Hard rock, heavy metal

Bass, guitar, vocals, guitar, drums, keyboards

Years active:

Associated acts:
Van Halen, Tremonti, Clint Lowery, Mammoth WVH

Tour Dates:

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