Faith Lyrics by Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle Lyrics

Faith Lyrics
I'm rising in this game and it feels grate
Still trying to keep your real niggers still faith
And off the label ward year, nigger still eat
Drop the marathon in December, nigger still late!
I'm so inpatient, but I still wait
Still show love when I feel hate!
On a scale of one to ten I need a high heel eight
Or better, blowing this shit like I'm Bill Gates
I'm in the wind, turn this movie [?]

Smoke some California, eating [?]
Out on Miami beach, my niggers are few within
Just like Beverly Hills, the b! tches are usually [?]
For wishing on a [?] nigger took it for
And if I lost it all to [?] I wouldn't trip it [?]
It sounds crazy when I say it
But the fear falling off, it's the only thing I can take your faith!

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