Mariah Carey - I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time (Remix) Lyrics

Mariah Carey Lyrics

I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time (Remix) Lyrics

[Intro: LL Cool J]
LL, MC, yes I (the remix, the remix)
I had to (the remix, the remix)

[LL Cool J]
You are now in the summer of the GOAT
Light blue sky, oh yes I
Smoke your body until your mind feels high
Cuz this is such a gutta lullaby
If I keep it 100, then your girlfriend's a dime
Do the math, I'm with you cuz you're ten times as fly
Put your Ls in the air, baby girl lets ride
I'm too live, me love you long time
You're the purpose of the day, girl you always shine
A love like ours is the greatest of all time
If E=MC2, that's fine
It don't take an Einstein to see it's our time

[Mariah Carey]
You ain't even gotta worry
About a thang, I got ya babe
And ain't nobody takin' me away
It's not a game, I'm here to stay
Our love is stronger than any drug
Addictive, just can't get enough
And every time I'm with you I want some more
Just close the door, and let's explore each other

[Chorus: Mariah Carey]
Long as I know you got me (I'll be)
I'll be loving you long time (as I can be)
I'll be loving you long time (eternally)
There's no stopping you and me
I'll be loving you long time (as I can breathe)
I'll be loving you long time (eternally)

[Mariah Carey]
Don't care what no one has to say
They don't understand us like we do
I need you near me night and day
Together there ain't nothin' we can't do
Scoop me up and we can go
To that little spot where no one knows
Spend a little time, just us alone
Caress my body, never let go


[Ghostface Killah]
You act funny when you and your friend walk around, bloated
Hit you with a pillow while you're doin aerobics
Snatch you up grab you, kiss you, from behind
Whisper in your ear "you ain't goin nowhere, you mine"
Now what? You know what it is, I love you sugar
Grab my face, tell me 'don't move', and pick my boogers
Those are the things that I love about you
Besides I can't even picture in this world, doin life without you
My motivation, medication, healer
Situations, you know how to ease my frustrations
Besides the ox tails, I love you long time
I'll double that if you don't feed my babies the swine
And you still feel good if you done in no time
And I'ma go down at the drop of a dime
And I'm daddy (...) when it come to the gwop
Yeah, it's all love in this atmosphere


[Mariah Carey sings to end]

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