10 Toes Lyrics by Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle Lyrics

10 Toes Lyrics
10 toes in this [?]
When it come down to it
I'm still getting more money, more bitches
More love than a nigger screaming f*ck me
It's so beautiful, it's disgusting
When you figure it out, niggers wanting all in
So them niggers is out
Shake hit the fan see what niggers about
I heard man's [?]
It's no lie, you get lonely at the top
It's a [?] you can drop, so, they don't drop
And I won't judge you, I know why
So don't shoot me down when I fly
On the road to the riches,
I hope dripping niggers that will break they cars it won't rise, f*ck it
Call some hoes up and roll this weed up
And turn the lights down and pour this drink up,
[?] I'm bout to [?] up
Tat on my neck, face, chest and sleeve
[?] I like born features [?] I've been every game
[?] where I'm standing, motivate my people
In the ocean, blue range with nico
If I'm drinking champagne, it's probably clicko
Bossing over, we should probably [?]
Got a couple over, we gonna probably need more
We gonna probably need more
But first, let's weat [?]
Order me a steak and rise another early morning, another late night
Doing 7 days a week, can you ever get to sleep?
That's 25/8 life oh, get money
Take flights, go for full throttle, no brake lights
Make all the [?] wanna play nice
And all the broke niggers wanna hate life
You're bad

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