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Neutral Lyrics

Red-yellow Autumn Funeral Lyrics
The naked forest gallery...
In loneliness and misery
I'm here to feel the final breath
Of autumn symphony of death
The quiet wind voice sadly calling
Dead leaves like dead lives slowly falling
Two-colored dress on branches weak
We'll all be dead...and death's so quick
The ceremony is about to start...
Red color means the spell of blood
And yellow - vanity of gold
Both soon will cover ground cold
It's not the only way - to live
To love, to shelter, to forgive
To find the signs of any sense
In life's disgusting violence
I hear the call of autumn tune
I see the blind eyes of the moon
They look at me, and silent cries
Play sorrow in the gloomy skies
Away from life..away from lust
From poisoned chambers of the past
I walk away from

The sky is burning, blistering
My magic amber mystery
The nature's weird parody
On comedy and tragedy
My senseless hopes and dreams and fears
All turning into rainy tears
I want them very much to stay
But they, alas, so far away
Nothing to keep...So, should I sing
My strange romance of suffering?
But something pure left in these
Enchanted mesmerizing trees
So hide me in your golden woods
Embrace me with your rainy floods
And throw me in your leaves of flame
In disappointment and shame...
I celebrate my secret fall
I'll stay within this autumn call
Just lonely shadow will remain
As a symbol of my endless pain
This world is what I will forget
But something I remember yet
The beauty's final carnival
Red - yellow autumn funeral...
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