I Am the Way Lyrics by Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz Lyrics

I Am the Way Lyrics
Mark Schultz
I Am the Way
You've got a secret no one knows
Locked away where no one goes
Deep inside your heart
It's tearing you apart
You hide the pain in all you do
But still the shackles binding you
Are heavier than stone
But you are not alone
When you're down
Look around
And you'll see...I am with you
Look at Me
And you'll see
I will be...there to guide you
Take my hand
And I can
Lead you on...for you know that
I am the answer
I am the way
I am the promise
I have called your name
So you want a brand new start
Asking Me into your heart
Down on bended knee
For the world to see
And the chains around your heart
Fall away and break apart
Suddenly you see
The truth has set you free
Surrounded by darkness you stumbled along
Knowing the road that you traveled was long
But I'm here beside you...yes, here all along
The one that will carry you on...
Oh when you are down
You think no one's around
But I'll be with you both night and day
I know the good times
I'll see you through bad times
Oh you know that I'm here to stay
When you're down
Look around
And you'll see I am with you

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