Traveling Man (Snippet) Lyrics by Mike Posner

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Traveling Man (Snippet) Lyrics
I'm a travelin man
Need a lot of stops
All over the world
Meeting every part
I own the heart
Of atleast one lovely girl

I've a pretty seniorita Waiting for me
When I get back to LA
And All of the girls that I ran through
When I was in Cancun
I still don't know their names

Oh my Georgia beach down in ATL
Calls me everyday
And my Brooklyn girl back in NYC
Meets me at JFK

Pretty peurto Rican baby I met at the bar
I remember the time
I left the studio late but you fix me a plate
And then you let me spend the night

Woahhhh I'm a travelin man
Yessss I'm a travelin man
Woahhhh I'm a travelin man [echo]

Hold on hold on mike
We cannot play this entire song
We are basically giving the people a free album as it is
We can't be giving away music
That's gonna be on the official album
Dropping in 2010
Now I know you like what you're hearing
And I know you like that song
You probably wanna hear the rest of it
That's why you need to go get the mike posner album
When it drops in 2010

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