Pop Off Interlude Lyrics by Mase

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Pop Off Interlude Lyrics
[Female speaks:]
I'm a be in trouble! [beat starts]
He known over here, listenin' this! (aight, aight!)

[speaks on phone: Ma$e]
You want go with them niggas? You serious? !
Go 'head then be freak!
Ain't gon' do numb-a, I'm a gangbang you!
I'm a try call me back... cause I takin' you back!

[singing: Ma$e]
I'm caaaaaaaaaallin' out toooooo
All myyyyyyyy
Groupiiiiiees world wide
With Whoo Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiid.
I ain't forgot yoooooouuuuu! (ha!)
I'm own myyyyyyyyyy
Way there, see you! - I'm +Sorry Mr. Pop Off+! [echoes]
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