Gunshowers Lyrics by Method Man

Method Man Lyrics

Gunshowers Lyrics
[Method Man:]
Another day, another dollar
I got mines, ain't got nothing to father
F*ck a role model, never had one to follow
Lot of cotton mouth rappers, I'm a hard one to swallow
Here's another hard one to goggle, f*ck your life, that's the motto
I'm nice with mics, Cus D'Amato
Drug related, blunt guts all up in your condo
Hate a noisy woman, why you all up in my convo

[Chorus: Method Man]
Let me hold something, look at you killas, like you owe something
Stole something, give me my paper, 'fore I blow something
Right now, give me my f*cking shit, chicka-blaow
I want it right now, give me my f*cking shit, chicka-blaow
Shady niggas hiding the loot, you see my baby needs shoes
And the record label trynna recoupe
I want it right now, give me my f*cking shit, chicka-blaow
And I mean right now, give me my f*cking shit, chicka-blaow

[Ghostface Killah:]
Gun battles, so many chains on the neck
Hands and feet, niggas say I'm Shaq
Sky blue, terry cloth, low pullover
Hit ten like a 2010 new Hova
Movies on, never ran it, call me a don
Been shitting everywhere, cause niggas can't stand it
Terminate faggots who violate us a square
Goon therapy, S.I., we don't fight fair
Beef? We can get it on, right here
And that includes ya'll low niggas wearing tight gear

[Sun God:]
Sun God, and that's your target, aim right there
My money long and green like Buzz Lightyear
I'm all right here, the way I move the blow
F*ck a show, you would think it was an all white affair
Been fuego, more fire here, then you seen me
Getting money off the water like a pall bearer there
No Newports, Marlboro's here, go smoke that
The smoke in your face, bitch, I ain't never cared
Get shot down when the Ghost smell fear, let me hold something
Look in your face like you owe something


[Inspectah Deck:]
I'm playing for the 'bucks' like Hakeem Warrick
Nickel bag in the park, my team on it
They want it like that and the street, is dry as a well
Hell, that's why I sell crack on the beat
I ain't trynna just happen to eat, I'm a make a nigga dance
Even if I got to clap in the street
This is something like lock up, murder behind bars
A warrior, my story defined by my scars
Seven thirty verbal, my word work circle
You a jerk, fool, I burn you like your birdds do


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