Nicole C. Mullen - Witness Lyrics

Nicole C. Mullen Lyrics

Witness Lyrics
We're looking for some ladies and some young men
To run the race and endure to the very end
No turning back no quitting if you're gonna win
Your mark, get set, running like a champion
Have you heard the story about Joshua?
He was young, strong and courageous
Not by power, nor is it by my might my friend
But by my spirit, that's what the Lord says

Can you get with this?
Can I get a witness?
Can you get with this?

I believe that God is calling you my friend
To shake your world upside down and back again
Might be hundred, you might just be a little kid
But you can slay giants just the way David did
I remember times when it was difficult
And I prayed that God would send a miracle...
I don't know how, but right up to the day
He made a way outta' no way
And sho' nuff delivered

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