Nicki Minaj - Hoodstars Freestyle Lyrics

Nicki Minaj Lyrics

Hoodstars Freestyle Lyrics
Look, He say I'm fabulous with it (why?) cause I make him cum faster than a speeding bullet,
I got that (dennetdennetdennet) Uh (dennet dennet dennet dennet)
But if ya money short like midgets keep ya digets.
Cause I don't f*cks with ya'll jokers when it comes to money
Cause ain't a damn thing funny, Understand me dunnie?
Flat out the bat-mobile hat on 2, Got the cherry red pump, With da matchin belt
New heroin in town, Check da roster girl.I'm comin for the crown kim that's the word
Flashy in the drop, Low key in the bird.Ratchet on top so don't get on my nerve.
Get his whip down like a lumber-jack, let the hood know nicki got that thunder cap.
But I don't f*cks with ya'll dudes that be frotin' when ya come thru
Make my own bread wonder woman when the funs do.

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