Flamers Freestyle Lyrics by Meek Mill

Meek Mill Lyrics

Flamers Freestyle Lyrics
[Meek Millz:]
Flamers Haha drama I got em I got em beast
I sed you be where the lames be I be where it's poppin at
Money cars clothes and hoes yea I get alot of dhat
Hataz talkin dirty bout the kid we ain't buyin
40 oughta clean em up, soak em like a laundromat
Bitches throwin pussy trynna f*ck me, where the condom at?
See I'm zeemin trynna keep my semen I ain't down with dhat
Lil bitches crazy dey wanna have my baby cause bank account ben franklin out MAYBE
My president is black, my glock is two and I probly put a lock on a block near you
I sed my niggaz get the drop, dey gon drop air you I was neva scared of what
What chu heard fear who
I can see with clear view you f*ck boyz is pussy and I be on my chill but all u gotta do it push me
And my goonz be wishin for me get a nigga baried, I jus give the word and push yo shit back like paliminary
Cemetary bitch u worry f*ck you like the bitch you married
Nigga you ain't heard I'm bout word like a dictionary shit chu spit is fictionary

[Music Fades]

I'm so trilla swingin through the jungle like gorilla bananna clip pealer
Niggaz sleepin on you cause u softer den a pillow
Ol pussy talkin reckless like a killer and uh the draws is for the bitches
Hallows for the snitches we dnt play with revolvers play with choppas with extenders
I'm a BOSS I tell the hoe to drop nd get the business
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