Non Serviam - Sins And The Embracing Of Shades Lyrics

Non Serviam Lyrics

Sins And The Embracing Of Shades Lyrics
Perceive the sound of nocturnal soul
The edge cuts through the very flesh
Mind focused on profanity
Bloodsin odium

The beauty in the beast within the body
Animalistic life, blood sacrifice
The desire to exalt the ego
Egoistic need, sacrificial bleed

The sin of Onan
The lust of the soul
As the seeds vulgarly soar
Upon the celestial whore

Desire for the dead
For the virtue once fled
Bestial deeds, the mind feeds

Vultures and predators hunting, finding
In rapture of Dionysos' inebriation
Hedonistic indulgence in sinister lusts
Within the obscurity of blackness

Yet another carnality not to suppress
No remorse thrives within the heart
Merely one thousand more drops
In the enlarging ocean of life

You shall not be impeded by the immemorial gods
Let your pleasure make the suffer their spiritual demise
Utilise your human predestined share of craving
And use the ancients to multiplyyour ecstasy

Float along with the streams pf natural strains
Don't let the immemorial subdue them
Gather material on your immense voyage
And create your realm to dwell in

I fulminate in my eminence
I embrace myself and deliver my emperor
The essence of the world is my realm
Where nothing dies till the king's dethroned

When I behold my entities
I rejoice their gathered strength
I forbear to restrain idiosyncrasies
So I will achieve all shades of my landscape...

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