The Pledge Lyrics by Method Man

Method Man Lyrics

The Pledge Lyrics
Yeah pledge allegiance with the stand one nation with liberty & justice for all

After this make sure that you never forget me.
Streetlife mention me amongst the greatest of mc's.
The brand I represent, stands for excellence.
Loyalty is the main ingredient. They anointed me president.
Consistency is the recipe for longevity.
My history will be my legacy when they bury me.
Its evident to prove my rap pages is evidence,
20 years later in the game, still relevant.
Pain is my motivation, love is the dedication.
Family is the foundation & street is my education.
I pledge allegiance to the meth lab, one nation under god.
This year is my inauguration.

I pledge allegiance, to the flag of the united Staten Island association.
We are the republic, that will leave you laying exactly where you stand,
one nation under the Meth Lab, with all the piffery & unlimited dutches & backwards for all.

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