Nighthatred - Emotions of the Blackbeast Lyrics

Nighthatred Lyrics

Emotions of the Blackbeast Lyrics
And stars rose on the misty skies, and moon shadows fell on the black snow,
the deathly pale light streamed as a blood. Cold evil wind, ash-smelled wind
flew through the veil of midnight, yearning to eternity...
I'll see the dark fires of the ancient times again, I'll come to the mysterious
boundless woods of the Middle Ages, to the high vault of the trees and whisper
of night, to the majestic silence and autumn leaves curling in the air...
O, The King of Evil, Woods and Darkness, mighty Lord of Winds.
Our pride, honour and wrath will parse over the iced forest,
when we will see the sign in the moonless sky... Soon...
The sparkling flame of sharp steel will kiss my veins.
And beautiful moments of my malice lasts forever, and times collapsing into the drops
of the black poison under the red moon...
In the hall of frozen evening rain,
piercing into ground by the ice nails,
I create my worlds and destroy them with firestorm and rage,
in the black robe, bearing destruction and death... O, Satan...

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