Naglfar Lyrics

Naglfar Lyrics

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From the Album Téras (2012) (buy at

Pale Horse
III: Death Dimension Phantasma
The Monolith
An Extension Of His Arm And Will
Bring Out Your Dead
Come, Perdition
The Dying Flame Of Existence

From the Album Harvest (2007) (buy at

Into The Black
Breathe Through Me
The Mirrors Of My Soul
Odium Generis Humani
The Darkest Road
Way Of The Rope
Plutonium Reveries
Feeding Moloch

From the Album Pariah (2005) (buy at

A Swarm Of Plagues
Spoken Words Of Venom
The Murder Manifesto
Revelations Carved In Flesh
None Shall Be Spared
And The World Shall Be Your Grave
The Perpetual Horrors
Carnal Scorn & Spiritual Malice

From the Album Sheol (2003) (buy at

I Am Vengeance
Black God Aftermath
Wrath Of The Fallen
Abysmal Descent
Devoured By Naglfar
Of Gorgons Spawned Through Withcraft
Unleash Hell
Force Of Pandemonium
The Infernal Ceremony

From the Album Ex Inferis (2001) (buy at

Of Gorgons Spawned Through Witchcraft
Dawn Of Eternity
Emerging From Her Weepings
When Autumn Storms Come
The Brimstone Gate

From the Album Diabolical (1998) (buy at

Horn Crowned Majesty
Embracing The Apocalypse
12th Rising
Into The Cold Voids Of Eternity
The Brimstone Gate
When Autumn Storms Come
Diabolical - The Devils Child

From the Album Vittra (1995) (buy at

As The Twilight Gave Birth To The Night
Enslave The Astral Fortress
Through The Midnight Spheres
The Eclipse Of Infernal Storms
Emerging From Her Weepings
Failing Wings
Sunless Dawn
Exalted Above Thrones
12th Rising

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