Ninnghizhidda - Ode II The Horned Majesty Lyrics

Ninnghizhidda Lyrics

Ode II The Horned Majesty Lyrics
Majesty of the horns god of all gods

I stride at night the moon is my shelter

Into the depths I cry to you oh lord

The memories of our past rest in my dreams

I found the passage to the place once before

I don't need to be guided my way leads into the dark

I join the circle gathered for the feast

Whispering voices from down below

Immortal screams from far above

The chalice is passed I drunk the unholy water

Join the hands to summon the dead

Blasphemic prayers recitated by the priest

Rites to remember rites to forget

The ground moves thy breeze makes me shiver

Burning souls is what I smell

The divine splendour of the leathered wings

Blind my eyes trapped me in a spell

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