Non Serviam - From Chaos Pain Lyrics

Non Serviam Lyrics

From Chaos Pain Lyrics
From chaos and pain a strange man rises

From misery and torment his life is released

Nowhere to go, from chaos he came

Nowhere to live, where shall he dwell

Lost in this era of total destruction

You see what is done and you do what is done

So, he lives in self-destruction

Is it destiny, or random of fate

A world full of dreamers

Utopia is as wind in space

Your realm will not appear

And your master has abandoned you

You're all in Satan's spree

Brick in a game with a fatal end

Unaware of what's fact and fiction

You're all going dawn

He travels closer to the apocalypse

Not more than a lifetime to go

In this wait of the extirpation

How do kill time?

We're all lost in the world of destruction

Ruins of souls together as one

Feasting, eating from inside

All hope's gone so why try?

We're all going down in this circus of hell

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