Nighthatred - The End of All Times and Lands Lyrics

Nighthatred Lyrics

The End of All Times and Lands Lyrics
I am Eternus, the Lord of the High Shadow Castle. In the land of mists the
gray mane of midnight rain whips it's mossy stone walls, which stand amidst the
black forest. And the silver stars look through the narrow windows. I, the lonely
king, embraced with pride, sit on the ice throne, bearing a black sword, without
pity, in my hand... The shadows of the dark pain, full of madness, burn my eyes...
And the eyes char and crust with ice... Blood, red blood... Giving me life... And hatred...
The bloodthirst comes to me at night, whirling as the stab-wound of the moon upon
the face of severe black stormclouds... In the sky rainbows twist the fiery wings of
hate, and the scarlet fires burn in the wood, when I, being in a wolf's skin, run
under the branches strewed with cold raindrops, and the death flies with me...

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