Nicki Minaj - The Cipher Lyrics

Nicki Minaj Lyrics

The Cipher Lyrics
Call Me Dracular Cause All I Do is Count Chips
Your Money Minnie. I Ain't Talking Bout The Mouse Trick!
These girls running like I just threw the bouquet
They Know I'm Headed to the Top Like a Tu pay
Now All The Bums Is Wondering Where I Be's At
You ain't a barbie; it's NONE of ya freaking q bees' wax
These Little Rappers I Can See Them in My Dash Cam
I kno dey grochie like oscar up out da trash can
I'm On Stage; You Can Sit in The Crowd
I Be Up in Layer Jets; Take a left at the cloud
I think She Need the hymlack she's the Chokin' Type. She Gets
No Burn. No Smoking Sign
Metaphor Heaven So They Approve Nicki Like my Credit Score 7
Mac &need cheese, steak fried chicken da guts
And I'm killing deas bitches; mike vickin' it up; YEA

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