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Wamables Lyrics
Hello, hello, hello, hello

See, I'm all about my wamables
See, I'm all about my wamables
(hello, hello, hello, hello)

[Verse 1:]
I'm all about my wamables, niggas ain't bangable
I'm all about my wamables, these bitches is flammable
Bad bitches in the colleges, bust it open for me, gynecologist
But watch all your mileages, pussy miles go up if you're talented
I'm all about pool life, thong in my ass, make that nigga drool like
I'm all about good sex, fake niggas gotta pay, gotta book sex
Real niggas get the pussy off GP, real niggas get a feature on my EP
What the f*ck you smiling for? And what they put you on the panel for?
Where you gettin' money from?
Ayo Twist, where you get that Bentley from?
Clap, clap, clap, make it go around like a lap
Now put it in my lap, let me see your crack, like the trap

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
I like percocets, I like to keep 'em hidden in my Birkin bag
Ass so fat, damn I'mma hurt 'em bad
It's showtime bitch, tell me break a leg
Couple Bushwick niggas, that'll break your leg
Push you off the balcony, and don't break a ledge
Put your hand up, now it's time to make a pledge
You'll never catch me, in a lightskin nigga bed
I'ma always keep the hammer, nigga f*ck a sledge
F*ck what they be talkin' bout, f*ck what they allege
Know them bitches, go'n hate on my Giuseppe wedge (check)
Box spring cost 25k bitch,I'm out in Cali, f*ckin' wit' the black K-fed
And nah man I ain't f*ckin' with that Jean Vest
Playtime been over f*ck a recess,playtime been over f*ck a seesaw
Bitches wanna play a game? Go and see Saw
That's one, that's two, and that's three four
I'm hungry, who else could I feast off?
You know my pockets fatter, than that little Vine kid
They couldn't stop me, even if the red sign did
Bitch don't get gassed, like a hybrid
These bitches thinkin' they can do what I did
These bitches thinkin' they can live where I live
But bi-bitches couldn't see me with an eyelid
I mean look, your bitch came off an island
I came in the game '09 wilin'
I'm out in Hollywood, left off Highland
These bitches loud, but when the Queen come? (silent...)

[Chorus x4]

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