Ninnghizhidda - Conquering What Once Was Lyrics

Ninnghizhidda Lyrics

Conquering What Once Was Lyrics
Beyond the plans, where the chaos reigns

We brood beneath the stars while ages past.

revel in the ancient spheres, where no life dwells

Captured by the sacred songs and spells of the Witch !!!!!

The wind of the vortex, that swirls amongst the stars

will guide our path, from the ultimate void

Unseen and loathsome we descend to strike forth

We lie in wait, till the stars stand right, to come .........

Arisen, in Blasphemy, oh Lord, of hell

Hear the howl of the serpent, whose roaring fills the sky

Sleeping, (in) awaiting, dead, but dreaming

The legions of the horned, will rise up from their slumber

Never, scorn, to wear, the horns

Our servants do homage, celebrate the arrivel

Treasures of darkness, treasures of night

Open the gate, that I can fell your might

Conquering, what, once, was

We are tryin' to take control, we are tryin to take them all

The choir, of the damned, whispers, hunting requiems

We summon the storm, that annihilates the land

We choose, to live, our life, in Blasphemy

Darkness shall be eternal, when all shall bow (be)for(e) our throne !!!!!!

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