Mario Winans - Never Really Was (Twista Remix) Lyrics

Mario Winans Lyrics

Never Really Was (Twista Remix) Lyrics
(feat. Twista)

[Intro: Mario Winans (P. Diddy)]
Yeah! This - is - the - remix (let's go!)
C'mon! Uh uh! c'mon! (Mario Winans!) you know what?
I done thought about this thang baby (this is the remix!)
Before I bounce up out ya life (Bad Boy baby!)
I'm a bounce up on this remix (talk to em) yeah!
Baby baby, ba-baby baby, baby
Yeah! ya like that! uh!
Baby baby, ba-by ba-by baby (this is the remix!)
Listen ('Rio talk to em!)

[Verse: Mario Winans]
Baby, you got me feeling like I'm going - crazy
I'm pulling my hair out and I'm - bald headed
I never thought that he would be up in my bed, enough said
Lady, there's no if, ands, buts, or maybes
I'll be leaving you like a sad story
Guess you shoulda thought about it before ya played me
Much late heh?

[Chorus: Mario Winans]
If another man's got you hoping and wishing
Never really was, it never really was
And if another man's kissing you without my permission
Never really was, it never really was, can't do both of us
If another man's thugging, got you wanting his loving
Is it all because, it never really was
I think it's best if me and you would never discuss it
Never really was, you never really was baby

[Verse: Mario Winans]
Shorty, you ain't even worth me calling - my baby
If you were a car I guess I would - trade in
I ain't tripping this is just how ya made it, enough said
So go 'head, I ain't never been one for hating
Girl you made the bed now lay on it
Shoulda thought about it before ya played me
Baby! oh yeah!


[P. Diddy] Hey yo! hey yo! hey yo Twista! talk to em!

[Verse: Twista]
Shoulda knew from the beginning not to f*ck wit you
Shoulda known not to hop up in the truck wit you
I was sick when the homie said he busted you
What was I thinking I could ever put the trust in you?
Even though I hit it good and gave you what you wanted
I'm hearing stories of you creeping when I'm outta town
Why you gotta play the game outta bounds?
Why you suddenly thinking you bout it now?
Even though I got you big ballin on 24s
All your homies Yellow because of your money flow
You be steady running and creeping wit these lames
I don't want you to explain because "I Don't Wanna Know"
Now I'm looking at you like a sorry hoe
Couldn't hear you cause I was messing wit the audio
I know I was in love, but why I'm tripping?
I'm all twisted in the game, I come wit the homie Mario
So do your thang, I call it quits
Shut yo ass when you walk and switch
Go and get you another lover to talk wit
Call up the clique so y'all can talk shit
I'm a be aight, in the wind making dust
Leave the studio in the Benz or the truck
And I got the ladies, all ten getting buck
Plus I know a couple of ya friends wanna f*ck
And this is for the riders and the ballers that used to be in love
For the gangsta and the hustlas that used to be in love
Let the story flow, while I ride to the rhythm like a rodeo
In five years I'm a ask you what you lonely for
Better yet keep it to yourself, "I Don't Wanna Know"

[Chorus: to fade]

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