Itty Bitty Piggy Lyrics by Nicki Minaj

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Itty Bitty Piggy Lyrics
Yo aye Yo I was on the plane with the Dwayne
You can call me whitley I go to hillman
Listen I'm the baddest in the school the baddest in the game
Excuse me honey but nobody's in my lane
When you was in new york you was f*cking a yankee
I was f*cking with base I was pitching to frankie
These bitches so cranky give em a hanky
But mommy I'm cold give me my blanky

Flier than a kite I get higher than rapunzel
Keep the snow white I can buy it by the bundle
Stack your cookies up before they crumble
Don't be actin like the Cardinals and go and fumble

Cause I'm a Steeler, fresh up out the dealer
All the dope boys goin' feel her
Flow so sick I need a healer
F*ck is my MAC concealer?

I be out in Queens on the back of the four
I'm a big deal, that's why I get more head than a pigtail
Put some ranch I'm gettin' the munchies
I think I'll have a rap bitch for my entree
And they be thinkin' they can spit, spit shine my shoes
You know I keep a bad bitch let me sign ya boobs
I'm the only thing hoppin' like a kangaroo
I mean the only thing poppin' like a can of brew
Listen, you should buy a 16 cause I write it good
The 808 woof woof, cause I write it good
And bitches can't find they man cause I ride it good
I'm the wolf where is little red, uh ridin' hood

[Chorus: x2]
And if you see a itty bitty piggy in the market
Give that bitch a quarter and a car tell her park it
I don't f*ck with pigs like asa lama lakum
I put 'em in a field, I let Oscar Meyer bake 'em

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