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Money Ain't No Issue Lyrics
[Intro: Tak]
Yeah, it's DC, nigga
You see what we doin in these f*ckin streets
Pushin the flyest whips, f*ckin the baddest chicks
Big guns with .30 shot clips; motherf*ckers can't see us
All gold AP's, these niggas wearin G shocks
We send them G4 'Palas to the WingStop
Goin' where they said we wouldn't and doin' what they said we couldn't
We come from nothin nigga, let's get this f*ckin money!

[DJ Drama:]
I got my money right! Call me Rich Homie Dram'
{"GANGSTA, GRIZZLES!!"} Hahahah... whattup Tak?

[Meek Mill:]
I'm sippin' on Patron nigga, my bitch bad to the bone nigga
She f*cked up, I'm f*cked up, she like "How we gon' get home, nigga?"
I can't smoke that strong nigga, swear that's word to my PO
That lil chick too expensive for you, I'll take her back like repo
Say shorty want a pair of red bottoms (bottoms) f*cked me good then I went and got 'em (got 'em)
Percs got me f*ckin' for a hour (hour); got a boyfriend? Forget about him
I got young niggas that will get it poppin (yeah) and all my niggas get a dollar (yeah)
Started of with an Impala (SKRRT!) now all my whips a hunnid thousand
Hold up - now throw your rollies up in the air and wave that shit to the side nigga
Bad bitches just pop pussy, you dead broke just die nigga
On private jets we fly nigga, sippin' lean we high nigga
Stand tall feet five nigga, they ridin' for you they die with ya
Foreign whips my f*ckin' problem, got a couple, don't f*ckin' drive them
My homies whip them, like f*ckin' Molly; mo' money, mo' f*ckin' problems!
Yo' wrist cunnin' I take that (take that) I'm everywhere that cake at (cake at)
Them hoes stunted, this the payback (payback); I'm in a Rolls-Royce screaming out Maybach - hold up!

[Chorus: Future]
Money ain't no issue, I'm on them mollies and prescription
Lean inside my cup, beat that pussy 'til she miss me (turn up!)
F*ck nigga die slow, I don't give a f*ck if ya come up missin' (WOO!)
Any nigga gettin' money - I salute ya, I salute ya (WOO! WOO WOO WOO!)

Young nigga in a Beamer coupé with a lot of money and a lot of booze (SKRRT!)
Young nigga gettin' plenty money, I'm turnt up with my entire crew (turn up!)
Mollies all in my cup nigga, gettin' screwed up I ain't slowin' down (turn up!)
AP got 'em trigger happy nigga (SKRRT!) young niggas out Atlanta Zoo (whoa!)
Shootin the A up out the chamber, full of team niggas from North Philly too (ohh)
Bad bitch from Beverly Hills, I'mma f*ck her good on TMZ
Quarter mill for the AP (switch) Quarter mill for Lambo (switch)
Quarter mill for a new truck (WOO!) quarter mil' that's on the counter (SKRRT!)
Freebandz I'm eatin' now (yeah) rock and roll, no guitar (yeah)
A lotta drugs and a lotta bitches (whoa!) I'mma f*ck the bitch like a porn star


[Fabolous {Tak}:]
{D.C., the Family.. Loso, let's get it}
I'm tryna chill but niggas really really want to make me talk reckless {niggas don't want that}
Heard these niggas hatin' that you don't really really want to talk necklace {niggas don't want that}
Heard you got L's in the hood you don't really really want to talk Lexus {man these niggas don't want that}
We got it right now man we killin niggas really want to talk Nexus
Ay, f*ck the nigga like his bitch say (word) if she with me in a 6 trey (word)
She ride the stick every which way while shit play from the mixtape (feel me?)
She say shit go hard (go hard) she say shit go hard (go hard)
Shorty sound like big Sean (swerve) bitch keep sayin' "Oh God!" (Oh God!)
I done f*cked around and got used to money, f*ck game I just use the money (uh-huh)
All the suckers get is middle fingers (yeah) and bum bitches get deuces from me (yeah)
So if you getting money I salute you I'm salutin'
And if you getting mad I rebuke ya, find a solution
Niggas like y'all find excuses, niggas like us rock exclusives
I come through, beat them streets up cause my whip game so abusive nigga
It's that gettin' money music nigga
When they play it all the winners gon' lose it nigga

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