Haven't Met You Yet Lyrics by Mark Schultz

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Haven't Met You Yet Lyrics
Once upon a time 'neath the light of the moon
On one knee and right on cue
Well, I fumbled the question but still she said, "I do"
Started dreaming in shades of pink and blue
Picking out cribs and painting rooms
We were hoping and praying, now we're waiting here for you
This is where your story starts
You've already stole my heart

I can just see it now
You're in in your mama's arms and she's so proud
And when you smile it takes my breath away
Watching you laugh, you crawl
I don't remember life before you at all
And the funny thing is
I haven't yet even met you yet

Now we're counting down the hours and counting down days
People keep saying how life's gonna change
We'll never be ready but I can hardly wait
To tuck you into bed at night
And to view the whole world through your eyes

I haven't even met you
Yet I'm overcome with love
Such a blessing from above
You're gonna be here soon
But I'm trying to hold on
'Cause I know it won't be long
Until we're letting go of you

On some warm night 'neath the full moon
You're on one knee and she says, "I do"
And I just blink and it's you're wedding day
So proud we cried
The hardest thing we'll ever do is say goodbye
And the funny thing is
Writer: Cindy Morgan, Tony Wood, Mark Schultz, Don Poythress
Copyright: Lyrics © Songs From Exit 71, Sony/ATV Cross Keys Publishing

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