Thas Wat Hoes Do Lyrics by Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle Lyrics

Thas Wat Hoes Do Lyrics
Young rich nigga shit
[?] rap show shit

She know me ex bitch she think she got next
She f*cking banging nigga shit that pussy off deck
She ain't no real bitch that's why she talk shit
She been to middle school why she ain't got shit
She ain't the homegurl she always getting punked
She ain't the stripper she just sit the club and get drunk
My bitch [?] she looking sick ah
I heard she got a std don't get your dick suck
That ain't her boyfriend she get pimped uh
'Cause she [?] get her [?] she always getting dupmed
She got her heart broke when she was real young
That hoe special ed I'm talking real dumb
Don't gotta proach her she gonna proach you, she got a county checking
Now she think she's so cute
There ain't no real bottoms she want [?] close too
But I ain't' mad on you bitches thas what hoes do

[Hook: x2]
Do do thas wat this hoes do
Do do thas wat this hoes do
Do do thas wat this hoes do
But we ain't mad at you bitches
Thas wat hoes do.

She [?]
Young if you would boy from the old school
Them last week bitches [?] and bitches old new
She let me hit the only thing she got was soul food
This ain't halloween girl it ain't no tricking me
We eat for free 'cause I took your bitch ebt
They [?] then she run [?] girls
She said gimmie so I gave that bitch my cock to suck
[?] now she at my house poppin up
I got a bitch named shelly bitch hella messy
And she got like [?] to sport she run the ass
Hope bitches can't wait to the first of the month
The so true brought us with this hoes do
She let me hit the only thing she got was soul food
[Hook x2]

Shut up and push your ack I'm yelling pushing ink
What's up to [?] vision top [?]
We had a difference but they got handle in the street
So why won't keep the [?] the hood and shut the homies [?]
That's when the [?] shit ain't sort of [?]
But it's enough money [?] sort of [?]
We got the [?] going we got them streets going
We got the [?] hip hop and mtv going
And yeah we loss the [?] green point
I tell the trip [?] east knowin
When I'm [?] I'm holy [?]
I think I'm dj kelly grow I step [?] screaming bitch [?]
I started on the block of the truck of my old school
[?] my haters that's what hoes do

[Hook x2]

You hoes know me but I don't know you
They unpredictable just give em [?] and I'm through
Yeah she low kid but she get it in
That's what this hoes do she bet up she all news
She won't pop a job really what she want f*ck a [?]
[?] she will never get enough
She be runnin game 'cause she look good
She trick a nigga set it up to lick a nigga
She be going up she don't give a f*ck
She [?] me and she getting drunk
She f8ck the whole squash she wasting no time
[?] on your eyes baby you ain't even got a lock
She f*ck the mb she f*ck the pussy in
No sleep jacuzzi in the kitchen sink
That's what she with that [?]
Pussy I don't want that hole that

[Hook x2]

Me and my nigga snip we on the play right
He [?] your gang tight
That's when I'm [?] they was getting [?]
We set it [?] late night
[?] sunset.getting money want sex
[?] I'm telling she's just a [?]
Get out the [?] she won't get lied up
I had a [?] from the [?] she was a go get her
She [?] that's how you know nigga
Bitch I'm [?] I ain't no hope nigga
You broke [?] bottles you [?]
This from them bro's rolling stress they're tryin smoke
What you look busted in the club
Steady drinkin [?] nigga
[?] the bottle down ask for the bro's boo
I ain't mad at you baby that's what hoes do

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