Born Again Album Lyrics by Notorious B.I.G.

Notorious B.I.G. Lyrics

Born Again Album Lyrics
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Born Again (Intro)

[Puffy background]
What about ten years from now?

Ten years from now, where do I want to be? I wanna be...just livin' man, just
living comfortably with my niggas man, in a pool and shit, smoking plenty indo
you know I'm saying? I got my wife, just lounging with my wife you know i'm
with my daughter, her daughter, you know just laid back, just chillin,
you know i'm saying? Living all my niggas is living where I think I be? Ten
I don't think I will see it for real dogg for real man, that shit ain't
promised man
I don't think my luck is that good, I hope it is but if it ain't, so be it, I'm
(your dead wrong)

[Repeat til fade out]
The weaker the strong,
you got it going on,
your dead wrong....

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The Notorious B.I.G. Lyrics

Notorious B.I.G. Lyrics

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Yo, check it
Call Lil' Cease
Tell that muh'f*cker to bring me some muh'f*ckin weed for this hospital
man f*ck that
Tell that reporter to go pick up ten thousand from Dez
and go take about like twenty G's from Gino
Tell that muh'f*cker get this nigga next door up out of here
Nigga be snorin all night I can't sleep (hehe)
Call that big butt nurse with the long hair to come suck my dick
(Bad Boy Big, c'mon)

The doctor said I need about three weeks of recovery
but the nurses is lovin me
Sayin the best part of the day is my half
Feedin me breakfast, and givin me a sponge bath
Niggaz say I died dead in the streets
Nigga I'm gettin high, gettin head on the beach
Chillin, sittin on about half a million
With all my niggaz, all my guns, all my women
Next two years, I should see about a billion
All for the love of drug dealin
Got no love for the other side, f*ck them tricks (f*ck them)
Any repercussion, Junior M.A.F.I.A. spit clips (that's right)
All the time, Big Poppa kick the war rhymes
Raw flows, and that's how it goes

[Puff Daddy]
C'mon.. we are, we are
He is.. he is..

This for my niggaz slingin thangs, had my ring encaged
Truck, necklace, igloo ring and things
For the bitches, who see them rims spin and grin
That shit with the V-trim that win
and the enormous fields disperse of rap
On the road to the riches more furs to drag
More niggaz to kill, than birds to bag
Hit the jeweler and splurge the tab, uh
Hops, out the truck like, "Trick, what up?"
Call me Sean if you suck, call me gone when I nut
That's the end of us, get your friend to f*ck
Untwist and bend her up, you know the deal
Niggaz talkin real greasy on some ballin shit (that's right)
Funny how quick these pricks forget
Actin like I ain't the reason they traded they shit
Switched that 5, copped that 6 (that's right)
It's all good, you know who the clone is
F*ck the Joneses, niggaz tryin to keep up with the Combses

[Puff Daddy]
C'mon y'all..
We are, we are .. (what's his name)
He is, he is.. (c'mon, what's his name?)

[Lil' Kim]
Who that queen bitch, keep her glass filled to the rim?
The Notorious K-I to the M
That's me, on MTV, no doubt
Titty out like what - I don't give a f*ck!
Y'all know my attitude, can't stand my cologne
Then stay your ass home, you and your chaperone
Things done changed, but we continue to reign
as the King and the Queen of hip-hop, me and B.I.
Frank White still listen to all the (a)'ttention
I'm by his side, with the chrome fifth, playin my position
Sexy, young thing, from the ghetto
That bitch rockin mics in high heel stilletos
We takin over like Francis
Switchin our styles like the hottest new dancers
See, I let y'all live to stack a LITTLE paper
Be glad I pushed my album back, I did y'all hoes a favor!

[Puff Daddy]
She did you a favor, c'mon now, yeah
He is, he is.. (c'mon, what's his name?)
Bad Boy baby, D.R. c'mon
We are, we are ..
Queen Bee baby, we are, c'mon
He is, he is.. (B.I.G. baby, he is c'mon)
We are, we are ..
Bad Boy 2000
B.I.G. Born Again (he is.. he is..)
and he won't stop
cause he can't stop, yeah, uh-huh
We are, we are.. (Brooklyn baby)
He is, he is..



Dead Wrong

[Puff:] bad boy baby
[Big:] yeah.. yeah.
Junior m.a.f.i.a., yeah.
[Puff:] yeah
[Big:] f*ckin F*ck yo guys up
[Puff:] yeah.. b.i.g. 2000
B.i.g. 2000 born again.. c'mon.

[chorus: Puff Daddy]
The weak or the strong, who got it goin on
You're dead wrong
The weak or the strong, who got it goin on
You're dead wrong

[verse 1: Notorious b.i.g.]
Relax and take notes, while I take tokes of the marijuana smoke
Throw you in a choke - gun smoke, gun smoke
Biggie smalls for mayor, the rap slayer
The hooker layer - motherf*cker say your prayers
Hail mary full of grace.. smack the bitch in the face;
Take her gucci bag and the north face
Off her back, jab her if she act
Funny with the money oh you got me mistaken honey
I don't wanna rape ya, I just want the paper
The visa, kapeesha? I'm out like, "the vapors"
Who's the one you call mr. macho, the head honcho
Swift fist like camacho, I got so
Much style I should be down wit the stylistics
Make up to break up {singing in background} niggaz need to wake up
Smell the indonesia; beat you to a seizure
Then f*ck your moms, hit the skins til amnesia
She don't remember shit! just the two hits!
Her hittin the floor, and me hittin the clits!
Suckin on the tits! had the hooker beggin for the dick
And your moms ain't ugly love; my dick got rock quick
I guess I was a combination of house of pain and bobby brown
I was "humpin around" and "jump-in around"
Jacked her then I asked her who's the man; she said, "b-i-g"
Then I bust in her e-y-e

[Chorus: Puff Daddy]
The weak or the strong, who got it goin on
You're dead wrong
The weak or the strong, who got it goin on
You're dead wrong
The weak or the strong, who got it goin on
You're dead wrong
The weak or the strong, who got it goin on
You're dead wrong

[verse 2: Notorious b.i.g.]
When I get dusted, I like to spread the blood like mustard
Trust it, my hardcore rain leaves you rusted
Move over lucifer, I'm more ruthless, huh
Leave your toothless, you'll kibbitz, I'll flip it
Tears don't affect me, I hit 'em with the tech g
Disrespect me - my potency is deadly
I'm shootin babies, no ifs ands or maybes
Hit mummy in the tummy if the hooker plays a dummy
Slit the wrist of little sis
After she sucked the dick, I stabbed her brother with the icepick
Because he wanted me to f*ck him from the back
But smalls don't get down like that
Got your father hidin in a room; f*cked him with the broom
Slit him down the back and threw salt in the wound
Who you think you're dealin with?
Anybody step into my path is f*ckin feelin it!
Hardcore, I got it sucked like a pussy
Stab ya til you're gushy, so please don't push.. me
I'm using rubbers so they won't trace the semen
The black demon, got the little hookers screamin
Because you know I love it young, fresh and green
With no hair in between, know what I mean?

[chorus: Puff Daddy]
The weak or the strong, who got it goin on
You're dead wrong
The weak or the strong, who got it goin on
You're dead wrong
The weak or the strong, who got it goin on
You're dead wrong
The weak or the strong, who got it goin on
You're dead wrong

[Puff Daddy:] ladies and gentlemen.

[Verse 3: eminem]
There's several different levels to devil worshippin: horse's heads
Human sacrifices, canibalism; candles and exorcism
Animals havin sex with 'em; camels mammals and rabbits
But I don't get into that, I kick the habit - I just
Beat you to death with weapons that eat through the flesh
And I never eat you unless the f*ckin, meat looks fresh
I got a lion in my pocket, I'm lyin, I got a nine in my pocket
And baby I'm just, dyin to cock him
He's ready for war, I'm ready for war
I got machetes and swords for any faggot that said he was raw
My uz' as, heavy as yours, yeah you met me before
I just didn't have as large an arsenal of weapons before
Marshall will step in the door, I lay your head on the floor
With your body spread on the bedspread, red on the wall
Red on the ceilin, red on the floor, get a new whore
Met on the second, wet on the third;
Then she's dead on the fourth - I'm dead wrong

[Chorus: Puff Daddy]
The weak or the strong, who got it goin on
You're dead wrong
The weak or the strong, who got it goin on
You're dead wrong
The weak or the strong, who got it goin on
You're dead wrong
The weak or the strong, who got it goin on
You're dead wrong

[Puff daddy:]
Uh-huh, and we won't stop, because we can't stop



Hope You Niggas Sleep

Check the pain I inflict, like a convict, the Fulton digger
Jump in the Acura Vigor, after I stick ya
Rip ya like a razor, straight up Henny with no chaser
Watch me erase ya, misplace ya
Put you in the back with the derelicts
Yeah, I pop plenty shit
Chump, I'm making hits
No time for the crack rock and shit
Took it to another level
Now I'm getting crazy papes, getting paid from the devils
Another amateur trying to damage the pedigree
Of the B-I-G-G-I-E, you know it's me
Hoes I thought you know I'm smooth as a babies ass
Smooth as Teeddy Pendegrass, smoke the grass, get in your ass
The Brooklyn born Teflon don, wrecking shop
Getting props, proving nobody drops
Words as potent as the blunt smoking Bed-Stuy bandit
And niggas just can't understand it
I bust a cap for the brothers in Nap Nap, Comstock, and Clinton
You know my shit is hitting
Yeah ya'll a fly nigga, Biggie Smalls
Kicking flavor, make a nigga wanna dig up in they drawers
For the burner, catch a body
I got styles like karate
Jujitsu, when I hit you then I split you
Like a cantaloupe
Hope you got a rope to hang yourself
I rob for self, from Brooklyn, where else
Fat like a Lexus coupe, I'll rip your troop
Not even Lois Lnae could get the scoop
What you think I'm stupid
My crew is mad deep
I hope you niggas sleep

I throw a bomb through you window
Burn you up and your hoe
I catch your mama going to therapy
And cut her throat
You lil' sister walking home from school
I abduct her, then I f*ck her
I hit ya park close up with the Louisville Slugger
BGeezy is the hustla, ignorant motherf*cker
I was taught how to bust heads by the best head busters
Cluckers, you know I got'em 2 for 1 my nigga
I'm on V.L. if you want me, get some my nigga, come on

[Big Tymer]
Thuggin is my thing, if I'm beefing I'm banginhg
Slanging, it's in my nature, gotta be about my paper
Haters, I don't like'em, bitches, I don't trust'em
Niggas, I can't stand'em, I creep down and pluck'em
Strap say in my hand, I gotta protect mine
Niggas trying to pull it off, pop goes the nine
That's how it gotta be in these uptown streets
And a nigga like me, I play the game for keep

I remember when niggaz slang heroin up in balloons
I paid attention to everything , from killings to cartoons
Got a picture of Malcolm X on the wall in my room Bitch
on some ol' nigga f*ck wit me I'ma do 'em shit
Nigga give me dope, I accept it, but don't respect him
Put my foot in they rectum right after I dome check 'em
I be popping D, smoking weed, and full of that Hennesey
Fresh off the streets on my way to the penitentiary
Everybody whisper in ears when they gone mention me
I been out doing it for years, since elementary
Real good relationship with guns and drugs
Because my whole neighborhood consist of crook and thugs
Everything is my own shit cause I don't f*ck with scrubs
I don't need you harassing me when I'm up in the club
Trying to hustle a nigga, asking me for a dub
Quarter, ki's, and halfs is what I sling, cause that's what I love

I know you bitches know that I ain't to be played with
Dont have no picks and chooses who get they head split
They die quick, f*ckin' with Turk, wodie get whacked
Spend a bin with Kevin and Randy leave ya flat on you back
and trust that, ain't bout to let no nigga steal me
F*ck that, I bust back with 223
Big and full of that raw with no cut and be ready to creep
Innocent people move 'cause somebody fix'n to get split

[Lil' Wayne]
Na, Na, it's iceberg shorty, Lordy have mercy
Come from under my shirts and flip'em and reverse'em
I'm coming so alert them
(Ur, Ur) fore I hurt them, desert eagle bursting
You haven't seen the worst and
I'm right near you and my gun blast quick, dog
Could kill you so run, dash, get gone
Wodies movin slow around this time they got bricks dog
I ain't got bricks dog, nigga break it off, what

[Puff Daddy]
Un huh, B.I.G. with the Cash Money Millionaires, forever
Juvenile, Lil' Wayne, Baby, Turk, B.G., Manny Fresh
Slim, CEO, and me P. Diddy, B.I.G, Born Again
And we won't stop, get money nigga



Dangerous MC's

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Yeah, ninety-six, for my Nordstrom Ave niggaz
My Fulton Street niggaz (hardcore for ninety-six)
Dangerous MC's..

Uhh (check it out) uhh
Diamonds on my neck, chrome drop-top
Chillin on the scene, smokin pounds of green
Oooh-wee, you see, the ugliest
Money-hungriest, Brooklyn Loch Ness
Nine millimeter cock test, wan fi' test?
And the winner is..

[Busta Rhymes]
Y'all niggaz know the rules
I blast on niggaz so -

[Notorious B.I.G.]
- my fist never bruise
Land-still-cruise, Frank White paid his dues
Ask who's the raw, bet they say Poppa very
Look forward to me like commissary
All of a sudden, now every-body Big Willie
Done did it, come widdit, get yo' head splitted
or get your neck slitted, admit it, you overdid it
Your shit it, just ain't got that LOUD
Gold tooth shine like TA-DOW!
Biggie Smalls the illest and how, frays raise your eyebrow
By now you figure, he talkin bout that nigga
but your weak-ass assumptions, lead led to dumpin
IV to pump-in, you're feeling something
Catch my drift, or catch my four-fifth lift
at least six inches, above project fences
Turn meat to minces, jokes turn to flinches
When I rain I drenches, cleared your park benches (HAH)
Missed you by pinches (HOO) your talk is senseless (RRUFF)
Actor needs chiropractor (HAH, HOO) for cracked jaw
Yes I rocked your cheddar box (hah)
Dangerous you're not I gets down (HOO)
Twist your body [singing] round and round, upside down

[Chorus: Busta Rhymes]

C'mon, yo, throw your hands c'mon
Bitch grab your tits c'mon
Let me know you in the spot
Bump your fists, c'mon
Thugs tote yo' shit
we bout to get mo' rich, c'mon
Let's blow the club, c'mon
F*ck the place up, c'mon
Shake yo' nasty ass
and make it swing all around, c'mon
Yo, make this money
throw yo' loot on the ground, c'mon
Bounce in your whips, c'mon
Bitch lick yo' lips, c'mon
Dangerous MC's
My nigga this be the shit, c'mon
Dangerous MC's
My nigga this be the shit, c'mon

[Mark Curry]
Uh-huh, make money hand over fist
The bo-vines roam where chickenhearts don't exist
Settin up shop, it's hands on in the hustle
Fakes don't kill nuttin but time and don't tussle
The process of elimination, fresh rotation
come and go and they death be starvation
In the heat of battle it's no rest for the weary
Snooze and you lose is the theory
The theory of a patient man, is wild beyond belief
Be afraid, you don't want beef with us chief
Your talk is cheap and the supply meets demand
Everything you can imagine is real man
and revenge be the dish I serve to cats cold
Stay up on about ten folds, you know how it goes
You know the streets and it's real as shit, c'mon
Niggaz grab your dicks, c'mon
Bitches rub your tits, c'mon

[Chorus: minus last two lines]

[Snoop Dogg]
Awww nah, big Snoop Dogg
Slap you with my paw, all across your jaw
Break fool on these bitches while I'm breakin the law
You come up in my room look bitch you takin it off
Follow me, I slip em slide em rip em ride em provide em
with that West coast G shit, L.B.C. shit
We dips to this, make chips to this
and buy brand new whips and shit, uh-huh (beyotch)
I bet you didn't know that yo' bitch was suckin dick (say what?)
Who you think she f*ckin with? (what?) Look here
My, Eastside lifestyle is way foul, move the crowd
Point a pistol at you bitch niggas, BLA-DOW
.. How you like me now? (what what, what?)
You got stuck and f*cked, Doggystyle
100 spokes Day-tonas, bendin the corner
all up in Crooklyn, bad bitches are lookin

[Chorus: minus last two lines]

[Busta Rhymes]
So you lovin us so much this shit is bleedin through you
If I worked in a resteraunt
I'd shit in the food and feed it to you
Most of my niggaz cuckoo, easy to gas to shoot you
Even all of them Haitian niggaz
won't believe this voodoo
Can yo' pussy be chaka, don't let me speak in pat-ois
and kick you in your face like we playin a game of soc-cer
I love to cock the glock-a, stack up on loot and vod-ka
And f*ck your crew because all of y'all niggaz full of ca-ca
The way we doin damage tell me how the F*CK you manage
with my niggaz who marinate on foul thoughts and think savage
Them niggaz'll throw you in a manhole
and push they hand in yo' ass
and pull yo' head right out yo' asshole!
Parkay nigga we rugged all day nigga
You ready to f*ck bitch? F*ck the foreplay nigga
This me for all consumers, my nigga F*CK the rumors
Three in the worst way of pure coke for all you DRUG ABUSERS

[Chorus: minus last two lines]

[Chorus: fades out]




[Lil' Cease]
Queen Bee, and Notorious B.I.G. nigga
The best that ever lived, the best that ever did it
The best that ever lived it
Cocksuckers, What's his name, huh?
That's how we do it ya'll
To all my niggaz in the house
Bad Boy, Who we die for
All day, everyday nigga

[Verse 1]
For the love of BIG, we bang out
Since my man died, we don't hang out
We blow brains out, we tear the club up pullin things out
Mafia World, all my niggaz max out
We Bad Boys, why ya'll niggaz cracked out
Coward niggaz, most are burried down south
Far from gangstas, really hush puppies
Niggaz bearly speak when we discuss money
Niggaz stay yappin when there's always somethin funny
The realest niggaz never took nuthin from me
Rock ice, stay jig, f*ck with niggaz that got drunk, and hate kids
Got niggaz on state bids, that hate movies like Rosewood and Matrix
A yo, Biggie taught me well, Biggie told me how to flip bricks like cartwheel

[Chorus: Lil' Cease & Notorious B.I.G.]

[Lil' Cease]
To all my thugs who puffed him
To all my girls who hugged him
You love him, yell his name..

I'd rather die on my feet, than live on my knees
Nigga please, I cock and squeeze for..


[Notorious B.I.G.]
Representin Bucktown
Mack 11's cocked back, niggaz better duck down
Face down, you know the routine, the cream
Earings, you know the drama Biggie bring

[Verse 2]
For BIG I learn to grip aim and cock it
Once I got it, I lock it
Banger, big city boy with deep pockets
See me speak, that paper better be the topic
I like my ice frozen like the Antartic
I'm quick to finish it, your good to start it
And with the flashy colors on, you just a target, Waitin for a hard hit
I like marine blue, marine green, roll with a mean team
Meshed out, fresh out, and stay greams
We big boys, we do big things, born in this county of kings
I ain't got shit, I spread things, take things
F*ck whenever my mood swings, from the summer for the winter to the spring
My nigga ill's holdin it down for the beam
Like BIG said, we do the real things, we still bubble and steal chains
Still tustle, still struggle, we feel pain
Still ride, still die for BIG's name


[Verse 3]
For BIG I grip the cig, put six in your wig
Not cause of what he said, cause of what he did
When I hear that pop quiz, that's the way I was raised and thats the way it is for..
We roll like the Panthers, show our guns on camera
Do jokes with police scanners, niggaz mediocre, full of dirt like hampers
I roll with a bunch of niggaz that wear bandanas and rep...
We kept it thurough, from the heart ripped the barrel
B.K. style, see BIG howl, now
Lets see who, wanna go against Mafia world
Niggaz nuthin but squirels, they know we rep...
Niggaz tryin to get a nut, hit in the head or below the gut
Wood style roll'em up, get plucked, nigga what
Go back to spend a ton, and know cats wit gold tooths
Know my gat and bust for my nigga...


[Lil' Kim]
Now when I cock back and squeeze, my Desert E'z
Make you drop to your knees, barly able to breathe
My bullets move in threes, one for Brook-lyn
One for Mafia so take that, Uh, and this one's for...
You know Frank kept me iced out
Mink dragon, seven figures in my bank account
All that material shit, ya'll still tryin to get it
Uh, you f*ckin pricks, get off his dick tryin to be like...
All ya'll lame ass niggas keep my man name out your mouth
Or get this shit right, check it, it's the B-I, double G-I, E
Ya'll niggaz can't see Poppa, nor the Big Moma
Who you love... for the Y2G, the two ten
We got it sewn, we don't need ya'll help, we hold our own
Cause this goes out to cats not tryin to give it up
BIG missin us, shout him out...

[chorus into fade]




[Chorus: Notorious B.I.G.]

To all my Brooklyn "Niggas!! (Niggas!!)"
To all my Uptown "Niggas!! (Niggas!!)"
To all my Bronx "Niggas!! (Niggas!!)"
To all my Queensbridge "Niggas!! (Niggas!!)"
"Nigga nigga nigga.."

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Back up chump, you know Biggie Smalls rips it quick
and kicks it quick, you know how black niggaz get
with the hoods fatigues with the boots with trees
Smokin weed, flippin ki's, makin crazy G's
Hittin buckshots at niggaz that open spots
on the avenue, take my loot, and I'm baggin you
Pimpin hoes that drive Volvo's and Rodeos
Flash the roll, make her wet, in her pantyhose
Damn, a nigga style is unorthodox
Grip the glock, when I walk down the crowded blocks
Just in case a nigga wanna act out
I just black out, and blow they motherf*ckin back out
That's a real nigga for ya


[Notorious B.I.G.]
When we smoke spliffs, we pack four-fifths
just in case dread wanna riff
He get a free lift to the cemetary, rough very
Not your ordinary, we watch you get buried
That's a real nigga for ya
Get mad do a quarter flip the script, and rip your lawyer
Spit at the D.A., cause f*ck what she say
She don't give a f*ck about your ass anyway
Up North found first stop for the town
of fist-skill, where the hand skills are real ill
You'll be a super Hoover doo-doo stain remover
Ha hahhh, yo G, pass the ruler

[Chorus x2]

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Money hoes and clothes
Blunt smoke comin out the nose, is all a nigga knows
Flippin on foes, puttin tags on toes
Watchin the stash grow, clockin the cashflow
The neighborhood gravedigga
Gettin paid so much, all the bitches wanna see a nigga
I guess they figure I'm paid, I wanna get laid
or since I got loot I wanna knock boots
I'd rather beat my dick than trick
and if she don't suck then we don't f*ck
I'd rather make a buck, drive a fat-ass truck
Grab the 9, two clips, and run amuck
Yes, flex at the two or three Benzes
I wreck shit, what the f*ck you expected?
A fly guy? Well f*ck it, I'm the high guy
from Bed-Stuy, puttin the swellin on your eye
and your nose even, when I choke ya you stop breathin
And when Jake come, I'm leavin!

[Chorus x4]



Big Booty Hoes

[Too $hort]
Talk about these hoes Big..

[Notorious B.I.G.]
I got a bitch that suck my dick til I nut
Spit it on my gut and slurp that shit back up
Ain't that a slut (HELL YEA) she even take it in the butt
F*ck for bout a hour, now she want a golden shower
You didn't know that we be pissin on hoes, bitch (BEOTCH)
Luke and Biggie straight shittin on hoes, bitch (BEOTCH)
Lick your toes, bitch? (BEOTCH) F*ck no, you must be crazy
Squirt in your face and then I'm Swayze (bitch)
Recognize G, straight up, I can't knock ya
After Big Poppa, f*ck ALL of Junior M.A.F.I.A.
The whole clique, dick sucked, ass licked
Leave your number by the phone, bring yo' ass on home
I roam in Lexuses and Benzes, the fly way
With the flyest bitch gettin head on the highway (ridin)
My way deep throat on Luke's boat
When the moon rises, I'm cumin in her eyes-es (do it)
Just the way players play
Leave it up to me, I get f*cked all day (yeah)
Sucked all day, smokin blunts, countin cheese
F*cking bitches til they assholes bleed
What you say ba-by

[Chorus x2: Too $hort, Biggie]

[$hort] All I want is hoes, big booty hoes
[B.I.G] Check it out, here's another one
[$hort] All I want is hoes, big booty hoes
"Don't take em to the crib unless they bonin"

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Uhh.. uhh..
Biggie bag bitches from barbecues to barmitzvah's
The dick don't fit, use your lips cause.. (use em)
I'm feelin kinda itchy for a quickie
Don't take off your coat, all you got to do is lick me
Me eat you, I beat you, then greet you to the door bitch
Cause I don't love you no more
Which one of these hoes in the lobby wanna slob me
You know me, I like my dick Brown like Bobby
Jim Duke shoot, then the bitch get the boot
unless she lick ass and blow dicks like flutes
I like em cute, round tits and fat asses
Educated, so I can bust off on they glasses
I wanna cum on your tongue and gums, all night
The bitch drink nuts by the pint

[Too $hort]
Drink it bitch!
All of these hoes do that shit


[Too $hort]
It's after midnight, it's time to come up
F*ckin with some sluts tryin to bust a nut
I ain't seen this many hoes in a long time
I wanna make em all mine (get down hoe)
but it's gettin kinda late, and I cain't wait
Bitch f*ck a first date
I pulled out my dick, she called me rude..
.. but then she ate it like food (tramp)
Then she noticed the limp and the whip
Recognize game, you've been pimped by a pimp
Throw all that trick shit, out the window
You come up short tryin to doubt the pimp hoe
Too $hort baby, straight from Oakland
Hoe money is my fix and I can't be broken
Freak bitches all on my dick
We on some Brooklyn - Oakland, California shit (beotch!)


[Too $hort]
You knew I was a dog when you met me bitch (BITCH)
Ha ha, fo' sho' (YEAHH)
Tell you anything you wanna hear right about now
To the spot, that's where we goin baby
See we goin to the spot
Do our thang like we always do
You ain't know?



Would You Die For Me

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Venue after venue, I've been through
Coming to the telly, so I can bend you
Send you to the store, condoms and more
Jealous females, call you sluts and whores
Could it be my hardcore metaphor
Make sweat pour on the bedroom floor
Open up the Lex door
Jump on in, I'm kind of tired
I'm a roll blunts while you spin
You got your license, right? Alright, no swerving
Hair blonde out, Madonna style like a virgin
Splurging, Dom P., Ro-se
Much foreplay, that's my forte
Niggas see the ring, baguettes to death
She looking for a man, honey he just left
Violate me, he get beat to death
Goodfellas squeeze every shell they got left
Grand Marnier increase the don strength
Two four-fifths within my arms length
With a calm breath I say we gots to float
Throw Little Cease the keys to the boat
Tongue all down her throat, you know the routine
Got my dick large like Bruce Springsteen
And you mean too, eyes greenish blue
Got the Coogi sweater with the bubble Fubu
Beautiful, that's how the night goes
Get out them tight clothes
Get in some night clothes
I invite those girls that smoke lye
Keep it real with you
You keep it real with I
We be tight like frog's ass
Have you screaming "Biggie, Biggie give me one more chance"

[Puff Daddy]
Would you ride with me? (Yeah)
Would you lie for me? (That's right)
Would you get high with me? (For sure)
Would you die for me? (No doubt)

[Lil' Kim]
These hoes don't treat you like I treat you
Like my contacts, I can see right through
Don't they know me and you is stuck like glue?
Queen Bitch means number one and two
Wifey, ya'll ain't got to like me
Go head and act dumb, you'll just catch a hot one
Y'all know where I'm from
Bucktown, lay your ass down
You don't wanna play around (with me)
Probably just mad because Frank chose me
A fly cu-tie, you just a grou-pie
Girls call my telephone just to hang up
While me and you is in the crib, laying up
Oh he ain't tell you that we live together
And that we gonna have a kid together
Whatever, me intimidated, never
Anything you give to him, he give it right to Kim
Anyway, I f*ck better than you
Give head better than you, pussy get wetter than you
If I f*ck another nigga, don't mean nothing
B.I.G. is in my heart from the start
Whether broke or rich, I'm a stay his bitch
Chicks who used to be around, where they at now?
(See I don't care bout them other broads)
B.I.G. kept it real with me, and that's that

[Chorus fade out]



Come On

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Nigga was motherf*ckin HYPED UP
Nigga just grabbed the nigga, snuffed the nigga
and it was on from there
The motherf*cker there wasn't nuttin stoppin him
(What what did the rest of his niggaz do?)
Man the motherf*ckers was just ready for anything
Them niggaz was packin burners
Them niggaz was ready to fight
whatever we had to do holmes
Niggaz was on the real flipout holmes
It was just comin out like a motherf*cker
The nigga amped be like COME ON, COME ON MOTHERF*CKER!!

[Chorus: x8]

Come on motherf*ckers, come on

[samples play over second half of chorus]
"Man what you f*ck doin over here?"
"Are you awake now?"
"Hell yah I'm awake man;
now tell me what the f*ck is goin on here"
"Looks like the competition stopped by
to pay us a little visit, and check us out"

[Sadat X]
Let's go deep into the phrase, beautiful sunrays
off the baldhead, everything is real
Biggie me put on this joint so I'ma be the big wheel
Watch it Slim, hey Dad, place yo' bet on seven
Peace to one-oh-six, one-oh-eight, one-to-the-hundred-eleventh
Hey Biggie, I understand you're from Brooklyn
with 22's in your shoes, yo keep the shank ready

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Uhhh well, why not blow up the spot with Sadat
Release the BRAINSTORM, to make your motherf*ckin BRAIN WARM
A strange form, somethin kind of lyrical
Biggie the bastard, Sadat's kind of spiritual
Well "In God We Trust", guns I bust
Got that disgustin, sewer style dumpin
and that uhh {*singin*} do you knowwwwww, where you're goin to
Do you like the things that I bring?
[rappin] Make an emcee wanna sing for a livin
Take the beatdown we f*ckin givin, c'mon motherf*cker


[Sadat X]
What? Niggaz want drama, puttin work on my block
when I told y'all last week, that shit was too hot
Sellin pieces and treys, cuts my dimes
Somebody gon' get paid, somebody block get sprayed
Reaction is delayed as y'all run down the block
Caught one in your chest, your breath come in spurts
Hey yo Biggie tell these niggaz I'ma hit em where it hurts
The big city it don't spare no bodies
Call me papichulo, to all the spanish mamis
I'm about ten blunts down, drank three or fo' stouts
Seen five fat asses, passed this bitch with glasses
Hey yo money that's yo' stock, yo Bigs pass the glock
I'ma tell him it can happen, don't play me with that rap shit
Life is real, so Biggie take the steel


[Notorious B.I.G.]
I got seven Mac-11's, about eight, .38's
Nine 9's, ten Mac-10's, the shits never end
You can't touch my riches
Even if you had MC Hammer and them 357 bitches
Biggie Smalls, the millionaire, the mansion, the yacht
The two weed spots, the two hot glocks
HAH, that's how I got the weed spot
I shot dread in the head, took the bread and the landspread
Lil' Gotti got the shotty to your body
So don't resist, or you might miss Christmas
I tote guns, I make number runs
I give emcees the runs drippin;
when I throw my clip in the A.K., I slay from far away
Everybody hit the D-E-C-K
My slow flows remarkable
Peace to Matteo
Now we smoke weed like Tony Montana sniff the llello
That's crazy blunts, mad L's
My voice excels from the avenue to jailcells
Oh my God I'm droppin shit like a pigeon
I hope you're listenin, smackin babies at they christening
So you better grab your pistol
cause if you sit still, I'm gonna make your f*ckin shit spill
And I'm talkin bout buckets, why did I have to do it?
Sadat said f*ck it, you got a gun, nigga bust it
Cause I got mo' shots to pop-ya
Big Pop-pa, breakin you off somethin proper
Signin off is the hardcore rap singer
a.k.a. crack slinger, bring it anytime nigga




Rap Phenomenon

"Well it's the Funk Docta Spock.."
"Biggie.. Biggie.." (mmmhmmmmmm)

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Uhh.. uhh.. uhh.. (yo c'mon Big) uhh..
F*ck that, I preach it, my nine reaches
the prestigious, cats that speak this, Willie shit
Flooded pieces, my hand releases, snatches
Smack ya cabbage, half-ass rappers, shouldn't have it
So I grab it, never run, the outcome
is usually, a beatdown brutally, f*ck who you be
or where you're from, West or East coast, squeeze toast
Leave most in the blood they layin in, what, what?
The rings and things you sing about, bring 'em out
It's hard to yell when the barrel's in your mouth
It's more than I expected, I thought your jewels was rented
but they wasn't, so run it, cousin
I could chill, the heat doesn't
Ran up in your shell about a dozen
You never see bank like Frank White
Your hand clutchin, your chest-plate contemplate
You 'bout to die, nigga wait, keep yo' hands high

Yo.. yo yo
I don't brownnose out of town hoes
I'm up around fo' with the crowbar to the five point oh
I get bagged, I'm John Doe, suspect
You ass like prime roastin, Calvin Klein clothes
Explode the pyros when Doc guest appear
I'm out there, I bought it with George Jetson here
Your time is near, so get your body dropped off
I stopped trustin niggaz since Gotti got caught
It's Bricks keep your wrist covered, or piss colored
By the waist got a gun as dark as Kris brother
I.C.U., my sheisty crew, like ice me too
I break your legs, leave your eyes slightly blue
The Doc was born with a grenade palm
I'm concurrent in your hood like a, teenage mom
Yo Biggie (what? what?) She havin my bay-bayy
If I pull out the A.K., keep your hands high

[B.I.G.] "This rule is so underrated.."
[Meth] "Actin as if it can't happen, you're frontin"
[B.I.G.] "Ain't no other kings in this rap thing.."
[B.I.G.] "Biggie, a motherf*ckin rap phenomenon"
[repeat all x2]

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Uhh, uhh
I got a new mouth to feed, I'm due South with keys
Y'all pick seeds out y'all weed, I watch cowards bleed
Motherf*cker please, it's my block with my rocks
F*ck that hip-hop, them one-two's, and you don't stops
Me and my nigga Lance, took Kim and Cee's advance
Bought ten bricks, four pounds of weed plants
from Branson, now we lampin, twelve room mansion
Bitches get naked off "Get Money", "Player's Anthem"
Don't forget, "One More Chance" and, my other hits, other shit
niggaz spit be counterfeit, robbery come actually
in and out like f*ckin rapidly, pass the gat to me
Make his chest rest, where his back should be, talkin blasphemy
Blastin me, your family, rest in coffins often
Frank Wizzard, f*ck you soft or fragilla
Play hard like Reggie Miller, rapper, slash dope dealer
slash Gorilla, slash illest turned killer

[Method Man]
Now now
Don't approach me with that rah rah shit, you out of pocket
I take these adolescents back to Spofford
Mentally my energy, is like a figure eight, on it's side
that's infinity - too many sick niggaz, nickel nines;
bring the remedy - when you play the field, what's the penalty
Unnecessary roughness, career endin injuries for suckers
Stuck on stupid, shoot em with a dart like Cupid
until they got love for my music
Star Wars I'm Han Solo, with three egoes
and three charges, I got to "See-three-P.O.'s"
This is whoop-yo'-ass-day, the sequel
Eyeball blower with no equal, niggaz swingin swords in the WAR
that's my people, sho' nuff, befo' I roll up
This is a hold up, hands high, reach for the sky
I rep S.I., the unpretty, word to Left Eye
New York Shitty, put they weight on it
And who better for the job than Biggie? The Notorious
Jeee-zus, "Unbelievable" rhyme that reaches
and touch individual, small frame buck and change
MC, What's-Your-Name, tuck your chain
All about the fortune, f*ck the fame, labels still extortin
Kick me when I'm down, but I'm up again, scorchin
Hot -- forcin my way up in the door
to kill the bullshit like a matador
Keep your hands high (what?)



Let Me Get Down

[Notorious B.I.G.]
To my motherf*ckin man 50 Grand, the alcoholic man
Inject a tall can in his bloodstream if he can
Biggie Smalls, the pussy stroker
MC provoker, chocolate thai smoker HEAR??
I like to max in Maximas and Acuras
Your girl buttcheeks I'm smackin HER
The raw rapper, spine snapper
with the little hookers on my lap-ah
You know the flavor Mack-ah
A shy nigga but I ain't your f*ckin comforter
And if I ever fall in love I bet I'm f*ckin her
Ask the hooker, if I didn't jook her
If she tried to front, then I drop the Chucky Booker on her
{*singing*} Why you wanna.. play your games on me
{*rapping*} Bitch, you crazy?
Commitments, I'm Swayze, no time for the ill shit
Rest with the niggaz on that real bloodspill shit
My rap-pin tac-tics are drastic
Stretchin motherf*ckers like Mr. Fantastic
So if you wanna see my pedigreeeee
You better be, filled with energy, niggaz never gettin me
So let me get down, let me get down, let me get down, let me get down

[Chorus: Craig Mack]

Let me get down, let me get down, let me get down, let me get down
(Hahhhh boyeeeee, let me get down and funk em)
Yo let me get down, let me get down, let me get down, let me get down
(Yeah.. uh-huh.. yeah)
Yo let me get down, let me get down, let me get down, let me get down
(Yo I just wanna get em)

Yeah, yo
Odds even, said shoot (blaow)
Asked me the reason, and I said loot
Man that's all I'm here for, therefore
when death declares war, you know what to prepare for
Shit, one for shelter, book flights on Delta
Live on your station, the radiation'll melt ya
Cool - I guess your momma raised a fool
You didn't wanna blaze your tool shoulda stayed in school
Rap terror, shots through your new era
Get it together, y'all niggaz shoulda knew better
I'm on point like acupuncture
I might, track and hunt ya, smack and punch ya
Left side, right side, witcha hoe I might slide
Runnin wit this big guy, y'all niggaz is pranksters
Don't make a nigga have to show you the pound
and show you the sound, that'll put you low in the ground
Just let me get down

[Chorus: Craig Mack]

Let me get down, let me get down, let me get down, let me get down
(What? What?)
Let me get down, let me get down, let me get down, let me get down
(I just wanna funk a little bit)
Yo let me get down, let me get down, let me get down, let me get down
(Hahh.. I just wanna funk, what? Ahhhh)
Let me get down, let me get down, let me get down, let me get down

I be like WHAAAAT? Let me clear my throat
Break the smoke, Missy gotta hit some high notes
HEYYYYYY! Yo from coast to coast I burn like toast
So dope that I floats through snow nig-guh
Oh, you don't wanna bow to me
The agony be like, "Somebody help me please!"
Feel my pressure, never could a bitch flow better
in any weather, I'm Biggie bangin ya nigga
Ah-huh, I used to be the chick to lick the lollipop
Now I pop through your body parts
BLAOW, BLAOW, you like the way I interact
Proceed to smack, any MC that's wack
Ah-huh, microphone check one two
I do ya tool, like them freaks run through your crew
Give it to me, OHHHH, send it to me, OHHHH
But before I get down, where's my money?
Let me get down

[Chorus: Craig Mack]

Let me get down, let me get down, let me get down, let me get down
(Hahhh.. boyeee)
Let me get down, let me get down, let me get down, let me get down
(I just wanna funk a little bit)
Yo let me get down, let me get down, let me get down, let me get down
(Hahh.. I just wanna funk)
Let me get down, let me get down, let me get down, let me get down
(The Mackalicious funk wanna get down.. boyeeeeeee, HAHHH, AHHHH-HAH
Mack, feelin the funk)

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Bringin it live to you bitch ass niggaz




[Puff Daddy]
Yo.. check this out
MotherF*CKERS, c'mon B.I.G. motherF*CKERS
B.I.G., motherF*CKERS
Two thou', B.I.G. motherF*CKERS
??, two thou', motherF*CKERS
??, B.I.G. motherF*CKERS
B.I.G. at war, motherF*CKERS
B.I.G. ... we proceed ..
to give you, what you need
I am.. as we proceed ..
to give you all what you need motherF*CKERS
B.I.G., motherF*CKERS

[Notorious B.I.G.: overlaps above]
Yo.. too much smoke in here man
Crack the f*ckin window man
that's how the f*ck you went to jail last time nigga
The f*ck wrong with you nigga.. the f*ck man?
Ahh ehh.. stupid nigga man
Nigga f*ck that
Yo.. yo! Yo-yo-yo, yo, yo, yo.. yo
Yo-yo-yo, yo.. yo

I make yo' mouthpiece obese like Della Reese
When I release, you loose teeth like Lil' Cease
Nigga please, blood floods yo' Dungarees
And that's just the half on my warpath
Laugh now cry later, I rhyme greater
than the average playa hater, and spectators
buy my CD twice; they see me in the streets
They be like, "Yo he nice, but that's on the low doe"
Be the cats with no dough, tried to play me at my show
I pull out fo'-fo's, and go up in they clothes
Short-change niggaz, snort-caine niggaz
Extortion came quicker, bought the Range nigga
Ya still tickle me, I used to be as strong as Ripple be
til Lil' Cease crippled me
Now I play hard, like my girls nipples be
The game sour like like a pickle be, y'all know da rules
Move from BK to New Jeruz -- thinkin bout
all the planes we flew, bitches, we ran through
Now the year's new, I lay my game flat
I want my spot back, take two
Motherf*ckers mad cause I blew, niggaz envious
Too many niggaz on my dick, shit strenuous
When my men bust, you just move wit such stamina
Slugs missed ya, I ain't mad at cha (we ain't mad at cha)
Blood rushin, concussions, ain't nothin
Catch cases, come out frontin, smokin somethin
Sippin White Russians, bitch in the Benz bumpin
I laced it wit the basic, six TV's a system
Knockin Mase shit, face it, we hard to hit
Guard ya shit, 'fore I stick you, for your re-up
Wipe the pee up, mixed shots, woke your seed up
Go in the ashtray, spark the weed up, LONG KISS

[Chorus: Joe Hooker]

Y'all can't see this..
That this might be the night..
This might be the night that's right, that's right
This might be the night.. (kiss your ass goodbye)

Niggaz playin they hands wrong, that's why they won't last long
Finessed, what I was dealt with from the day I was born
While you bent up on that corner, niggaz plottin and scheamin
Up in them little holes, be creepin wit mad demons
Niggaz knows, not to f*ck with my dough
Niggaz know not to f*ck with this little bro I'm ten seconds hit'n'go
Black mask black truck chrome rims Chuck Timbs
Enough to confuse, any witness
Strongest of calibers, is what we only travel wit
You gotta get hit, your man did, so you got a hand in it
Extort y'all, once friends, now we gotta cross y'all
You know the niggaz with the biggest balls set the new laws
and flip fours, have em washin drawers while you up North
Gat to your jugular, getting your salad tossed
Overhearin niggaz situation, sayin, "Like we thought"
Sittin on the stand with no remorse


Yo, yo how we do niggaz, I don't beef I shoot niggaz
If I can't get the main character, a few niggaz then
I don't need no gin to boost me
I got enough steam to blow, somebody gotta go
I got fire in my heart, guns in my car
Cash in my Carharts, it ain't hard to get em
like blaow when I hit em, the nigga shit his drawers
when the 40-pound hit him, the f*ck these niggaz thought?
Could it be the fame, maybe it's the 2 Benz or
would it be the same if I couldn't claim those?
F*ckin with, hoes ??
Cock sucker beat it while you bleed it on the dashboard
Niggaz get, what they hand call for, again bricks
You get deaded, I get erections, over revenge
Can you get a quiet spot in the shade, for a breeze
I lay a nigga down and steam roll away ??

[Chorus x2]

[Puff Daddy shouting a lot over the chorus]

[Puff Daddy]
I never thought it would be like this
I never thought it would be like this
Always thought you would be here
Always thought you would be by my side
I never thought it'd be like this


]Puff Daddy shouting a lot over the chorus]



If I Should Die Before I Wake

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Uhh.. UHH
Uhh.. uhh..
Uh! Yeah.. yeah..
I'm on..
F*ck em.. yeah, uhh..
With my hands gripped.. praise the Lord shit
F*ck her, never knew her
Screw her.. (dump her body, dump her body) sewer
Our father.. uh-huh..

What you expected from his next of kin
I'm loco bro, but ain't no Mexican
I got nines in the bedroom, glocks in the kitchen
A shotty by the shower if you wanna shoot me while I'm shittin
Uhh, the lesson from the Smith and Wessun is depressin
Niggaz keep stressin, the same motherf*ckin question
How many shots does it take, to make my heart stop
and my body start to shake, if I should die before I wake

[Chorus x2: Notorious B.I.G.]

With my hands gripped.. praise the Lord shit
Our father.. if I should die before I wake

[Black Rob]
Fluck that
Snap a nigga shit, smash him with the fifth, watch his body lift
Shut his hottie's lips, bitch screamin, hit her body quick
Got me like the trifest not knowin how my life is
My life is, rap sheet long as the Turnpike
The sheistest, hey fella, who bidded with the lifers
Did it with the glocks, spit it witcha pops, you was in diapers
Loved me when you came to Rikers
Hated me all in the free cypher; mad you can't be like us
Some murderers who turn bikers -- see Biggie Smalls
recruited these snipers -- alumni do it just like us
Some pied pipers, squeezin life out y'all
It's all out war, be all wild as all outdoor
If a coward got beef, y'all be checkin his palm
Paralyzin my niggaz thorough kid, how bout yours?
Real quick to screw a nigga then, hop out four
Clean the wipers, hit the party up and, hop out yours
Bitch nigga.. whoah..


[Beanie Siegal]
Yo when you f*ckin wit Mac, you f*ckin wit the best
Still wall to wall with them dusty Tecs
Man you know how I handle my shit, S.K. can on my shit
Jump out of vans like Hannibal Smith
Man I spit a thousand rounds, your squad don't need it
Shredders in a riot pump leave you quadriplegic
When I squeeze don't breathe keep it lined and even
So when niggaz get hit, they be cryin screamin
Lyin bleedin -- from that iron steamin
And I ain't tryin to hear that bullshit, I ain't mean it
Niggaz start bitchin, when that pistol in they face
or I sick two puts to come and get you in your place
If I catch you in my shit, I'm wakin my bitch
Hear take this shit, crackin the brick, facin that shit
Takin two sniffs, grabbin my shit
Best believe if I get hit, y'all niggaz takin some shit
Picture niggaz takin my shit


[Ice Cube]
Niggaz never thought they'd see Cube and Biggie
in the year 2000, all drunk and pissy
off whiskey, you can miss me, actin gay
He's the King of New York, I'm the King of L.A.
Doin it the O.G. way; it's sorta like
the Brooklyn Way, it's just the crook in me
So this is dedicated to the memory of
the Notorious One, the glorious one
And if you go for your gun, I got to go for mine
Cock my nine, and seperate yo' head from yo' spine
So, "Grab yo' dicks if you love hip-hop" and
f*ck you niggaz that shot Big Pop'
The conspiracy, of this nation, for assassination
of the young black male in this black hell
And I can tell, no matter the weather
that you and Tupac got yo' shit together
California Love




Who Shot Ya

[Intro: Puff Daddy]

As we proceed
to give you what you need
9 to 5 motherf*ckers
get live motherf*ckers [x2]

As we proceed
to give you what you need
East coast motherf*ckers
Bad Boy motherf*ckers

Now turn the mics up
Turn that mic up, yea that beat is knockin
to that microphone
Turn that shit the f*ck up
Uh, what?
Turn it up louder
Yea, uh

As we proceed, to give you
what you need
J.M. motherf*ckers
J.M. motherf*ckers
9 to 5 motherf*ckers

[Verse One:]

Who shot ya?
Seperate the weak from the ob-solete
Hard to creep them Brooklyn streets
It's on nigga, f*ck all that bickering beef
I can hear sweat trickling down your cheek
Your heartbeat soun like Sasquatch feet
Thundering, shaking the concrete
Finish it, stop, when I foil the plot
Neighbors call the cops said they heard mad shots
Saw me in the drop, three in the corner

Slaughter, electrical tape around your daughter
Old school new school need to learn though
I burn baby burn like Disco Inferno
Burn slow like blunts with ya-yo
Peel more skins than Idaho potato
Niggaz know, the lyrics molestin is takin place
F*ckin with B.I.G. it ain't safe
I make your skin chafe, rashes on the masses
Bumps and bruises, blunts and Landcruisers
Big Poppa smash fools, bash fools
Niggaz mad because I know that Cash Rules
Everything Around Me, two glock nines
Any motherf*cker whispering about mines
And I'm, Crooklyn's finest
You rewind this, Bad Boy's behind this


As we proceed
to give you what you need
9 to 5 motherf*ckers
get live motherf*ckers

As we proceed
to give you what you need
East coast motherf*ckers
Bad Boy motherf*ckers

Get high motherf*ckers
Get high motherf*ckers
Smoke blunts motherf*ckers
Get high motherf*ckers
Ready to die motherf*ckers
9 to 5 motherf*ckers

[Verse Two:]

I seen the light excite all the freaks
Stack mad chips, spread love with my peeps
Niggaz wanna creep, got ta watch my back
Think the Cognac and indo sack make me slack?
I switches all that, cock-sucker G's up
One false move, get swiss cheesed up
Clip to Tec, respect I demand it
Slip and break the, 11th Commandment
Thou shalt not f*ck with raw C-Poppa
Feel a thosand deaths when I drop ya
I feel for you, like Chaka Khan I'm the don
Pussy when I want Rolex on the arm
You'll die slow but calm
Recognize my face, so there won't be no mistake
So you know where to tell Jake, lame nigga
Brave nigga, turned front page nigga
Puff Daddy flips daily
I smoke the blunts he sips on the Bailey's
on the rocks, tote glocks at christenings
And my cock, in the fire position and...

(Get live motherf*ckers
Ready to Die motherf*ckers)

C'mere, c'mere [it ain't gotta be like that Big]
open your f*cking mouth, open your... didn't I tell you
don't f*ck with me? [*muffled* c'mon man] Huh?
Didn't I tell you not to f*ck with me?
(as we proceed) [c'mon man] Look at you now
(to give you what you need) Huh? [c'mon man]
(9 to 5 motherf*ckers) Can't talk with a gun in your mouth huh?
(get live motherf*ckers) Bitch-ass nigga, what?
(get live motherf*ckers) [muffled sounds, six gun shots]
(as we proceed...) Who shot ya?

[Outro: Puff Daddy] give you what you need
9 to 5 motherf*ckers
Get live motherf*ckers

(Who shot ya?)

Get high motherf*ckers
Ready to Die motherf*ckers
As we proceed...

(Who shot ya?) give you what you need
9 to 5 motherf*ckers
East coast motherf*ckers

(Who shot ya?)

West coast motherf*ckers...
West coast motherf*ckers... hah!
As we proceed, to give you what you need
As we proceed
to give you what you need
Get live motherf*ckers
9 to 5 motherf*ckers
Get money motherf*ckers

As we proceed
to give you what you need
Get live motherf*ckers
9 to 5 motherf*ckers
J.M. motherf*ckers
J.M. motherf*ckers
As we proceeeeeeed
To give you what you need...
9 to 5...



Can I Get Witcha

[Big] Huh?
[Cee] Cease-a-Lee'
[Big] Doggytyle.. YEAH!
[Cee] B.I.G.
[Big] Uhh.. to all the ladies in the house!
[Cee] Where they at?
[Big] Uhh, uhh, check it out
[Cee] C'mon Big

[Notorious B.I.G]
Another day in the ghetto
One look outside I'm already upset yo
It look about a hundred-and-two
It's a Saturday and Biggie ain't got nuttin to do
Uhh, I'm intrrupted by a phone ring {*brrrrring*}
Sometimes I wish I never got the motherf*ckin thing
"Hello hello? Can I speak to Biggie?"
Yo who dis? "Taisha" Yo call back, I'm busy
Why don'tcha hit me on the box a little later
Washed up, got dressed, hits the elevator
Steps out it's the same old scene
Dopefiend, crackfiend, eyewitness news team
I seen a honey with a butt lookin butter soft
I know she looks much better with them clothes up off
Sittin all thick, with the ruby red lipstick [SMACK]
That's the one I gotta get with

[Chorus One: Biggie Smalls]

Can I get wit'cha, can I get wit'cha
Can I get wit'cha, can I get wit'cha
"Why you wanna get with me?"
Cause you got a big B-U-T, T, see
Can I get wit'cha, can I get wit'cha
Can I get wit'cha, can I get wit'cha
"Why you wanna get with me?"
Cause you got a big B-U-T, T

[Notorious B.I.G]
She said "If I get witchu
I gotta get witcha whole hood rat crew
Whatcha I think I do? Sling skins for a livin
My name ain't November, this ain't Thanksgivin
You aint Michael Bivins
Mack it up flip it, rub it down
Do me baby, I ain't down
My name ain't Tupac I don't "Get Around"
You hittin this nigga, how that sound?"
Huh, first of all you got me mixed up with
Somebody ya done slept with, hold up
That's my Neneh Cherry shit, I got somethin slicker
Let me just sip up on this liquor
All I wanna do is smoke a little chronic
Slam ya like Onyx, and get ya hooked on
this Biggie Smalls phonics, 102
How to squeeze 22's in them Reeboks shoes, HUH?

[Chorus Two: Biggie Smalls and Lil' Cease]

Can I get wit'cha (can I get wit'cha)
Can I get wit'cha (can I get wit'cha)
Can I get wit'cha..
Cause I got a big B-U-T, T, see
Can I get wit'cha (can I get wit'cha)
Can I get wit'cha (can I get wit'cha)
"Why you wanna get with me?"
Cause you got a big B-U-T, T

[Notorious B.I.G]
I said walk me upstairs, cause I forgot my Phillies
She said "I don't care, just dont be actin silly"
I knew I had her trapped with my hardcore rap
And it wouldn't take a second 'fore I had her on her back
Foolin with the bra strap, threw on my Silk cd
cause, "I wanna get freaky wit'chou"
Lose control on the skins is all I can picture
Now I'm about to hitcha

[Chorus Three: Biggie Smalls and Lil' Cease]

Can I get wit'cha (can I get wit'cha)
Can I get wit'cha (can I get wit'cha)
"Why you wanna get with me?"
Cause you got a big B-U-T, T

[Lil' Cease]
Uhh.. Lil' Cease.. yo, yo, yo
To all my hoes, respect due
Tamika sorry I left you
Michelle I'm glad I met you
You make the head feel special
Now I know it's official
That I can touch and tease you
Pull up my pants and diss you
And hit the door you came through
Its Cease-a-Lee, a.k.a. Mista Nasty
Germany style, these hoes they blast me
One of the chickenhead with sex appeal pass me
That's her hands, ankles, feet they ashy
I like the flashy type, who pass with dykes
With long hair, and they ass be right
I get up on that ass, see what that be like
I f*ck a bitch good, if she ask me right, huh

[Chorus One x2]



I Really Want To Show You

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Wooo! There's gonna be a lot of punchin in this motherf*cker
Y'all better be swift with that punch button Jack
Biggie.. Biggie..

[Notorious B.I.G.]
I know how it feel to wake up f*cked up
Pockets broke as hell, another rock to sell
People look at you like youse the user
Selling drugs to all the losers, mad buddha abuser
But they don't know about your stress-filled day
Baby on the way mad bills to pay
That's why you drink Tanqueray; so you can reminisce
and wish, you wasn't livin so devilish, ssshit
I remember I was just like you
Smokin blunts with my crew, flippin over 62's
Cause G-E-D, wasn't B-I-G
I had to get P-A-D, that's why my moms hate me
She was forced to kick me out, no doubt
Then I figured out licks went for twenty down South
Packed up my tools for my raw power move
Glock nineteen for casket and flower moves
for chumps tryin to stop my flow
And what they don't know will show on the autopsy
Went to see Papi, to cop me a brick
Asked for some consignment, he wasn't tryin to hear it
Smoking mad Newports cause I'm due in court
for an assault, that I caught, in Bridgeport, New York
Catch me if you can like the Gingerbread Man
You better have your gat in hand, cause man

[Chorus: K-Ci & JoJo]

Come and run with me .. I really wanna show you
How I run the streets .. I really wanna show you
How I'm clockin G's .. I really wanna show you
Come and run with me .. I really wanna show you

[Notorious B.I.G.]
I had the master plan
I'm in the caravan on my way to Maryland
with my man Two-Tecs to take over this projects
They call him Two-Tecs, he tote two tecs
And when he start to bust he like to ask, "Who's next?"
I got my honey on the Amtrak
with the crack in the crack of her ass
Two pounds of hash in the stash
I wait for hon to make some quick cash
I told her she could be Lieutenant, bitch got gassed
At last, I'm literally loungin black
Sittin back, countin double digit thousand stacks
Had to re-up; see what's up with my peeps
Toyota Deal-a-Thon had it cheap on the Jeeps
See who got smoked, what rumors was spread
Last I heard I was dead with six to the head
Then I got the phone call, it couldn't hit me harder
We got infiltrated, like Nino at the Carter
Heard Tec got murdered in a town I never heard of
by some bitch named Alberta over nickel-plated burners
And my bitch swear to God she won't snitch
I told her when she hit the bricks I'll make the hooker rich
Conspiracy, she'll be home in three
Until then I looks out for the whole family
A true G, that's me, blowing like a bubble;
in the everyday struggle


[Notorious B.I.G.]
I'm seeing body after body and our mayor Guiliani
ain't tryin to see no black man turn to John Gotti

Guns and diamonds
Bitches put they tongues where the sun ain't shinin
Take ki's til they spot us, snakes flee with consignment
This kid he got his krib rated, police found grams
They locked up, his whole fam; moms sister his old man
Nigga bailed his moms out, then he told on his man
Now they home, actin like nuttin wrong, hustlin again
He tried to be the next Frank White, and Escobar
Pickin up coke a fiend holds it in a seperate car
Cooks it up til it's bright white, cut it tight right
Then he slings it to the fiends, lookin like Fright Night
Coppin the motorbikes, the scooters, countin dough on computers
High technology dealers, to the users and losers
Half-leg DiDi, try to swap drug for TV's
Stores run out of baking soda from BK to QB
My niggaz die for the cause, .45 on the drawer
City laws made by Big Nas and Biggie Smalls
Bitches, holdin my weight in they titties and drawers
My bitches out of state get bust while they pushin my cars
Callin me up, callin me baller, call for they cut
Pretty hoes bring me my cash, swallow all of this nut
Seats on the Bent' stay nasty, push the dash
for the stash box is where the cash be; watchin for task force
Cause I know they comin but I'm reachin my goal
F*ck bummin, I'm makin sure I leave this whole game wit somethin
Crib in West Palms for my dime, crib for my moms
Ridiculous, you lookin at the next Nicholas Barnes, baby

[Chorus: repeat to fade]



Ms. Wallace (Outro)

As a child Christopher was outspoken when it suited him at times he was quiet
and of course he was mischievous as all little boys are as a young man he likes
to do everything he liked to read he likes to be with his friends as young kids
r young boys he enjoyed life everything that would make him happy r comfortable
he would do but mostly he enjoyed being with his friends and family his early
inspirations toward rap music were the LLs of the world the sugar hills the Mr.
magics and the fat boys of the rap channel those were all the things I heard in
the house even though I called it noise and banging I know now that it is a
accepted musical art form I was a single parent I raised my son on my own his
father had no influence on his decision towards the musical outlet r career he
chose my son had a mind of his own even if his father was around he would have
turned to rap he loved music he loved rap at a point in my sons life he
developed paranoia about death and about the dying we are living in a world of
perfect human beings we are greed jealousy and envy or manifested by what
others have accomplished in life my son was very very much aware of that he
appreciated his station in life on the directions in which he was going are
traveling on the other hand there were others who I should uhh use the hip hop
phrase player hating and I think that is what resulted in his paranoia if I had
to change anything in my sons life that would have allowed him to be here
today I would have deterred him from a career in music im aware that millions
appreciated his music millions loved his music be that it may if he hadnt
chosen that life style that career my son would be alive today if I could sum
up Christopher in one word the word would be generous th thing that my son
loved most about life was the fact that he was in a position to help position
to share position to give to others who needed to others who wanted to others
apreciated the gifts that he gave thats what he loved most
Writer: Wallace, Christopher
Copyright: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing