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Mr. Kitty Lyrics
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Forrest Avery Carney (born: March 25, 1992, better known online as Mr.Kitty Official (formally Mr.Kitty), is an American synthpop musician and YouTuber based in Austin, Texas.

His music covers dark topics, aimed at arousing a feeling of nostalgia within the listener.

He started producing professional music in 2008 releasing R.M.X, the first of a series of extended plays with remixes of different artists, and R.M.X II the following year.

His breakthrough in dark synthwave came with the release of the album Eternity in 2012, which was most noted for the tracks Destroy Me, Lost Children and 44 Days. Other albums of interest include TIME (noted for the track After Dark), and Ephemeral.

In July 2021, Carney was revealed to be involved in a relationship with a minor. He later released an apology statement on Twitter, part of which is now publicly available in English; the full statement was transcribed by a VKontake user into Russian.

Birth name:
Forrest Avery Carney

March 25, 1992 (age )

Austin Texas

Synth Pop


Years active:

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