Nicki Minaj - BET Cypher 2009 Part 1 Lyrics

Nicki Minaj Lyrics

BET Cypher 2009 Part 1 Lyrics
[Nicki Minaj:]
Call Me Dracular Cause All I Do is Count Chips
Your Money Minnie. I Ain't Talking Bout The Mouse Trick!
These girls running like I just threw the bouquet
They Know I'm Headed to the Top Like a Tu pay
Now All The Bums Is Wondering Where I Be's At
You ain't a barbie; it's NONE of ya freaking q bees' wax
These Little Rappers I Can See Them in My Dash Cam
I kno dey grochie like oscar up out da trash can
I'm On Stage; You Can Sit in The Crowd
I Be Up in Layer Jets; Take a left at the cloud
I think She Need the hymlack she's the Chokin' Type. She Gets
No Burn. No Smoking Sign
Metaphor Heaven So They Approve Nicki Like my Credit Score 7
Mac &need cheese, steak fried chicken da guts
And I'm killing deas bitches; mike vickin' it up; YEA

[Joe Budden:]
Wanna talk about bars, mine leave it be
Never needed an A&R, mine needed me
It's 1 thing in this world I can't stomachs a fake
You tryna stop what ain't come with a brake
Some of ya'll made a mistake
Some of ya'll been deprived ain't seen the skill
Just got the truck customized, got a meaner grill
Told baby just being real leave her
Get balls in your mouth, I spoke to her like Serena Will
Top back, top cats get a beating
Saying you're the best, should stop it, it's misleading
Cause I might cock back to get even
It's not a wet dream, you just getting shot at while you sleeping
Feeling like the game can't be weaker
It's why, homie rarely do the cameos and features
I'm good with my insanity and fevers
Cause Pac looking from heaven saying "They ain't understand me neither"
Wanna play it ain't worth it
Maybe why I'm feeling like 'Ye, you prolly won an award, but you ain't deserve it
Circa 01 homeboy, he a vet
Leave em deep regrets like they Tila Tequila's neck
You past your prime, I ain't spit ether yet
You need a major, I just need an ethernet
Word on the street I made the OG's be upset
Cause I'm a student of the game, not a teacher's pet

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