Eye 4 An Eye Freestyle Lyrics by Nas

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Eye 4 An Eye Freestyle Lyrics
[Intro: Nas]
Yo this Nas niggas whuttup?
QB Album coming, niggas I'll Will, Bravehearts
My nigga DJ Clue - put this shit on these niggas
Desert Storm baby 2000!

A Drug dealers dream - flip his last Ki out the game
'Cause entertainment money now is off the chain
I put blunts in niggas caskets, lost in the game
I learned about pain, bodies burnt in drug game
But I'm neva gon' die, I neva heard of death
Energy could neva be destroyed
Only the flesh, when you niggas try to murder me
With bullets to my head
This is my you can't kill me niggas
I'm already dead, BRING IT!
I'm busting bodies fall in the cemetery
Black blood raining on the street
All you niggas, buried y'all
Niggas just came home, fresh out the state greens
Five time felon, thinking he jelling in Queens
It's pitiful - what bid could do, especially federal
Y'all young thugs wilding, see prison
Got a bed for you waiting, I clapped that Satan
But thought I was dreaming
I woke up masturbating in the bed with demons
I cried with every bit of strength of my small body
This is the life I chose, under God I'm tiny
Hard to find me, I popped up, lock shot-up
You can't B.I., see I'm eternal, not luck
You get shot-up, boxed-up next for the grave
Your flow is one dimensional, your level is 2nd grade
You're on top - WHAT?
Copy and f*ck, I said it first, you repeated
Your false crown covered in dirt - defeated
Y'all niggas all hail, the King is dead
He running like a bitch with his tail between his legs
'Stillmatic', still eye 4 an eye, wanna be God
You're just the next rapper to die, f*cking with Nas
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