Mariah Carey - SURPRISE! Mariah Carey Gives Private Performance For Fans! Lyrics

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SURPRISE! Mariah Carey Gives Private Performance For Fans! Lyrics
Da da, da da, da da, daa daa, da daa daa
I knew they were singers
And that's why
We know we're not going to sing this song
I don't think we're gonna sing this song but
Somehow I know that
Jimmy Fallon
He had a concert/concept(?)
And he, he, he, he
Oh, Jimmy said:
"I like Trey, I like Tiga(?), and I like Tippa-tee-Tots"
Just sing it
All up for me
Won't you just give 'em a little bit of some kind of emotion on your face like
"Oh, I'm feelin' something even though we're not sure what Mariah's doing right now"
We don't know
I see your bla-
I see your iPhone
Please turn it down
And that was my bad side as well
Oh hell
Oh why
Oh, somebody tell me why
And I see you filming me, what the f-

All I know is this part (laughs)
But I do recall
That I thought we said we'd get the audience's [unintelligible], when
[Unintelligible], love will survive
We don't understand this part at all,
Let's skip through another, one of the songs on the repertoire (laughs)
Just give 'em some of you, please
Give 'em some of you

Please sing with me
I said please (laughs)
I think we're supposed to be angry when I'm singing this song, 'The Art of Letting Go'
'Cause that song
We didn't write it together but I think we should -- try to switch to it, I know we can go
How? We don't care
Just play it in the same damn key, I don't care

Hold on
I'm making a statement
(I just raised it so much higher)
Of my own opinion
Just a brief little reminder
To help myself remember
It doesn't matter what you do because I
No longer
In that dominion that I once lived in -- where there was people that I didn't like and they were every day and it was
Oh so difficult to be there
But I stayed and I stayed
And I stayed
And I wore them dresses and I did that shit that I hated and hated
Woah, Oh! (laughs)
Letting go
Letting go
Letting go [whitsle]
Ain't easy
'Cause somebody you used to know
They're just flinging your world around
'Cause they're watching you fall
That is the real M.F.-er right there
He don't even know this song at all (laughs)
Evidently the words were
Well,we can-there's a verse, we can change it any way we like

To be continued, okay?
I'm exhausted, it's just for laughs [overlapping audio]
I would leave you before I really, really go too far (laughs)

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