Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Don't Underestimate Love Lyrics

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Lyrics

Don't Underestimate Love Lyrics
Baby it's no mystery
You don't have to tell me
What you're doing here
With all the stars in your blue eyes
Washed away by disappointed tears

You say another love has left you
Feeling sad and insecure
You'd like to think that it's all worth it
But now you're not so sure
Baby just because it's painful
It doesn't mean it's real
Sometimes we're simply desperate
For something to feel, uh-huh
Don't underestimate love

It's the same old bedtime story
The same old dreams of glory
We all hold on to
It's all so beautifully tragic
So painfully romantic
But so far from the truth

Baby I could slay your dragons
But I'd rather set them free
All I'm really asking is a chance to make you see
There doesn't have to be a struggle
There doesn't have to be a fight
Before you taste the victory
Before you feel it's right, uh-huh
Don't underestimate love

Oh we all look for love in our lives
But sometimes all you've gotta do is just open up your eyes
But does there have to be a reason
Or does there have to be a storm
Before we we look for shelter in each others arms
Baby leave behind this madness
I'll give you tenderness
I don't wanna see you have to settle for less, uh-huh
Don't underestimate love
Don't underestimate love

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