Mariah Carey - Don't Forget About Us (Remix) Lyrics

Mariah Carey Lyrics

Don't Forget About Us (Remix) Lyrics

[Mariah Carey (Bone Thugs) - Intro]

Don't forget about us

(Bone Bone Bone Bone)

Don't baby, don't baby, don't let it go...

(I'm never gonna let it go....)

[Layzie Bone (Jermaine Dupri)]

(Yall know what this is. So So Def)

Why do we make up just to break up?

Wanna be together but the world tryna take us

In different directions and ain't even tell us the choices, the blessins collected

But hold on now wait a second, caught up in my recollection

I remember that body you flexin

Baby me and you was all night sexin

Your boy put it down, didn't he?

You told me you'd never forget

First time that you let me hit, got on top of it and just rode it rode it

All night long (Ha), shoulda been all life long

Me and you cheatin, won't right no wrongs

But, with a good memory, we'll stay strong

(Let's go)

[Krayzie Bone]

I've met alot of women in my lifetime

I still never met nuttin like you

So I'm never, said I'm never, given up the pleasure, not ever

I know, you was the only one true to me

I shoulda thugged you so much more

Cause it shows, through do everything you do for me you kept it real with your boy

Believe me, I remember them day-ays, when nothing came between me and you

We be straight up doin our thang (Thang)

When you be next to me, we in ecstasy

I'ma love it, I'ma never leave it cause that's all we got

Keep me in your memory...

[Mariah Carey (Bone Thugs) - Chorus]

And don't forget about late nights, playing in the dark and waking up inside my arms

Boy, you'll always be in my heart and, I can see it in your eyes,

you still want it

So don't forget about us (I'm never gonna let it go....)

[Mariah Carey (Jermaine Dupri)]

(MC, holla) Oh they say

That you're in a new relationship

But we both know, nothing comes close to what we had, it perseveres (Yea)

That we both can't forget it, how good we used to get it

There's only one me and you (Uh uh)

And how we used to shine, used to shine

No matter what you go through

We are one, that's a fact, that you can't deny

So baby we just can't let, the fire pass us by

Forever we'd both regret, so don't forget about us

[Juelz Santana]

(Santana, Dipset, aye aye)

Let me brush my shoulders off real quick man.

Aye Mimi baby, you need me baby?

You know I know how to treat a lady

See a girl like you, need a guy like me

Not a busta (Like that), sucka (Like that)

Soon as you leave, he gon' want you right back

He don't want you like that (Truss)

I want you like that

She like, baby no, she like baby no

I'm like baby you know your baby won't leave you in the cold like that

(No...) I ain't new to this, I'm true to this

I treat you like when I was movin bricks, that's serious, baby I'm serious

I ain't talkin materialistic

I'm talkin serious business

I'm talkin about the wish of wishes

Don't you wish you get this (Aye)? I know you sick, I know you (Tired)

I know you sick of bein sick and tired

X him out, count me in you don't need to be with a clown like him

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