Neolithic - Landscape Lyrics

Neolithic Lyrics

Landscape Lyrics
Numb view meens to expect
Face like wither lenf
The running of the river will break
That's alread the end of unguilt

New country, new wave
Trip without return
Never wait and everything will be

Travel by ship is lasting
The sails of life are brocken
You need help but it's senseless
Because the alchemist is gone

Turning face to the sea
And looking at the twisted figure
You look at the twisted real life
The reality is grey and confused
Inhuman like bed wish

New dignity..., old reality

It is said that are infinite things
It is said that sth is destroyed
In pieces
Do you know what in cost?

Look at yourself
That's crazy building

Destroy and put in order
The last day and the blue intelligence
The faithful will resuscitate

Weaken shows the end of horizon
That's old age
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