Do Dat Dere Lyrics by Meek Mill

Meek Mill Lyrics

Do Dat Dere Lyrics
[Meek Mill:]
I said I'm cooler than a fan fresh like it's easter
Pull up on that bitch and be like Osta Laviestah
Heser thought that's what they all say geezers
I just f*cked her yesterday homie you can keep
Her believe her I don't do noffin I 'ma ball I'm a stand
Up nigga I jump up every time I fall (every time I lost ha)
I came back like cooked crack got my head up in the
Game and I ain't never look back (never) I said I'm good
I'm a hood I wish a nigga would try to take me for a sucker
He get hit up if be could can't shake up for noffin they
Be hatin but for what cause I anit even get a deal but
When I do they be like UHH! Sick ya bitch all up on my
Dick, cause you a bust, you a flee and I'm a G, I ain't no
Crip I ain't no blood but I don't benel I don't budge I keep
That semi by my girl that nigga took me fire up I let that shit
Blow write em up, I said I ain't got that henley, U know I got
That good shit Niggas rolling on that dirt they be smokin that
Reggie Bush Cause they always speak my name but when
They see me they never look cause they know I keep that
Flamers hold up that a nova book I said them shooters on deck
Gooneys over there and that ain't even countin for tuder that I
Wear, I said they BITCHES, PUSSY, COCHEY over there so
Many pistol like we shootin for a movie over here

P.A they don't pop, lock, and drop it round here in North Philly
They stop Cock and pop it put you on your diet bed you wanna
Lay it diet bus ya head on out that bread that nigga be not dead
Try it I'm a mother f*ckin gangter spank you with that wangser
Soak you with that toaster you niggas straight chocken pussy ass niggas
For a hundred I'll soak ya leave ya wife gushey, I'm messin with rookies
Ma drop top riddin and my flow cock ridin and I'm hangin out that window
And I won't stop firen until a nigga on the ground and he twitchen I walk up on em
Look em in his eyes stop bitchen his mama fillin reports da boy he missin these
Niggas tellin lies they ain't never sold a pigeon, thwey got rto go to BET to se
How I'm livin just got to NorthPhilly and ask for that boy Gillie they gonna tell you hes a gangster
I'm a feeno you know I got them Keelo, You know I got that fish if you tryna find nemo
My glock straight from clemseo, u can be pro u tryna burn meh
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