A1 Everything Lyrics by Meek Mill

Meek Mill Lyrics

A1 Everything Lyrics
See I'm an A1 type of guy
I cruck A1 hoes (trill)
Rock A1 clothes (trill)
Drive A1 whips (trill)
And still pour A1 sauce on my shit
I come from the bottom

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Crushing all these hoes, rocking all this ice
Selling all these O's, nigga, I done did that twice
So I'm just riding round in my Rolls, about to get on my bike
Just to touchdown in my hood and I put that on my life
I'm like yeah nigga, I'm there nigga, I ball hard all year, nigga
My diamonds all clear, smack my chain, you dead nigga
I don't know what you heard, and I don't know what you thought
But all my dogs they murk and all my dogs go hard (f*ck that)
My new young chick look exactly like Rihanna
Ass like Nicki, but she yellow like Madonna
I take her to the mall, buy her all types of designers
YSL, fly Chanel, all that Dolce & Gabbana
I jump right back like 36, lean hard when I turn the whip
If I ain't have my rap deal, then I still be serving bricks
So I kill a pussy, I murder shit, homicide on shorty
My gold rol cost 60 racks, my rose gold cost 40

I get A1 money, I'm an A1 nigga
Got a A1 swagger, I'm getting A1 bitches
I just bought me a Rollie, you can skate on nigga
If they don't love it, they hate it, well get your hate on nigga
Cause I got A1 everything, A1 everything
A1 everything, I get A1 everything
I got A1 credit, A1 hoes
I drive A1 whips, and I rock A1 clothes

[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
Pray to God I washed my hand, but I be damned
2012 100 racks to Uncle Sam
A 24 year old millionaire
Don't read the contract 'less a mill in there
A1 credit, park my car bowlegged
I got a bus full of bitches, I call it Jerome Bettis
I grab my dick in the picture, your hoe be cropping the image
I let you scrape off the dishes, we eating nigga, I'll finish it
Then come right back, hope you insomniac
Sleep on me if you wanna take a dirt nap
Bitch I'm talking ca-ca-ca-ca-ca then more ca-ca-ca-ca
Hit your roof until I pop your top up
Then more ca-ca-ca-ca, til I know I gotcha
Ballin' like I'm baldin', then I see Jordan in the mirror
Nigga that's flawless VVS, CC text me what you wearing
Puttin' my all inside your bitch, I grip her hips that's power steering
About to hydroplane when I board that plane and land inside the building

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