Ninnghizhidda - Of Demons And Witches Part II Lyrics

Ninnghizhidda Lyrics

Of Demons And Witches Part II Lyrics
As flesh entwines , and passion burn

She fixed me with , a basilisk stare

I saw the fire , dancing in her eyes

I've been caught , (in) an everflowing stream

My heat inside , her fuels the furnace

She bewitched me , with her angelic smile

Lost in realms of , carnal ecstasy

As demons writhe , in lewd abandon

Under the spell , (of her) infernal beauty

I give birth , to flowing life

Warm nectar , fills my body

As I give , the essential essence , of life

To her trembling divine womb

What has always been banned , now shall be done

As throes of dawn , are send from heaven

The end of our , time has come

Under the pale moon she stands , renewed and full of desire

The flame of lust , is burning higher

Oh my goddes , our love will never die

(but) the elder ones , returned her to their side

And no one can silence my pain !!!

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