Mario Winans - Don't Know (Trackmasters Remix) Lyrics

Mario Winans Lyrics

Don't Know (Trackmasters Remix) Lyrics
(feat. Allure, mase)

Motown we don't stop
Harlem world, harlem world
Don't Know remix

Ya know Mase do what he best in
Rappin', sexin'
With a summer "do"
Nine-inch erection
There ain't nobody in the world got
Time and affection
For all the ghetto cover girls
Of any complexion
True it no question
But I'm destined
Be called the dog
In this profession
And Love Man let this be a lesson
Cuz even Track Masters, Bad Boy sex yas
Ah ha

Time and time again I think about what we shared
I'm so lonely and oh so scared
I can't sleep at night
I need you to hold my body tight
But you're not around
You are no where to be found

Everything happens for a reason
It was a time for the season
But you said you would love me
Now it's all a mystery

Tell me, babe
Baby tell me why
Cuz, I just don't know
Why I'm so sad inside

What's this I feel inside, baby
The love we shared the time
Said what happened to you and I
There's no more you and I
Somebody tell me
Please tell me why

I don't deserve this heart abuse I'm feeling
A second glimpse of your love I'm dreaming
Whispered in my ear
Heard it chrystal clear
Said we'd be forever more
But then you walked out the door

[Repeat 1]

Remember girl that I said I found
She be lookin' better now
Track lotta fella's now
So I can't let her down
Gotta settle down
I could ?shoove? ahead plus
I could do it bad
Just like we was newly wed
Never knew you
Wanted me to do you
When I go to Honolulu
You coming too boo
Your scent in the air
High class women in here
Looking alll good
Like a Lennon affair
Don't let your "X" get you down
Keep your chin in the air
We can split it fifty fifty
I ain't spending your share, huh
Or shoulda I warned ya
Imma put it on ya
When you try to make it hot
Imma make it warmer
I wanna lick your neck
Get you wet, be your ?boo guess?
Where you want em on your wrist or your neck
You acting like you don't know who I am
I got out of town jams
What? Check the sound scan

Motown we don't stop
Harlem World we don't stop
Motown we don't stop
To the whole Harlem World we don't stop

To my man Eddie F. we don't stop
To my man Puta Love we don't stop
To my man ?Black Trail? we don't stop
To my man ?Tre J? we don't stop

[Repeat 1 until fade]

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