I Need That Lyrics by Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle Lyrics

I Need That Lyrics
[Hook: Nipsey Hussle]
My top off, my seat back
Your bitch is in my ear sayin' she need that
I'm ballin', she see that
If he tells us both she loves she only one of us believe that

[Verse 1:]
Listen, no kush, just a gang of folgers
Me, my laptop, and my notebook call that my triangle offense
That's all I need to keep bringing this dough in
Yes I bangin' and I'm boastin', it's a fact I'm the dopest
If you don't believe I got some things I want to show you
I get $10, 00 a show but don't no record label own him
Now check out my sleeve I make your leather strap your bogus
Double quick oyster perpetual Presidential Rolex
I'm on it early in the morning
Shout out my nigga Dom he from that Westside keep it rollin'
Now I can sell out shows from New York back to California
Still pull up with my jewelry then go part to Jesse Owens
Whoa, stop we live it so we talk it
Had it way before this rap so I get paid and don't shopping
Profit, we flip y'all just blow it
Call me young Nip Hussle AKA I'm focused


[Verse 2: Dom Kennedy]
Look I never met a girl that wouldn't let me f*ck
She said was gonna do it if she met me once
I feel like that nigga Pac these bitches set me up
I make her kiss my nuts just to get me up
Oh yeah, we back ho
Niggas that they ask for
We ain't got no plaques bro
Niggas be making them racks though
The Westside we gettin' it
Two doors we dippin' it
Cliquot we sippin' it
These hoes we flippin' it
Got me 20's, got my 50's, got my 100's bitch I'm coming
TMC this shit don't stop
Me and Nip is really running it
And the funny shit I'll say is that it's only just begun
Niggas be up early before the Sun
It's money in the morning
Niggas traded coffee for Patron
Y'all just pardon me I'm just zoning
Gold hundred spokes look chrome
The one that got your girl's shit foaming
And your bitch is in my ear saying she need that

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