Megadeth - Looking Down the Cross (D Mustaine9 Lyrics

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Looking Down the Cross (D Mustaine9 Lyrics
Now before they take me and my blessed life,
Now you'll know why Death was summoned here tonight.
I'll recall my perils they'll kill me in pride,
No I can't run away there's no place to hide.

Though too much to live for I owe enough to die,
Ask not for salvation my death shall mean their lives.
Hatred and guilt the alter they've built high priests of sin,
Destiny Fate the wicked ones gate beckoning you in.

Down the walkways through the blood stained town,
Looking down the cross bleeding from the crown.
Led to stay to die beside the thieves,
Kill the king of the world to be.

And now to you this will come a putrifying pestilance,
More noxious then the serpent's breath malevontley destined,
More corrupt then the malice of Choronzon,
More disease then the wind of the moonlight sun.
Putrifaction you have caused no need for confession,
Now you wish you had a God to stop your demolition.
Crushing the bones of the hundred folds,
Swinging the judgement hammer.
Man Woman Child no one is safe,
The heads of the dead are the banner.

And this was all you got so don these broken wings,
Sands of time run out bells of Hades ring.
Is this a nightmare to unhallow thy name,
Smell of brimstone dancing in the flames.
No help now as you fulfill his task,
Chief of evil has got you by the ass.
Set free to sit upon the throne,
Just a dream you're weeping all alone.

Looking down the cross - speak no evil
Looking down the cross - speak no evil
Looking down the cross - speak no evil
Looking down the cross - speak no evil
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