Non Serviam - Hatred Unleashed Lyrics

Non Serviam Lyrics

Hatred Unleashed Lyrics
Fear him the wicked soul, the son of torment unleashed
- Am I the chosen one, obnoxious son, damnation?

See him the dark triumphant, invalid to the world
- Am I the supreme one, awaited son, incarnation?

My mind crawls deeper, eating from inside
No more peace, only hunger for blood

Hear him, screaming for death, as he pleasures his hunger
- See the burning sky, darkened sun, salvation

Watch him enslave the worlds, paralysed before his eyes
- See the dying world, celestial worm, decapitation

- As blood drains from my hands, my lust for flesh eternal
worm-eaten bodies stains my mind, my desire for death infernal

As he walks towards the end of his evil mission
The storm sweeps by possess his mind, waiting for redemption
Fire burning through his soul, yet he's not been heard
- What is this, what am I, is this my reward?

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