Nicki Minaj - Mind On My Money Lyrics

Nicki Minaj Lyrics

Mind On My Money Lyrics
I got my mind on my money and I'm not goin awayyyy...
So keep on gettin your paper...

Now you hold it's your excellence see I t.c oh forward slash president
East side resident oh so evident
Brinx billy ride cousin black on black phantom 26's on the side of it
Ninas on the side of it goonies on the side of em
Anybody can get it boy be careful on the side of em
These niggas are burial guns no fearial
Money hungry honey with me if you holla she gonna carry you
Flyer than a aireal vehicle gerital sittin on my feet when I'm stuntin on them people
I tell no fables everyhting chillen fax machines office max see me for that paper
You workin for short bread ain't my money long youngin
Bitch I'm on trappin more digits than a phone number different time zones on em
Kill them niggas lyrcially left side of my closet look invaded by italy
Right side paris left side flaggin paper is my main chick me and money married
And that's all a nigga know bitch that's why them brand new niggas is all up on my old shit...

[Speaking: Nicki Minaj]
That's what I did I came up out the truck... you what I'm sayin... I chuck my dueces like... that's all I do like... young money nicki minaj it's the ninja harajuku barbie and all of that... nah I'm sayin all that... me gettin money you writin disses we gettin money... yeaaaaa boiiiiii

Hit me my limousine all in your magazine
And when I come they betta lean like a permepherzine
They say nicki nice I'm about my money mama
And tell michelle I got my eye on barack obama
Tryin to get that madonna you know hannah montanna
And you can find me sittin indian style with the dhali lama lama
Konichiwa I get my yin and say sayonara
I'm meditating and I'm in cohoots with a higher power
Mind on money money on mind mind mind on my money mind, mind on my money mind {Nam-Myoho-Renge-Gyo} mind on money ay mind on my money babe
How does this money taste wine in yo moneys face
You see the signs and the teachings well if you didn't knoe well this is grindin season
Now and go get your gangs signs throw it up all my niggas on them bikes throw it up
We don't care what you say we ain't gon win no way
My niggas bring the heat like a summer day
So mind on my mutha fckn money mind on my mutha fckn money oooooo...

[Speakin: Busta Rhymes]
Ayo I speak foreign languages and shit... but the language I speak is that money language... hahahah flipmode bitch... brinx I like how we do the brinx truck job on these niggas homey... time after time again I like niggas and remind niggas how I hold out on mutha fckas...

Niggas out here frontin about they bread you can't trust it niggas my money so stupid call me warren busta buss nigga... glad it ain't a toss and everything about me butters I've been counting money so long I see dollar signs and different colors... my money is smear and smutherd yur money you hear me brotha been about that bread like I was broke or still in the gutta... and in case you ain't knoe there will be no repalcement and them bags of arab money I got stashed in the basement face it... when ever I shine I glisten and when ever I talk you listen ain't no money gettin made in these street without my premission I keeps it drug infested my money is well invested it's to the point my [? ] is well respected you need to check my method I promise you I be the wrong nigga that's comes to my money that you ever want to mess with grind like missionary labor holding indigutary paper you already knoe my team is filled with [? ] ears we made you... I don't give a fck about yur stipulation... type of bread appropriate for every situation... you can tell by the jewlery sittin on my collar from the bread to the crib I knoe all about the dollar

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