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The Most Excellent Charm Against The Son Of Liar Lyrics
Nazarene! Go far away!
Be nailed! Be crucified!
Turn your eyes from me!
Your holiness may rise to heaven like unto smoke!
Pass away and leave the body!
From my body, depart in shame!
From my body flee!
Smile not to me!
Your father cannot bless me!
Come not near my body!
Be condemned by shammash the mighty!
No more light for you!
Be devoured by age, the pure!
No more peace for you!
Be blinded by idimmu, the master!
No more pity for you!
Be torn apart by uruku, the wrath!
No more the body of Christ
Edin na zu!
May you meet the brother!

"On the Dhasmah hill 10,000 believers Gathered to fulfill the ritual invoking the ones who are dead but dreaming led by their high priest.
The ritual supposing to end with a mass suicide unexpectedly transformed into an uncontrollable massacre as if strangely being inspired by some sort of inner spirit.
Thus, the ritual failed to be Fulfilled and was forgotten for centuries."
Taken from "The Witness To The Signs Ritual"
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