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Life After Death Lyrics
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Life After Death Intro

... me and her sister had somethin goin on
(Aiyyo, would you listen to me motherf*cker?)
I reach my peak, I can't speak
Call my nigga Cheek, tell him that my will is weak
(Aiyyo c'mon nigga, cut that)
I'm sick of niggaz lyin, I'm sick of bitches hawkin
(Aiyyo, yoyo Big, aiyyo chill)
Matter of fact, I'm sick of talkin [gunshot]

[Life After Death piano and music comes in]
(Aiyyo Big, aiyyo BIG!!)
[heartbeat slows, sound of ambulence sirens]
[piano plays on]

[sound of pulse monitor and breathing machine]
[Puff Daddy]
Damn... we was spose to rule the world baby
We was unstoppable!
The shit can't be over, no
The shit can't be over man
I know you hear me nigga
I know you hear me
You got too much livin to do
Too much unfinished business
It ain't over
Live your life



Somebody's Gotta Die

[Verse One:]

I'm sittin in the crib dreamin about Leer jets and coupes
The way Salt shoops and how they sell records like Snoop
I'm interrupted by a doorbell
3:52, who the hell
Is this?
I gets up quick
Cocks my shit
Stop the dogs from barkin
Then proceed to walkin
Its a face that I seen before
My nigga Sing, we used to sling on the 16th floor
Check it
I look deeper
I see blood up on his sneakers
And his fist gripped a chrome four-fifth
So I dip
Nigga, is you creepin or speakin?
He tells me C-Rock just got hit up at the beacon
I opens up the door, pitiful
Is he in critical?
Retaliation for this one won't be minimal
Cuz I'm a criminal
Way before the rap shit
Bust the gat shit
Puff won't even know what happened,
If it's done smoothly
Silencers on the Uzi
Stash in the hooptie
My alibi, any cutie
With a booty that don't f*ck the Pop
Head spinnin, reminiscin bout my man C-Rock

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

Somebody's gotta die
If I got, you gotta go
Somebody's gotta die
Let the gunshots blow
Somebody's gotta die
Nobody gotta know
That I killed yo ass in the mist, kid

[Verse Two:]

Fillin clips he explained our situation
Precisely, so we know exactly what we facin
Some kid named Jason
In a highway station, raggin
Was braggin
About how much loot and crack he stackin
Rock had a grip so they formed up a clique
Small crew
'Round the time I was locked up with you
True indeed
But yo nigga let me proceed
Don't fill them clips too high
Give them bullets room to breathe
Damn where was I?
One night in town
Blew the f*ck up
D-Rock went home
And Jay got stuck the f*ck up
Hit 'em twice
Got 'em right for the virgin white
Pistol whipped his kids
And taped up his wife
He said "Yo Rock, set em up", no question
Wet em up no less
Than 50 shots in his direction
How many shots?
Man nigga, I seen mad holes
What kinda gats?
Hitch links, Cocks, and Calicoles
But f*ck that
I know where all them niggas rest at
In the buildin hustlin
And they don't be strapped
Supreme in black
Is downstairs, the engine runnin
Find a bag to put the guns in
And c'mon if yo comin


[Verse Three:]
Exchanged hugs and pounds before the throw down
How its gonna go down
Lay these niggas low-down
Slow down
F*ck all that plannin shit
Run up in they cribs
And make em catch the man n shit
See niggas like you do ten year bids
Miss the niggas they want
And murder innocent kids
Not I
One niggas in my eye
That's Jason
Ain't no slugs gonna be wasted
Revenge I'm tastin at the tip of my lips
I can't wait to feel my clip in his hips
Pass the chocolate
Sing ain't lie
There's Jason with his back to me
Talkin to his faculty
I start to get a funny feelins
Put the mask on in case his niggas start squealin
Scream his name out
Squeeze six knuckles shorter
Nigga turned around holdin his daughter




Uhhh, uhhh, uh, c'mon

[Verse 1:]
Hah, sicka than your average Poppa
Twist cabbage off instinct niggaz don't think shit stink
Pink gators, my Detroit players
Timbs for my hooligans in Brooklyn
Dead right, if they head right, Biggie there Air Nike
Poppa been smooth since days of Underroos
Never lose, never choose to, bruise crews who
Do something to us, talk go through us
Girls walk to us, wanna do us, screw us
Who us? Yeah, Poppa and Puff (ehehehe)
Close like Starsky and Hutch, stick the clutch
Dare I squeeze three at your cherry M-3
(Take that, take that, take that, haha!)
Bang every MC easily, busily
Recently niggaz frontin ain't sayin nuttin (nope)
So I just speak my piece, (c'mon) keep my piece
Cubans with the Jesus piece (thank you God), with my peeps
Packin, askin who want it, you got it nigga flaunt it
That Brooklyn bullshit, we on it

[Chorus: sung in imitation of part of Slick Rick's "La-Di-Da-Di"]
Biggie Biggie Biggie can't you see
Sometimes your words just hypnotize me
And I just love your flashy ways
Guess that's why they broke, and you're so paid (uh)

Biggie Biggie Biggie (uh-huh) can't you see (uh)
Sometimes your words just hypnotize me (hip to)
And I just love your flashy ways (uh-huh)
Guess that's why they broke, and you're so paid (hah)

[Verse 2:]
I put hoes in NY onto DKNY (uh-huh)
Miami, D.C. prefer Versace (that's right)
All Philly hoes, dough and Moschino (c'mon)
Every cutie with a booty bought a Coogi (haaaaah!)
Now who's the real dookie, meanin who's really the shit
Them niggaz ride dicks, Frank White push the sticks
On the Lexus, LX, four and a half
Bulletproof glass tints if I want some ass
Gon' blast squeeze first ask questions last
That's how most of these so-called gangsters pass
At last, a nigga rappin bout blunts and broads
Tits and bras, menage-a-tois, sex in expensive cars
I still leave you on the pavement
Condo paid for, no car payment
At my arraignment, note for the plantiff
Your daughter's tied up in a Brooklyn basement (shhh)
Face it, not guilty, that's how I stay filthy (not guilty)
Richer than Richie, till you niggaz come and get me

Biggie Biggie Biggie can't you see
Sometimes your words just hypnotize me
And I just love your flashy ways
Guess that's why they broke, and you're so paid (uh)

Biggie Biggie Biggie (uh-huh) can't you see (huh)
Sometimes your words just hypnotize me (hip to)
And I just love your flashy ways (uh-huh)
Guess that's why they broke, and you're so paid (uh)

[Verse 3:]
I can fill ya with real millionaire shit (I can fill ya)
Escargot, my car go, one sixty, swiftly
Wreck it buy a new one
Your crew run run run, your crew run run
I know you sick of this, name brand nigga with
Flows girls say he's sweet like licorice
So get with this nigga, it's easy
Girlfriend here's a pen, call me round ten
Come through, have sex on rugs that's Persian (that's right)
Come up to your job, hit you while you workin (uhh)
For certain, Poppa freakin, not speakin
Leave that ass leakin, like rapper demo
Tell them hoe, take they clothes off slowly
Hit em with the force like Obe, dick black like Toby (Obe... Toby)
Watch me roam like Gobe, lucky they don't owe me
Where the safe show me, homey... (say what, homey)

Biggie Biggie Biggie can't you see
Sometimes your words just hypnotize me
And I just love your flashy ways
Guess that's why they broke, and you're so paid (uh)

Biggie Biggie Biggie (uh-huh) can't you see (uh)
Sometimes your words just hypnotize me (hip to)
And I just love your flashy ways (uh-huh)
Guess that's why they broke, and you're so paid (uh)

Biggie Biggie Biggie can't you see
Sometimes your words just hypnotize me
And I just love your flashy ways
Guess that's why they broke, and you're so paid (uh)

Biggie Biggie Biggie (uh-huh) can't you see (uh)
Sometimes your words just hypnotize me (hip to)
And I just love your flashy ways (uh-huh)
Guess that's why they broke, and you're so paid (uh)

Biggie Biggie Biggie can't you see
Sometimes your words just hypnotize me
And I just love your flashy ways
Guess that's why they broke, and you're so paid



Kick In The Door

Welcome back. [audience applauds]
We're here on Bad Boy television, and I'm Trevin Jones
And I've been conversing with the Mad Rapper.
And quite frankly - he's very mad.
We're gonna TRY to find out why; so we'll take some questions
At this point from our studio audience.
Yes ma'am, please stand and state your name, and where you're from.

Hi, my name is Shay, and I'm from New Rochelle
And, I just don't understand, why you so mad. (yo, yo)
Like what are you so mad about? (yo, yo, y-y-yo)

You wanna know why, yo first of all, yo first of all you can't
Be askin me no question knowhatI'msayin who the f*ck is you?
(Ahh, excuse me, Mr. Rapper, Mr. Rapper.) YouknowhatI'msayin?
You can't be askin me no question (It's a family oriented show.)
I'm a tell you why I'm mad, youknowhatI'msayin? I'm a tell you why
I'm mad. I'm a tell you why I'm mad. These niggaz is makin five
Hundred thousand dollar videos, yunusayin? They drivin around in
Hot cars, yunusayin? They got bitches, they got all that shit.
(Sir, please, please, refrain from your foul language.)
YouknowhatI'msayin? I'm still livin with my MOMS, youknowhatI'msayin?
That's my word. Yunusayin? I'm makin records I ain't made no money
Yet I done made this is my fourth album yo, this my FOURTH ALBUM.
I ain't made a dime yet. This nigga made one album, he makin wild
Records. That Ready to Die shit, it was aight, it was aight,
Yunumsayin, that shit was aight, it was cool. But my shit is
More John Blaze than that! I got John Blaze shit. And they not
Recognizing, they not sayin I recognize. And f*ck is that, who
Is you to be askin me questions, youknowhatI'msayin? Who is you?
[Mad Rapper fades out]

[cut and scratched "I gots to talk. I gotta tell what I feel.
I gotta talk about my life as I see it! "]

[Intro: repeat 2X ('Biggie' repeats every line of beat)]

This goes out to you
This goes out to you, and you, and you, and you

[Verse One:]

Your reign on the top was short like leprechauns
As I crush so-called willies, thugs, and rapper-dons
Get in that ass, quick fast, like ramadan
It's that rap phenomenon Don-Dadda, f*ck Poppa
You got ta, call me, Francis M.H. White
In tank-light totes, tote iron
Was told in shootouts, stay low, and keep firin
Keep extra clips for extra shit
Who's next to flip, on that cat with that grip on rap
The mo shady, "Tell em! ", Frankie baby
Ain't no tellin where I may be
May see me in D.C. at Howard Homecomin
With my man Capone, dumbin, f*ckin somethin
You should know my steelo
Went from ten G's for blow to thirty G's a show
To orgies with hoes I never seen befo'
So, Jesus, get off the Notorious
Penis, before I squeeze and bust
If the beef between us, we can settle it
With the chrome and metal shit
I make it hot, like a kettle get
You're delicate, you better get, who sent ya?
You still pedal shit, I got more rides than Great Adventure
Biggie, "How are you gonna do it? "

[Chorus: repeat 4X]

Kick in the door, wavin the four-four
All you heard was Poppa don't hit me no more

[Verse Two:]

On ya mark, get set, when I spark, ya wet
Look how dark it get, when ya marked with death
Should I start your breath should I let you die
In fear you start to cry, ask why
Lyrically, I'm worser, don't front the word sick
You cursed it, but rehearsed it
I drop unexpectedly like bird shit
You herbs get, stuck quickly for royalties and show money
Don't forget the publishin, I punish em, I'm done with them
Son, I'm surprised you run with them
I think they got cum in them, cause they, nothin but dicks
Tryin to blow up like nitro and dynamite sticks
Mad I smoke hydro rock diamonds, that's sick
Got pay off my flow, rhyme with my own click
Take trips to Cairo, layin with yo bitch
I know you prayin you was rich, f*ckin prick
When I see ya I'm a


[Verse Three:]

This goes out for those that choose to use
Disrespectful views on the King of NY
F*ck that, why try, throw bleach in your eye
Now ya Braille in it, stash that light shit, or scalin it
Conscience of ya nonsense in eighty-eight
Sold more powder than Johnson and Johnson
Tote steel like Bronson, vigilante
You wanna get on son, you need to ask me
Ain't no other king in this rap thing
They siblings, nothing but my chil'ren
One shot, they disappearin
It's I'll when, MC's used to be on cruddy shit
Took home, Ready to Die, listened, studied shit
Now they on some money shit, successful out the blue
They light weight, fragilly, my nine milly
Make the white shake, that's why my money never funny
And you still recoupin, stupid [echoes]



F*ck You Tonight

[Big] Uhh
[Dad] I like that, you like that? Heh
[Big] Here's another one
[Dad] And another one
[Big] And another one
[Dad] And another one
[Big] Uhh, what, what?

[Intro/Chorus: R. Kelly, Biggie (variations on Big's part)]

You must be used to me spendin
And all that sweet winin and dinin
Well I'm f*ckin you tonight

[Big] Here's another one
And another one
Uhh, uhh, what?

[Verse One: Notorious B.I.G.]

Some say the x, make the sex
Spec-tacular, make me lick you from yo neck
To yo back, then ya, shiverin, tgue deliverin
Chills up that spine, that ass is mine
Skip the wine and the candlelight, no Cristal tonight
If its alright with you, we f*ckin (that's alright)
Deja vu, the blunts sparked, finger f*ckin in the park
Pissy off Bacardi Dark
Remember when I used to play between yo legs
You begged for me to stop because you know where it would head
Straight to yo mother's bed
At the Mariott, we be lucky if we find a spot
Next to yo sister, damn I really missed the
way she used to rub my back, when I hit that
Way she used to giggle when yo ass would wiggle
Now I know you used to sweets at the Parker Meridian
Trips to the Carribean, but tonight, no ends

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse Two: Notorious B.I.G.]

Girl you look fine, like a windface Rolex, you just shine
I like that waistline
Let me hit that from behind, which wall you wanna climb
My styles genuine, girl I love you long time
I got you pinned up, with yo f*ckin limbs up
All because you like the way my Benz was rimmed up
Bitch keep yo shin up, please watch me do thee
Nasty, like it when you make it move fast mommy
I like it when you tro' it pon me
No love makin, strictly back breakin
Ceas' know, all his hoes, go to my door
Then they go to his flo', to f*ck some more
So no, caviar, sharp bar, uh uh
Strictly sex that's pretty and left over spaghetti
I know you used to slow CD's and Don P's
But tonight its eight tracks and six-packs while I hit that

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse Three: R. Kelly]

Lets stop the bullshit baby
Let me take you to the stop, get you hot
So you wanna be with me, Puff Daddy
B.I.G., bring that ass to me

[Chorus: repeat to fade with variations]



Last Day

[Intro/Chorus: The Lox]

Can I live til my last day
Hittin honies that be na-sty
Gettin money in the fast way
And I only care halfway
But I still can't let you pass me

[The Lox]
Yo what's beef to you, three niggaz with hoodies and bats
That ain't shit compared to one small cat with gats
When we came here we cut off all kind circulation
Breathin, eatin, the whole situation
When we do our shit we do our shit for real
While you take your money for your deal and make your own beats
Compose your own sheets, that's aight but chill
I'ma spend that mil and cop only hot shit
Rock top shit you know how The Lox get
Then you can see me flyin in the Bentley cockpit
Lox and B-I, hold our grica down for years
Gang not, but we been had our black tears
Niggaz under the stairs only understand what we got
Underground, all above must get shot
You couldn't book me Dano, see Luciano put the burners
to all y'all, what nigga bring it I'm callin y'all

You already know what it's about when I run up in your house
Put the gun up in your mouth and get the money out the couch
Hearin you out is senseless, perhaps for instance
I give this faggot a french kiss
Black gloves, no prints, dark tints
Word on the street they ain't heard from him since
You know about life after kicked the kid in
Since me and my mi-dan can flip seven gri-dams
Scri-dam the flow is forbidd-en
Either you ridin or you dyin cause we swingin iron
Lox and Poppa, turning niggaz into Jim Hoffa
Who gon stop us, it's your last joint double copper
You gettin money or your runnin from the Feds
Ain't nothin over here but sixteen and one in the head
And I solemnly swear
That all y'all niggaz out there got a problem this year

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

[The Lox]
Before you think of keepin me down, heatin me down
The flow like water get deepe and you drown
with no soul, many niggaz roll with no dough
Even the small Dunn got a little black hole
Your destiny is somethin you can never figure out
Niggaz is never happy til there's blood up in your mouth
There's a lot of killers, but who the hell are you to play in this?
A lot are dead, how the hell you take the pain?
Live with it got money you better get with it
My man had the thug in him did his bid with it
Get married to the game but never have a kid with it
Advice from the wise, slice the pies
Too many schemes divides, when dreams collide
Teams provide, war for the street to absorb
Stashed in the ceiling and you slept on the floor
Only a blind dove'll fall in love with a whore

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Uhh, uhh, uhh
Who the f*ck wanna squeeze?
My Desert Ease make MC's freeze
You wakin up in cold sweats, they just dreams
You still apoligizin, analyzin, my size and your size and
realizin, a fist fight would be asinine
You just pop wines I must pop nines
Genuine steel piece, nozzle in your grill piece
You're shook up, two bricks, every cook up
We can hook up, all I see is the future
Disrespect, I shoot ya
By the way, them bricks, get flipped weekly
Sold by soldiers that mix weed with the leak leak
Die for a dollar nigga, life ain't sweet
Play for keeps wet shirts with experts on the creep
I be the mob fiance, about to marry it
Illegal transactions in Farragut with Arabics
Why not, they fit twelve up in the bedroom
Imagine what they stash is like, make you a classic like
my first LP, beef with me is unhealthy
F*ck around and get an ul-cer, loose your pulse or
collapsed lung, look how many gats I brung
For them homos, still doin promos
Break both your legs you're movin slow-mo, got shined to glow mo'
Nine hundred and ninety six grams, you need for mo'

[Chorus: repeat til fade]



I Love the Dough

[Verse One: Jay-Z]

We push the hottest V's, peel fast
through the city, play Monopoly with real cash
Me and Biggie and the models be, sugar nase and did he ask?
And parotta be, somethin you cats got to see
And the watches be all types and shapes of stones
Bein broke is childish and I'm quite grown
Run up in the club with the ice on, me and Python
Scope the spot out, see somethin nice and I'm gone
You cats is home, screamin the fight's on
I'm in the fifteen hundred seats, watchin Ty-son
Same night, same fight
But one of us cats ain't playin right, I let you tell it
People place yourselves in the shoes of two felons
And tell me you won't ball every chance you get
and any chance you hit, we live for the moment
Makes sense don't it? Now make dollars
Cats pop bottles bone chicks that pay for hors d'ourves
And rack up frequent flier mileage

[Chorus: Angela Winbush]

Gotta let it show, I love the dough, hey
I love the dough, more than you know
Gotta let it show, I love the dough, hey

[Verse Two: Notorious B.I.G.]

I'm poppin Magnums while Jigga bag somethin
Watch is platinum, got jet lag from
flights back and forth, pop corks of the best grapes
Make the best CD's and the best tapes
Don't forget the vinyl, take girls break spinals
Biggie be Richie like Lionel, shit
You seen the Jesus, dipped to H classes,
Ice project off lights, chick flashes
Blind your broke asses, even got rocks in big mustaches
Rock top fashions
Ain't shit changed, except the number after the dot
on the Range, way niggaz look at me now, kinda strange
I hate y'all too
Rather be in Carribean sand to rake through
It's unreal, out the blue Frank White got sex appeal
Bitches used to go, "Ewww!"
Still tote steel, tryin to see five mil
off the sin-gle, for real
You ain't fazin the amazin
While your gun's raisin, mine is blazin
See you on see me all talkin to sweetness
Take it for weakness and leave quick
Blocker, rocker, fellow, Bad Boy collabo
Two MC's with mad dough, jewelry on!

[Chorus: Angela Winbush]

I love the dough, more than you know
Gotta let it show, I love the dough, hey
[repeat 2X]

[Verse Three: Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G.]

Miracu-lous, pockets stay full
Niggaz skip the bull cause we matadors
Snatch the P-89's that we pack in the drawers
And we, clappin doors in your Acuras
Snap like, cameras or amateurs
Make you all dance, hold a hammer to yours
Jig and Big rock ice, no cracks in floors
Erybody got a part to play, back to yours
Run up in your crib now, crack your doors
Watch the real players live, it's a habit to floss
Play the charts like the Beatles, y'all ?dapped and lost?
And toast Cristal on behalf of y'all
Too bad for y'all, ain't too many as bad as yours
truly, do we, we laugh at y'all
Little bastards y'all
Uhh, uhh
We hit makers with acres
Roll shakers in Vegas, you can't break us
Lost chips on Lakers, gassed off Shaq
Country house, tennis courts on horseback
Ridin decidin cracked crab or lobster
Who say mobsters don't prosper
Niggaz is actors, niggaz deserve Oscars
Me I'm, critically acclaimed, slug past your brain
Reminesce on dames who, coochie used to stink
When we rocked house pieces and puffy Gucci links
Now we buy homes in unfamiliar places
Tito smile everytime he see our faces
Cases catch more than outfield-ers
Half these rappin cats, ain't seen war
Couldn't score if they had point game, they lame
Speak my name, I make em dash like Dame

[Chorus: Angela Winbush]

I love the dough, more than you know
Gotta let it show, I love the dough, hey
[repeat to fade]



What's Beef?

[Intro: ("Puff Daddy")]
The Commission!
Uncle Paulie!
Big Ditti!
Caesar Leo!
DeGenero! ("Yeahhh! ")
Tony Baltimore!
Iceberg Slim! ("That's right! ")
The most shadiest... Frank Baby!
We here! ("Do you know what beef is? ")
We ain't goin' nowhere! ("Do you know what beef is? ")
Uh-uh! ("Ask yourself! ")
Uh-uh! ("Do you know what beef is? ")

[Verse 1: ("Puff Daddy")]
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! - Check out this bizarre,
Uh! - Rapper style used by me - the B.I.G.!
I put my key you put your key-in - money we'll be seein'
Will reach the f*ckin ceiling, check! - Check it! (uuhhh!)
My Calico been cocked! (uh-huh!) - This rap Alfred Hitchcock!
Drop top notch playa hating won't stop (uh!)
This instant - rappers too persistant
Quick to spit - Biggie name on shit! - Make my name taste
Like ass when you speak it! ("hehee! ")
See me in the street your jewelry you can keep it! - That be our little secret! ("sssshh! ")
See me! (uh!) - B that is! I that is! G whiz!
Motherf*ckers still in my biz! (uh-huh, uh-huh!)
Don't they know my nigga Gutter f*ckin kidnip kids? (uh!)
F*ck em in the ass, throw 'em over the bridge! (ooh!)
That's how it is! - My shit is laid out (what?)
F*ck that beef shit! - That shit is played out! ("played out! ")
Y'all got to go! - All I make is one phone call
All y'all dissapear by tomorrow! ("hehehe! ")
All your guns is borrowed. (uh!) - I don't feel sorrow!
Actually - your man passed the Gat to me! - Now check this!

[Chorus: ("Puff Daddy")]
What's beef?
Beef is when you need two Gats to go to sleep!
Beef is when your moms ain't safe up in the streets!
Beef is when I see you
Guaranteed to be an ICU!
One more time! - What's beef?
Beef is when you make your enemies start your Jeep!
Beef is when you roll no less than thirty deep!
Beef is when I see you!
Guaranteed to be an ICU! - Check it! ("yeeeah! ")

[Verse 2: ("Puff Daddy")]
I done smoked with the best of 'em (uh-huh!) shot at the rest 'of em (uh-huh!)
Was about a hundred or more. - Maybe less of 'em! ("uh! ")
Got my rocks off! - That nigga from the Brook' just be
Whylin' on you just be - stylin' on you ("You so crazy! ")
When I tried to warn you what your eyes f*cked up
Now I cleared them shits with hits, you wanna f*ckin' bitch! ("uh! ")
Pardon my French but, ahh! - Sometimes I get kinda
Peeved at these, weak MC's ("Don't stop! ") With the
Supreme baller like! - Lyrics I call em like I see em G,
Y'all niggaz sound like me! ("yeah! ")
Y'all was grimy in the early 90's!
Far behind me! - It ain't hard to find me,
Number one with the booyaka! ("booyaka! ")
Gimme the Remi and the chronic ain't no tellin what I do to ya! ("I do to ya! ")
It's obvious the game's new to ya! ("New to ya! ")
Take them ends you make, ("ehehe") and spend em on a tutor, huh? - One shot, I'm through with ya!

[Chorus: ("Puff Daddy")]
What's beef?
Beef is when you need two Gats to go to sleep! ("Don't sleep! ")
Beef is when your moms ain't safe up in the streets! ("Ain't safe! ")
Beef is when I see you!
Guaranteed to be an ICU! ("I see you! ")
One more time! - What's beef? ("What's beef? ")
Beef is when you make your enemies start your Jeep! ("Start my Jeep! ")
Beef is when you roll no less than thirty deep! ("thirty deep! ")
Beef is when I see you!
Guaranteed to be an ICU! ("I see you! ") - Check it!

[Verse 3: ("Puff Daddy")]
There'll be nothin' but smooooth sailin' ("sailin'! ")
When I spit shots, now your creeeew's bailin'! ("bailin'! ")
All I got is heat and tough talk for you! ("uh-huh! ")
Tie you up, cut your balls off just to use! ("oooh! ")
Man listen straight torture! - Look what that slick shit bought ya
A first class ticket to Lucife, real name Cristopher!
Watch me set it off like Vivica
Here lies your demise! - Close your eyes! ("uh-huh! ")
Think good thoughts! - Die while your skin start to glisten,
Pale blue hands get cold, your soul's risen!
It's bad cause I just begun!
We'll make the shit real bad, now we's havin' fun! (Hahahaha!) ("ehehehe! ")

[Chorus: ("Puff Daddy")]
What's beef?
Beef is when you need two Gats to go to sleep! ("Don't sleep! ")
Beef is when your moms ain't safe up in the streets! ("Ain't safe! ")
Beef is when I see you!
Guaranteed to be an ICU! ("I see you! ")
One more time! - What's beef? ("What's beef? ")
Beef is when you make your enemies start your Jeep! ("Start my Jeep! ")
Beef is when you roll no less than thirty deep! ("thirty deep! ")
Beef is when I see you!
Guaranteed to be an ICU! ("I see you! ") - And I'm through! ("Yeah, and I'm through! ")

[Outro: ("Puff Daddy")]
It's like that!
("Now ask yourself... do you really... know what beef is? ")
Like that... ("Then ask yourself! ")
Uhh! ("Do you really... want beef? ")
Like that, like that! [echoes]

[Outro: Puff Daddy]
I like that!
Big Nash!
Hit me baby!
On and on and on and on!
Bad Boy!
Y'all know what it is!
Shit, I don't want no beef!
Ahhaaaaa! [beat fades out]



B.I.G. Interlude

C-Gutta where you at?
D Rockafella
Caesar Leo Degenero
Bled C
Money SL

B.I.G. is making this cream
Bitches always say what the hell does that mean?
B is for the bitches, who can't understand
How one fly nigga became a man
I is for the way it goes in and out
One by one I knocks em out
G is for the way the game goes in the gutter
Other MC's man they ain't sayin nuthin
Rockin on, to the break of dawn
Make the bitch give the pussy get the mouth I'm gone

It ain't no more to it



Mo Money Mo Problems

[Verse One: Mase]

Now, who's hot who not
Tell me who rock who sell out in the stores
You tell me who flopped who copped the blue drop
Who jewels got robbed who's mostly Goldie down
to the tube sock, the same ol pimp
Mase, you know ain't nuttin change but my limp
Can't stop till I see my name on a blimp
Guarantee a million sales pullin all the love
You don't believe in Harlem World nigga double up
We don't play around it's a bet lay it down
nigga didn't know me ninety-one bet they know me now
I'm the young Harlem nigga with the Goldie sound
Can't no PHD niggaz hold me down, Cooter
schooled me to the game, now I know my duty
Stay humble stay low blow like Hootie
True pimp niggaz spend no dough on the booty
And then ya yell there go Mase there go your cutie
[singers come in over this last line]

I don't know what, they want from me
It's like the more money we come across
The more problems we see
[repeat 2X]

[Verse Two: Puff Daddy]

Yeah yeah, ahaha, from the C-to-the-A-to-the-D-D-Y
know you'd rather see me die than to see me fly
I call all the shots
Rip all the spots, rock all the rocks
Cop all the drops, I know you thinkin now's
when all the ballin stops, nigga never
home got a chrome one and a yacht
Ten years from now we'll still be on top
Yo, I thought I told you that we won't stop
Now whatcha gonna do when it's cool
bag a money much longer than yours
and a team much stronger than yours, violate me
this'll be your day, we don't play
Mess around be D.O.A., be on your way
Cause it ain't enough time here, ain't enough lime here
for you to shine here, deal with many women
but treat dimes fair, and I'm
bigger than the city lights down in Times Square
Yeah, yeah yeah

I don't know what, they want from me
It's like the more money we come across
The more problems we see
[repeat 2X]

[Verse Three: Notorious B.I.G.]

Uhh, uhhh
B.I.G., P-O, P-P-A
No info, for the, DEA
Federal agents mad cause I'm flagrant
Tap my cell, and the phone in the basement
My team supreme, stay clean
Triple beam lyrical dream, I be that
Cat you see at all events bent
Gats in holsters girls on shoulders
Playboy, I told ya, bein mice to me
Bruise too much, I lose, too much
Step on stage the girls boo too much
I guess it's cause you run with lame dudes too much
Me lose my touch, never that
If I did, ain't no problem to get the gat
Where the true players at?
Throw your roadies in the sky
Wave em side to side and keep their hands high
While I give your girl the eye, player please
Lyrically, niggaz see, B.I.G.
be flossin jig on the cover of Fortune
Five double oh, get the phone number
your name, I got to know, I got to go
Got the flow down phizat, platinum plus
Like thizat, dangerous
on trizack, leave your ass kizzack

I don't know what, they want from me
It's like the more money we come across
The more problems we see
[repeat 3X]
What's goin on?
What's goin on?
I don't know what, they want from me
It's like the more money we come across
The more problems we see
[repeat 3X to fade]



Niggas Bleed

[Verse One:]
Today's agenda
Got the suitcase up in the Sentra
Go to room 112, tell em Blanco sent ya
Feel the strangest
If no money exchanges
I got these kids in ranges
Believe them niggas brainless
All they tote is stainless
You just remain as
Calm as possible, make the deal go thru
If not, here's 12 shots, we know how you do
Please make yo killins clean
Slugs up in between
They eyes, like True Lies
Kill em and flee the scene
Just bring back the coke or the cream
Or else, yo life is on the shelf
We mean this Frank
Them cats we f*ckin wit put bombs in yo moms gas tank
Lets get this money baby
They shady, we get shady
Dress up like ladies
And burn em with 30 380's
Then they come to kill our babies
That all out
I got gats that blow the wall out
Clear the mall out
F*ck the fallout
Word is Stretch, I bet they pussy
The seven digits push me
F*ckin real
Here's the deal
I got a hundred bricks, 14-5 a piece
Enough to cock a six by the house on the beach
Supply the peeps with Jeeps
Brick a piece
Everybody gettin cream
No one considered the leech
Think about it now, thats damn near 1 point 5
I kill em all I'll be set for life
Frank pay attention
These muthaf*ckas is henchmen
Renegades, if you die they still get paid
Extra probably, f*ck the robbery
I'm the boss
Promise you won't rob em, I promise
But of course you know I had my fingers crossed


Niggas bleed just like us
Picture me bein scared of a nigga that breathe the same air as me
Niggas bleed just like us
Picture me bein shook
We can both pull burners, make the muthaf*ckin beef cook
Niggas bleed just like us
Picture a nigga hidin
My life in that man hands, while he jus decidin
Niggas bleed just like us
I'd rather go toe to toe with alla y'all
Runnin ain't in my protocol

[Verse Two:]
Since it's on, I call my nigga Arizona Ron
From Tuscon, push the black Yukon
Usually has the slow grooves on
Mostly rock the Isley
Stupid as a youngin, chose not to move wisely
Sharper with game, him and his crooks, caught a ?jooks?
Heard it was sweet, bout 350 a piece
Ron bought a truck, 2 bricks layed in the cut
His peeps got bucked, got locked the f*ck up
Thats the raw vantage, came back, speakin spanish
Lavish habits, two rings, 20 carats
Heres a criminal
Nigga made America's Most
Killed his baby's mother's brother, slit his throat
The nigga got bagged with the toast, weeded
Took it to trial, beat it
Now he feel he undefeated
He mean it
Nothing To Lose, tattooed around his gun wounds
Everything, the game, embedded in his brain
And me I feel the same for this money and diamonds
Specially if my daughter cryin, I ain't lyin
Y'all know the signs


[Verse Three:]
We agreed to go shoot till we silly
Because niggas could be hidin in showers with Mac Billy's
So I freaked em
The telly manager was Puerto Rican
Gloria, from Historia, I went to war with her
Peeps in 91, stole a gun from her workers
And they took drugs, they tried to jerk us
We blaze they place, long story
Glo seent my face, got shook
Thought a nigga was comin for the safe
Now she breakin, shut up, 112, whats shakin
A jamaican, some bitches I swear
They look gay
In a black Range Rover
Been outside all day
If its trouble let me know, I'll be on my way
Please I got kids to feed, I done seen you make niggas bleed
Nightmare, this bitch don't leave
Ron, get the gasoline
This spot, we bout to blow
Lets get the cash before the cops and Range Rover cats know
Its room 112
Right by the staircase, perfect place
When they evacuate, they meet they fate
Ron pass the gasoline
The nigga pass me kerosene
F*ck it, its flammable
My hunger is unexplainable
Strike the match, just what I expected
The dred kid ejected in seconds
And here come two
Opposite sexes
One black, one Malaysian
We in the hallway waitin patient
As soon as she hit the door we start blastin
I saw her brains hit the floor
Raw laughin
I swear to God
I hit MaxiPriest at least 12 times in the chest
Spint around, shot the chick in the breast
She cryin, headshots put her to rest
Pop open the briefcases, nothin but Franco faces
The spots hot, sprinklers, alarm systems
Thats when other guests start to slip in
Its time for us to get to dippin
I know them niggas in the Range is on they way up
Flippin, pistol grippin
I know they clippin
The hallway, got real loud and crowded
They walked right past us
I dont know how they allowed it
The funny thing about it
Through all the excitement
They Range got towed, they double parked by a hydrant
Stupid motherf*ckers



I Got a Story to Tell

Who y'all talkin to man?
Check it out, check it out
This here goes out
to all the niggaz that be f*ckin mad bitches
in other niggaz cribs
thinkin shit is sweet
Nigga creep up on your ass, hahaha
Live niggaz respect it, check it

I kick flows for ya, kick down doors for ya
Even left all my motherf*ckin hoes for ya
Niggaz think Frankie pussy whipped, nigga picture that
With a Kodak, Insta-ma-tak
We don't get down like that, lay my game down quite flat
Sweetness, where you parked at?
Petiteness but that ass fat
She got a body make a nigga wanna eat that, I'm f*ck witchu
The bitch official doe, dick harder than a missile yo
Try to hit if she trippin dissapearin like Arsenio
Yo, the bitch push a double-oh
with the five in front, probably a connivin stunt
Y'all drive in front, I'm a peel with her
Find a deal with her, she f*ck around and steal, huh?
Then we all get laced
Television's, Versacci heaven, when I'm up in em
The shit she kicked, all the shit's legit
She get dick from a player off the New York Knicks
Nigga tricked ridiculous, the shit was plush
She's stressin me to f*ck, like she was in a rush
We f*cked in his bed, quite dangerous
I'm in his ass while he playin gainst the Utah Jazz
My 112, CD blast, I was past
She came twice I came last, roll the grass
She giggle, say I don't smoke it on homegrown
Then I heard her moan, honey I'm home
Yep, tote chrome for situations like this
I'm up in his broad I know he won't like this
Now I'm like bitch you better talk to him
Before this fist put a spark to him
F*ck around shit get dark to him, put a part through him
Lose a major part to him, arm, leg
She beggin me to stop but this cat gettin closer
Gettin hot like a toaster, I cocks the toast, uhh
Before my eyes could blink
She screams out, "Honey bring me up somethin to drink!"
He go back downstairs more time to think
Her brain racin, she's tellin me to stay patient
She don't know I'm, cool as a fan
Gat in hand, I don't wanna blast her man
But I can and I will doe, I probably chill doe
Even though situation lookin kinda ill yo
It came to me like a song I wrote
Told the bitch gimme your scarf, pillowcase and rope
Got dressed quick, tied the scarf around my face
Roped the bitch up, gagged her mouth with the pillowcase
Play the cut, nigga comin off some love potion shit
Flash the heat on em, he stood emotionless
Dropped the glass screamin, "Don't blast here's the stash,
a hundred cash just don't shoot my ass, please!"
Nigga pullin mad G's out the floor
Put stacks in a Prater knapsack, hit the door
Grab the keys to the five, call my niggaz on the cell
Bring some weed I got a story to tell, uhh...

Yo man, y'all niggaz ain't gonna believe what the f*ck happened to me.
Remember that bitch I left the club with man? Yo, freaky yo. I'm up in
this bitch playa this bitch f*ckin run them ol mink ass niggaz and shit,
I'm up in the spot though. One of them six-five niggaz, I don't know.
Anyway I'm up in the motherf*ckin spot, so boom I'm up in the pussy,
whatever whatever. I sparks up some lye, Pop Duke creeps up in on some,
must have been rained out or something *laughing* because he's in the
spot. Had me scared, had me scared, I was shook Daddy - but I forget I
had my Roscoe on me. Always. You know how we do. So anyway the nigga
comes up the stairs, he creepin up the steps, the bitch all shook she
sends the nigga back downstairs to get some drinks and shit. She gettin
mad nervous, I said f*ck that man! I'm the nigga, you know how we do it
nigga, ransom note style put the scarf around my motherf*ckin face,
gagged that bitch up, played the kizzack. Soon this nigga comes up in
the spot, flash the Desert in his face he drops the glass. Looked like
the nigga pissed on his-self or somethin, word to mother! Ahh f*ckit
this nigga runs dead to the floor, peels up the carpet, start givin me
mad papers, mad papers. (I told you that bitch was a shiesty bitch cuz!
Word to mother I used to f*ck her cousin but you ain't know that! Hahaha.
You wouldn't know that shit. Really though.) I threw all that
motherf*ckin money up in the Prater knapsack. Two words, I'm gone!
(No doubt, no doubt... no doubt!) Yo nigga got some lye, y'all got
some lye? [conversation fades out]



Notorius Thugs

[Chorus: x4]
It's Bone and Biggie, Biggie [x8]
Let's Ride [x3]
Get High [x3]

[Verse 1: Biggie, BizzyBone, KrayzieBone]
Armed and dangerous
Ain't too many can bang with us
Straight up weed no angel
Dust, label us notorious. Thug ass niggas dat love to bust, it's strange to us
Ya'll niggas be scramblin, gamblin
Up in restaurants with mandolins and
Violins. We just sittin' here tryin to win, try not to sin
High off weed and
Lots of gin
So much smoke need oxygen
Steadily countin' them Benjamins. Nigga
U should too, if u knew, what this game'll do to u
Been in this shit since
Look at all the bullshit l been thru
Sure caught beef with u know
F*ck a few female stars or two
Then a bluelight niggas knew like
Mike-shiiit not to be f*ck with. Muthaf*cka betta duck quick... 'cause me and my
Dogs love to buck shit, f*ck the luck shit strictly aim
Go operation just to
Kick da game. Spit yo' game, talk yo shit, grab yo gat, call your clicks,
Squeeze your clip and hit the right one
Pass dat weed l gotta light one
Them niggas l gotta fight one
All them hoes l gotta like one
Our situation is
A tight one
What u wanna do? fight or run? Seems to me dat you'll take thee,
Bone and Big nigga die slowly
L'ma tell u like a nigga told me, cash rule
Everything around me. Shiiit lyrically, niggas can't see me, f*ck it, buy the
Coke, cook the coke, cut it, blow the bitch before u caught yourself lovin
It-nigga with a Benz f*ckin it. Doesn't it seem odd to u
Big comes thru with
Mobs and crews
Goodfellas down to da Mo' Thug dudes
Who's da killa? me or you?
(We forgive you for you know not what you do)

Seven A.M. woke in da mornin' with henn and caffiene and green and nicotine
No dough so pop a couple of dough, Lil' Rippsta... nigga mista clean, nigga
Deep-deep in my tumble and now to get, sentimentally steamed, with
My... instrumelody, and heated especially ball your team, and a 45 indeed will
Beam now between da scenes destroy your dreams, you willin to die we'll
How many faces when l cause the scene. We mean mug, Mo' Thugs tyrin to be
Perfect-disciples, when it's survival told by the double edged sword triple,
Six rivals spittin' fire this da real truth bitch, breakin down for lies my
Messiah steady get ready for armogeddon shoot 6-5. lt's wild, bless da child,
The one dat became a man
Put in positions out and we perve
All that l had to
Do was stare. Test me now, contend never no surrender no pretend
Pick up my
And my hemp
All in my trust a friend, friend. Hey! open and let's see if
Ya' real, we all suited dig bout 4 in da mornin', maybe we ain't marchin' we
Shootin', and then they recruitin' theirs they forgot... everyday in da ghetto,
We start em' off endin with hit em' up out with a pen and pad hit me led now
Kick it...

Nigga roll with Bone up into da dayz of ours, to the dome with a shot or burn,
Never do toss on da curb/me feelin' da urge to sperve, when l'm broke as
F*cks and givin dat mossburg swerve. Up into my bag, cause l gotta get my mask
And shells-to put in this 12 guage sawed off, get em' all off, nigga yo'
Loss, take it all off, got a nigga caught doe. For the Bone and leatherface
Seemin' to thug in da cut-to let da mo' how many pullin ain't nothin'-bitch
If ya stick em' we buckin' em guns dats f*cked up. Now lemme get down with da
Crime, gotta go purchase a dime
Put in a state to get down for da
Smokin da reefa to ease my mind, swig some wine. Step on da block when
Da rocks what will l be servin' them dummies see
Gotta buck em' on down if he
Come back talkin like gimme back my money. Thuggin with me killaz, need us a
Leader or lick up when niggas ain't got shit
With a sawed off pump chrome 38
Pistol now who ready to get bent. Nigga like me feenin' for them green
Leaves, but l ain't had no dough
Gotta make some money so, l'm makin my dummy
Rocks if l go broke.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Layzie Bone]
Lil' Lay hey comin in a form of scripture, finna get ya and hit
Droppin' down lick but l call on my gadgets, with a automatic status we
Spray time to load da glocks but l'm thinkin not, there's another he forced
Tellin me do what l gotta do
So l up my pipe a nigga die tonight, and l'm
Alwayz waitin for da boys in blue.-Biggie boots on my ass now go'n right the
Cellular phone and call Bone what's happenin'
Grab a ten of real niggas start
Packin', cause a muthaf*cka try to get me in a jackin' and l did em'. Hit em'
Right between the eyes da spot was wise wanna test a nigga's size and it cost
Nigga f*ck around with da wrong shit ya'll get mo' murdered all day, all
Day. We done paved da way and l'm on da run
L'ma call my boys and bring all
Da guns
Ya'll niggas wanna have a lil' fun with number one, one, in a red red
Rum rum rum rum rum rum, with a red red rum rum rum rum rum rum, with a red red

[Chorus: to fade]



Miss U

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Yeah, dedicatin this to my nigga O
We miss you nigga
Goin out to all the niggas that died in the struggle
Word up, shit is real in the field
You know, sparkin blunts to all you niggaz
Word up

Each and every day
The daydreams of how we used to be
See your family
And that baby's lookin just like you
Why'd you go away
I've been missin you lately
Tell me why you're gone and thru

[Verse One: Notorious B.I.G.]

I remember sellin three bricks of straight flour
Got my man a beat down to the third power
He didn't care, spent the money in a half hour
Got some fishscale, ain't no competition that could sour
Got the coke cooked up, a crackhead heaven
In eighty-eight, when Kane ruled, with Half Steppin
A thirty-eight, a lot of mouth, was our only weapon
We was king till the G's crept in
And now I'm missin em


Ooh, I'm missin you
Tell me why the road turns, why it turns
Ooh, I'm missin you
Nah nah nah nah nah, oh tell me why why why why

[Verse Two: Notorious B.I.G.]

We work all week, we dancin, play the movies
We rock flatops, our girls rocked doobies
Made a killin, even though the D's knew me
Eventually, you know they try to do me
F*ck it
Fed up, my nigga want to take it down south
Sick of cops comin, sick of throwin jacks in his mouth
Gave him half my paper, told 'em go that route
Few months, he got his brain blown out
Now I'm stressed
His baby's mother, she trippin, blamin me
And his older brothers, understand, the game it be
Kinda topsy turvy
You win some, you lose some
Damn, they lost a brother
They mother lost a son
F*ck, why my nigga couldn't stay in NY?
I'm a thug, but I swear for three days I cried
I look in the sky and ask God why
Can't look his baby girls in the eye
Damn I miss you


[Verse Three: Notorious B.I.G.]

There was this girl around the way that make cats drool
Her name's Drew, played fools out they money in pool
People swore we was f*ckin but we was just cool
She used to hang while I slang my drugs after school
She'd watch my bomb, help my moms with the groceries
My little sister, the girl was kinda close to me
A little closer than the average girl's supposed to be
Far from a lover, my girl was jealous of her
Then she started messin with some major players
Handled keys, niggas called them the Bricklayers
A dread kid, had a baby fore that bitch Taya
Found out her baby's father cheatin, now Drew she gotta slay her
One night, across from the corner store
Taya ran around the block with a chrome four-four
Squeezed all six shots in the passenger door
The dude lived, what my baby had to die for
We missin her





[Biggie] Yeah... f*ck you
[Lil Kim] F*ck you too!
[B.I.G.] F*ck you bitch
[Lil Kim] F*ck you motherf*cker
[B.I.G.] You ain't shit anyway, f*ck you
[Lil Kim] You ain't shit, you fat motherf*cker
[B.I.G.] Yeah, whatever whatever
[Lil Kim] Whatevah
[B.I.G.] You wasn't sayin that when you was suckin my dick
[Lil Kim] You wasn't sayin that when you was eatin my pussy!
You a nasty motherf*cker!
[B.I.G.] Check it, uhh
[Lil Kim] Crab ass

[Chorus One: B.I.G.]

What do ya do when yo' bitch is untrue?
You cut that hooker off and find someone new
I need another bitch (another bitch), in my life

[Verse One: Notorious B.I.G.]

Uh-huh, uhh, uhh
I know he don't treat you like I treat you
Time to explain the game you see through
Sex is lethal, I ain't gon lie
Means to get ya back, I ain't gon try
Like this ya'll, my girl sucked anotha nigga dick y'all
Light skinned with the chrome die six y'all
Thought they was creepin, two trips to V-A every third weekend
While you was sleepin, he hit you on the box
Sixty-nine go non-stop
Shoulda left ya then, but my heart said not
You knew too much, the relationship grew too much
You knew about the crack vials, means to be trialed
Way I hid dough under the bathroom towel
Waited for a while, thought you was my right thing
Then things got frightening
Peep the scene, sorta like Sam Rosten
Guess you ginger, huh, go figure
Never thought you could be a gold digger
Take my dough and spend with the next nigga
Asked my man Trigga, my ace boom coon
Told me cut the bitch off 'fore the shit balloon
Now I'm like Brandy, Sittin In My Room
Pissy drunk listenin to Stylistic tunes
Or the O-Jays, thinkin bout the old days
My nigga's like, f*ck that bitch, go play
Baller, did she beep you? Don't call her
Guess who I seen, that freak bitch Paula
She was askin bout ya whereabouts
Here's the digits, I know you can wear that out
Tear that out the frame, ya game so tight
You'll be all f*ckin night

[Chorus Two: Lil Kim]

What do ya do when your man is untrue?
Do you cut the sucker off and find someone new?
I need another man, in my life

[Verse Two: Lil Kim]

Mmm, uhhh, uhhh!
Member when you said you would die for me, shit
All of that was just lies to me
Motherf*cker shoulda never said bye to me
Now you cry for me, like Jodeci
It's like that y'all, my nigga hit another bitch from the back y'all
Black nasty and matter fact ya'll
Shoulda seen the hoe, nigga pack ya shit
You out the door, ohh
What about the fight in the Mirage?
I seen ya Benz, parked outside my sister's garage
Said it was ya friend Rog, bullshit
I ain't gonna keep puttin up wit the bullshit
And still I, never sweat these bitches
Who be hanged like plaques on the wall and ya pictures
Scalin fishes, my love is concrete
Stashin ya heat in the passenger seat
of the Nautica Jeep, we've been down for so long
Still a bitch like me tryin to hold on
Teary eyed, damn a bitch steamin
Girls steady screamin, 'Kim you need to leave him!'
When I testified in court, couldn't think straight
thinkin bout the bitches I fought
over you, nigga half the shit you bought
And f*ck you, movin is my last resort
You see nine outta ten niggaz, ain't shit
One outta five niggaz suck a dick
Ya mad at me, too bad she ain't as bad as me
Choulda kept the freak bitch off my canape
Now you see, ain't no pussy warm as mine
Long as mine, ain't no love as strong as this
When I sucked ya dick, it's like smokin a roach
Uhh, I go from first class to coach

[Chorus One, Chorus Two, Chorus One, Chorus Two]



Going Back To Cali

[phone number being dialed]
[phone rings three times]
[Biggie] Yo!
[P. Dad] Yo Big wake up wake up baby
[Biggie] Mmm, yo...
[P. Dad] Yo Big wake yo' ass up c'mon
[Biggie] I'm up! I'm up. *mumbling* I'm up I'm up
[P. Dad] Big, wake up!
[Biggie] I'm up baby, what the f*ck, man? What's up?
[P. Dad] C'mon now it's a quarter to six we got the 7:30 flight
[Biggie] Mmm, *mumbling* yeah
[P. Dad] Yo Big Big, Big
[Biggie] Yeah I hear you dogg, I hear you, alright, 7:30
[P. Dad] Yo take down this information
[Biggie] Ain't no pen
[P. Dad] Tell your girl then to remember it or somethin
[Biggie] Aight honey, yeah write this down
[P. Dad] Aight, ummm, flight five-oh-four
[Biggie] Five-oh-four
[P. Dad] Leaving Kennedy
[Biggie] mumbling Kennedy
[P. Dad] On the L-A-X
[Biggie] Oh! Cali??
[P. Dad] No doubt baby, you know we gotta get this paper
[Biggie] Ahh, no doubt, aight
[P. Dad] You aight?
[Biggie] I'm up, I'm up
[P. Dad] Yo Big
[Biggie] I'm UP man
[P. Dad] Flight five-oh-four
[Biggie] Alright 7:30 I'ma meet you at the airport
[P. Dad] California
[Biggie] Yeh
[phone clicks]

[Verse One: Notorious B.I.G.]
When the lala hits ya lyrics just splits ya
Head so hard, that ya hat can't fit ya
Either I'm witcha or against ya
Format venture, back through that maze I sent ya
Talkin to the rap inventor
Nigga wit the game tight, Bic that flame right
Spell my name right, B-I, Double-G, I-E
Iced out lights out, me and Ceasar Leo
Gettin head from some chick he know
See it's all about the cheddar, nobody do it better
Going back to Cali, strictly for the weather
Women, and the weed -- sticky green
No seeds bitch please, Poppa ain't soft
Dead up in the Hood, ain't no love lost
Got me mixed up, you drunk them licks up
Mad cause I got my dick sucked
and my balls licked, forfeit, the game is mine
I'ma spell my name one more time, check it
Its the, N-O, T-O, R-I, O
U-S, you just, lay down, slow
Recognize a real Don when you see Juan/one
Sippin on booze in the House of Blues

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
I'm going going, back back, to Cali Cali

[Verse Two: Notorious B.I.G.]
If I got to choose a coast I got to choose the East
I live out there, so don't go there
But that don't mean a nigga can't rest in the West
See some nice breasts in the West
Smoke some nice sess in the West, y'all niggaz is a mess
Thinkin I'm gon stop, givin L.A. props
All I got is beef with those that violate me
I shall annihilate thee
Case closed, suitcase filled with clothes
Linens and things, I begin things
People start to flash, 818's, 213's
313's, B.I.G.
Frequently floss hoes at Roscoe's
If I wanna squirt her, take her to Fatburger
Spend about a week on Venice Beach
Sippin Crist-o, with some freaks from Frisco


[Verse Three: Notorious B.I.G.]
Cali got gunplay, models on the runway
Scream Biggie Biggie gimme One More Chance
I be whippin on the freeway, the NYC way
On the celly-celly with my homeboy Lance
Pass hash from left to right
Only got five blunts left to light, I'm set tonight
Paid a visit to Versace stores
Bet she suck until I ain't got no more, only in L.A.
Bust on bitches be-lly, rub it in they tummy
Lick it, say it's yummy, then f*ck yo' man
F*ck your plan, is it to rock the Tri-State?
Almost gold, 5 G's at show gate
Or do you wanna see about seven digits
F*ck hoes exquisite, Cali, great place to visit
[Chorus: Again to fade]



Ten Crack Commandments

[Chuck D] "One two three four five six seven eight nine"

Uhh, it's the ten crack commandments
What, uhh, uhh
Nigga can't tell me nothin bout this coke, uh-huh
Can't tell me nothin bout this crack, this weed
To my hustlin niggaz
Niggaz on the corner I ain't forget you niggaz
My triple beam niggaz, word up

[Chuck D] "One two three four five six seven eight nine"

I been in this game for years, it made me a animal
It's rules to this shit, I wrote me a manual
A step by step booklet for you to get
your game on track, not your wig pushed back
Rule nombre uno: never let no one know
how much, dough you hold, cause you know
The cheddar breed jealousy 'specially
if that man f*cked up, get your ass stuck up
Number two: never let em know your next move
Don't you know Bad Boys move in silence or violence
Take it from your highness (uh-huh)
I done squeezed mad clips at these cats for they bricks and chips
Number three: never trust no-bo-dy
Your moms'll set that ass up, properly gassed up
Hoodie to mask up, shit, for that fast buck
she be layin in the bushes to light that ass up
Number four: know you heard this before
Never get high, on your own supply
Number five: never sell no crack where you rest at
I don't care if they want a ounce, tell em bounce
Number six: that god damn credit, dead it
You think a crackhead payin you back, shit forget it
Seven: this rule is so underrated
Keep your family and business completely seperated
Money and blood don't mix like two dicks and no bitch
Find yourself in serious shit
Number eight: never keep no weight on you
Them cats that squeeze your guns can hold jobs too
Number nine shoulda been number one to me
If you ain't gettin bags stay the f*ck from police (uh-huh)
If niggaz think you snitchin ain't tryin listen
They be sittin in your kitchen, waitin to start hittin
Number ten: a strong word called consignment
Strictly for live men, not for freshmen
If you ain't got the clientele say hell no
Cause they gon want they money rain sleet hail snow
Follow these rules you'll have mad bread to break up
If not, twenty-four years, on the wake up
Slug hit your temple, watch your frame shake up
Caretaker did your makeup, when you pass
Your girl f*cked my man Jake up, heard in three weeks
she sniffed a whole half of cake up
Heard she suck a good dick, and can hook a steak up
Gotta go gotta go, more pasta bake up, word up, uhh

Crack king, Frank Blizzard

[Chuck D] "One two three four five six seven eight nine"



Playa Hater

Good evening
And for my last hit
I'd like to take you back to the classic
A-hem, B.I.G. style of course

Playaahh, turn your head round
Lay on the ground, you've been robbed
Wake up, open the door
Lay on the floor, you've been robbed
You know, we need this money
And you, yes baby, you, should just roll with me
Let's go off, together
On this robbin spree, we'll make money
Playaahh, turn your head round
Take off that crown, you've been robbed
Wake up, open the door
Don't cry no more, you've been robbed

You see, there are two kind of people in the world today
We have, the playaz, and we have, the playa haters
Please don't hate me because I'm beautiful baby

Hear what they talk, about me
But my crew so deep, you can't do, a damn thing, to me

Playahh, open the door
Lay on the floor, you've been robbed
Wake up (wake your ass up), take off your jewels
You f*ckin fools, you've been robbed (this is a robbery nigga)
Playahh playahh (hater), Playahh playahh (hater)
Playahh playahh (hater), Playahh playahh (hater)
Playahh hater!! (hater) Playahh hater!! (hater)
Playahh hater!! (hater) Playahh hater!! (hater)
Uhh, thank you... thank you very much *applause*
Thank you thank you far too kind, far too kind
Thank you, thank you very much
Good night everybody, good night!
I love all of you, thank you thank you
Thank you, thank you very much
Good night!



Nasty Boy

[Notorious B.I.G. conversating with someone]
Yeahh, worrd
I remember I met this one bitch
Cause you know me I don't see how I'm the nasty motherf*cker
I just thought I thought I'da did anything in the world (yeh?)
I meets this one bitch, I comes up in the spot, or whatever
The bitch got the candles lit or whatever, so
She tell me whatever she wanna get her freak on whatever
So I'm like WHASSUP whatchu wanna yaknahmsayin
I'm read to wear it out or whatever (kssss)
The bitch told me she wanted me to shit on her! [laughing]
Ya know shit I was like whatchu mean shit?
I mean I might shit on you after I, hit it I won't call you no more
Shit on you like that [more laughing]
She talkin about no she want me to cock over her
And shit, on her stomach! [laughing through his teeth]
I said bitch what the, what the f*ck??
What the f*ck I'm sposed to do after I after I shit on her
I'm sposed to hit that after that?
She's just wilding out so after I shits on the bitch right
[both start laughing]
Ya know I shit, after I shits on the bitch
The bitch, ya know, washed that shit off or whatever
(Ohhh shit!)

[Puff Daddy] Come on, yeah [repeat 10X]

Uhh, I go, on and on and on and
then take her to the crib and let your bone in
Easy, call em on the phone and
platinum Chanel cologne and
I stay, dressed, to impress
Spark these bitches interest
Sex is all I expect
if they watch TV in the Lex, they know
They know, quarter past fo'
Left the club tipsy, say no mo'
except how I'm gettin home, tomorrow
Caesar drop you off when he see his P.O., uhh
Back of my mind I hope she swallow (uh-huh)
Man She split a drink on my cream Wallows
Reach the gate, hungry just ate
Riffin, she got to be to work by eight
This must mean she ain't tryin to wait
Conversate, sex on the first date I state
"You know what you do to me"
She starts, "Well but I don't usually"
then I, whipped it out, rubber no doubt
Step out, show me what you all about
Fingers in your mouth, open up your blouse
Pull your G-string down South, aoowww
Threw that back out, in the parking lot
By a Cherokee and a green drop-top
And I don't stop, until I screw
Jeans skirt butt-naked it all work

I remember we, went to Tennessee
Then we came home, mad messages was on my phone
Bitch named Symone
Screamin, she feenin, for the semen
Me bein, the man that I am
Took it to her condo, pronto
Half indian, called her Tonto
Roll the kronk ton in the dark pronto
Few buzz, I got load
and off to the bedroom we go (mmmmmm)
Sex is drama, head to trauma
Rip pajamas I'ma stay to tomorrow
Satisfyin all my needs twice
With the whipped cream, handcuffs and ice
The bitch is nice, word is bond
Can't wait to put my niggaz on, what, what?

Ladies, my Mercedes
Hold fo' in the back, two if it's fat
Keep a gat, cause cats, try to test me
They just fans like DeNiro, Wesley
Let's see, the bitch I'm waitin on
Gaudy years teens look like they painted on
Ask thee, leave it up to me
Lay her on back ever so gently
She like the way the dope fold up, Rolls roll up
Cristal just throw up, bitch grow up
Hold up, there's DeGenero
Dripped out, iceberg Capero
Intro goes without speaking
Call me Caese cause I keep em, we can go freakin
all weekend, so, roll in
Ain't it good that my Lex keeps foldin? Uhh



Sky's The Limit

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Good evenin ladies and gentlemen
How's everybody doin tonite?
I'd like to welcome to the stage, the lyrically acclaimed, ha
I like this young man, because, when he came out
he came out wit the phrase, he went from ashy to classy
Ha, I like that
So everybody in the house, give a warm, round of applause for
The Notorious B.I.G. *clapping*
The Notorious B.I.G. ladies and gentlemen give it up for him ya'll

A nigga never been as broke as me, I like that
When I was young I had two pair of Lees, besides that
The pin stripes and the gray (uh-huh)
The one I wore on Mondays and Wednesdays
While niggas flirt, I'm sewing tigers on my shirt
and alligators
Ya wanna see the inside, huh, I see ya later
Here come the drama, oh, that's that nigga wit the fake, blaow!
Why you punch me in my face, stay in ya place
Play ya position, here come my intuition
Go in this nigga pocket
Rob him while his friends watchin
That hoes clockin, here comes respect
His crew's your crew, or they might be next
Look at they man eye, BIG man they never try
So we roll wid em, stole wid em
I mean loyalty, niggaz bought me milks at lunch
The milks was chocolate, the cookies, buttercrunch
In here, eyes crossed from blue and white dust
Pass the blunt

Sky is the limit and you know that you keep on
Just keep on pressin on
Sky is the limit and you know that you can have
what you want, pressin what you want
Sky is the limit and you know that you keep on
Just keep on pressin on
Sky is the limit and you know that you can have
what you want, be what you want, have what you want, be what you want

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Uh-huh, I was a shame, my crew was lame
I have enough heart for most of em
Long as I got stuff from most of em
It's on, even when I was wrong I got my point across
They depicted me the boss, of course
My orange box-cutter make the world go round
Plus I'm f*ckin, bitches ain't my homegirls now
Start stackin, dabbled in crack, gun packin
Nickname Medina, make the seniors tote my ninas
From gym class, to Englass, pass off a global
The only nigga wit a mobile, Can't You See like Total
Gettin larger in waist and taste
Ain't no tellin where this felon is headin, just in case
Keep a shell at the tip of ya melon, clear da space
Ya brain was a terrible thing ta waste
Eighty-eight long gates, snatch initial name plates
Smokin spliffs wit niggaz, real life beginner killers
Prayin God forgive us for being sinners, help us out

Sky is the limit and you know that you keep on
Just keep on pressin on
Sky is the limit and you know that you can have
what you want, pressin what you want
Sky is the limit and you know that you keep on
Just keep on pressin on
Sky is the limit and you know that you can have
what you want, be what you want, have what you want, be what you want

[Notorious B.I.G.]
After realizin, to master enterprisin
I ain't have ta be in school by ten, I was in
Began to encounter, wit my counter-parts
I holla burn the block apart, break it down into sections
Drugs by the selection
Some use pipes, others use in-jec-tions
Syringe sold seperately, Frank the deputy
Quick to grab my Smith-n-Wessun, like my dick was missin
To protect my position, my corner, my layer
While we out here, say the hustlas prayer
If the game shakes me or breaks me
I hope it makes me a better man
Take a better stand
Put money in my moms hand
Get my daughter this college plan, so she don't need no man
Stay far from timid
Only make moves when ya heart's in it
And live the phrase Sky's The Limit
Motherf*cker... see you chumps on top

Sky is the limit and you know that you keep on
Just keep on pressin on
Sky is the limit and you know that you can have
what you want, be what you want
Sky is the limit and you know that you keep on
Just keep on pressin on
Sky is the limit and you know that you can have
what you want, pressin what you want
Sky is the limit and you know that you keep on
Just keep on pressin on
Sky is the limit and you know that you can have
what you want, be what you want
Sky is the limit and you know that you keep on
Just keep on pressin on
Sky is the limit and you know that you can have
what you want, be what you want
Sky is the limit and you know that you keep on
Just keep on pressin on
Sky is the limit and you know that you can have
what you want, be what you want...



The World is Filled...

[Intro: The Notorious B.I.G.]
Make it hot! [6 seconds instrumental]
Make it hot! [6 seconds instrumental]
Make it hot! [6 seconds instrumental]
Make it hot!

[Chorus: Governor]
The world is filled with pimps and hoes
We'll just talk about those I knows! [6 seconds instrumental]
The world is mine, can't you see
I'm just trying to be all I can beeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Ohhahhoahh, yeah!

[Puff Daddy:]
Now first come the cash! - Then come the ass! (yeah!)
Then come big blunts with big chunks of hash! (right!)
When I score with a whore, she be game for sure
Pimp so hard, a nigga drag his mink on the floor! (whoo!)
Won't you admit it? - I ain't gotta talk because I live it
Any chick f*ckin' with me, believe me that's a privelege. (that's right!)
I won't be satisfied, till all my niggaz get it
See you hit it then I hit it! (uh!) - We get it back to split it! (uh-huh!)
And Big be that nigga we be flyin through your hood (sssssshh!)
And hoodrats scopin with they eyes on my goods!
See we date 'em like we hate 'em! (yeah!) - See 'em like we don't need 'em! (uh!)
Treat 'em like we meet 'em! (uh-huh!) - And never give up freedom!
And we only give our number to selected few
And it's best that you, never knew - what good head'll do?
Turn a freak to a bisexual (uhh!)
And if she's flexible f*ck the nigga next to you!

[Chorus: Governor ("Biggie") (Daddy)]
The world is filled with pimps and hoes
We'll just talk about those I knowwws! ("Make it hot! ") (Playa home, players!)
Ohhahhoahh, yeeeaaaaaah! You don't knoooooowww! (Playa home, players!)
The world is miiine, can't you see? ("uh! ")
I'm just trying to be all I can beeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ("Make it hot! ")
Oooooohhhh, yeeaah! ("uh! ")

[The Notorious B.I.G. (Puff Daddy):]
When the Remi's in the system - ain't no tellin' (uh-uh!)
Will I f*ck 'em will I diss 'em? (yeah!) - That's what these hoes yellin'! (yeah!)
I'm a pimp by blood! (yeah!) - Not relation!
Y'all still chase on! - I'll replace on,
Punks! (come on!) - Drunk of Dom! - Silk and gators! (uh-huh!)
Spittin' words makin' birds till they flock see you later. (see ya!)
Whether - drunk or high! - Skunk or thai! (yeah!)
Nigga play against some playa shit, slugs gon' fly!
Ain't no lie! - Pimped out, the SSI
Nigga don't ask: "Why? "
Just respect it! - She bought me the necklace, the bracelet
The Benz-O, she laced it! - Crib-O, got it? - Interior decorated! (whooo!)
Now my popularity grew, in each state (uh!)
Now I got two in each state! (uh!)
Used to drink brew and eat steak (uh!)
Now I pop bottles with models, larger steaks on large estates!


[Too $hort (Puff Daddy):]
(Yeah, Too $hort!) I had a whole lotta bitches in my lifetime
I been blessed with the game always say the right lines.
Had a few prostitues and if you knew the truth,
They're like pimps! - You can't let 'em do it to you! (hehehe!)
She ain't no sucker! (eh-eh!) - I know that bitch man
She wanna be a "Pretty Woman" lovin', a rich man! (yeahhh!)
Now here you come! - Drop top ridin'
You ain't no pimp fake nigga stop lyin'! (stop lyin'!)
Pussy makes money! - Stick to the business!
Think about the real motherf*ckers that live it!
Street life! - Pimp shit - make the hoe respect the game
You bought her diamonds and cars, trick that's a shame!
Say what you want! - But I still figured
She left you cause you couldn't be, like them real niggaz! (uh-uh!)
She was a hustler by nature! - And you was just faker
Than the average symps! (that's right!) - Found a badder pimp! (come on!) - Too $hort

[Outro: Too $hort (Biggie)]
Crazy ass man!
I never woulda bought that bitch all them cars (yeah, nigga!) and all that shit you bought that hoe man!
After I heard about what the bitch did nigga!
Knew the hoe!
Man I'm thirty years old nigga!
And that bitch was hoein' when I was in 9th grades and shit!
Think about that! ("Make it hot! ")
She been around then right?
You just a rest haven for hoes man!
Just the first nigga that came along when the bitch got out the pen!
Bitch only f*ckin' witchu cause you had a good ass job, nigga nerd!
Treat the bitch better than anybody ever treated her!
Stupid-ass nigga!
She ain't nuttin' but a hoe! ("Make it hot"!)
Bet you fell in love with her man? (Heheeee!)
You can't turn a hoe into a housewife fool! (eh-eh!)
Everytime you turn your back that bitch is f*ckin' with dem gangstas!
EastSide, WestSide these are my potnahs!
Do that shit!
You kno'mtalkin'bout nigga?
I tell you about some real pimps and hoes!
Tell you about these pimps and these hoes man!
Yeah, I know a few!
Shiiit! [beat stops]



My Downfall

[phone rings]
[phone rings]
[B.I.G.] Yo
[heavy breathing]
[B.I.G.] Sup hello?
[heavy breathing]
[B.I.G.] Faith?
Motherf*cker [click]
[phone rings]
[B.I.G.] Yo
Kill you motherf*cker (voice speaking to Biggie is whispering throughout)
[B.I.G.] Hello?
Kill you motherf*cker
[B.I.G.] [sarcastically] WORD?
I'm gonna get you motherf*cker you better watch your motherf*ckin back
That's my word nigga
[B.I.G.] Get the f*ck outta here
Better watch your motherf*ckin abck
[B.I.G.] Watch my back? WORD?
I'm gonna get Biggie, I'm gonna kill Biggie
[B.I.G.] You soft dude, you soft
F*ck all you niggaz, you all ain't SHIT
Watch your motherf*ckin back
[B.I.G.] Eat a dick

Jealousy's a motherf*cker, you weak jealous motherf*ckers!
If you a jealous motherf*cker, you just a weak motherf*cker!
See when you on top, motherf*ckers just wanna bring you down!
Motherf*ckers don't even know you, and they don't like you...

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Uhh, I dreams filthy
My moms and pops mixed in with Jamaican Rum and Whiskey
Huh, what a set up
Shoulda pushed em dead off, wipe the sweat off
Uhh, cause in this world I'm debtor, squeeze lead off
Benz sped off, ain't no shook hands in Brook-land
Army fatigue break up teams, the enemies
Look man, you wanna see me locked up, shot up
Moms crotched up over the casket, screamin BASTARD
Cryin, know my friends is lyin
Y'all know who killed im filled im with the lugars from they Rugers
or they Desert, dyin ain't the shit but it's present
Kinda quiet, watch my niggaz bring the riot
Giving cats the opposite of diets
The game lure you down when you die no lie, lazy eye
I was high when they hit me, took a few cats with me
Shit, I need the company (uh-huh)
Apoligies in order, to T'Yanna my daughter
If it was up to me you would be with me, sorta like
Daddy Dearest, my vision be the clearest
Silencers so you can't hear it
Competition still fear it, shit don't ask me
I went from ashy to nasty to classy, and still

That's not all, MC's have the gall
To pray and pray for my downfall
Pray and pray for my downfall
Pray and pray for my downfall

[Notorious B.I.G.]
This goes out to cats, fingers in they ass again
Fifty dollar half-a-men, daydreamin
F*ck around get wet like semen, your whole team-and
be more gone than freemen
I took the cream and, moved to new places new faces
F*ck the screwfaces, when I flip
I make the papers, dangerous, we Goodfellas
Niggaz can't bang with us, try to do me
My crew be unruly (what)
To old school cats that call gats toolies
Call blacks moolies, think it's cool to smoke woolies
And f*ck without rubbers (what) specialize
in killin wives and grandmothers, who ya trustin, shit
When Frank start bustin, Frank start somethin
Killin ya gently, God meant me, to push a Bentley
Me and Sean Combs takin broads home
On the phone with the chip, these Cristal chips
bought to make our own porno flicks, my life's the shit

That's not all, MC's have the gall
To pray and pray for my downfall
Pray and pray for my downfall
Pray and pray for my downfall

That's not all, MC's have the gall
To pray and pray for my downfall
Pray and pray for my downfall
Pray and pray for my downfall

[Notorious B.I.G.]
We used to hold the gold, now we floss with diamonds
Niggaz want my team to stop shinin
Pray my fame start declinin
Windin night girlies
We been around the world twice, moats that'll smoke ice
in moonlights, sacrifice your heart
Lexus with the automatic start (what)
Fifty shots'll tear your club apart
Eatin shrimp outta cars, with some bitches from Brussels
Eatin clams or mussels
Uhh, out the puss (what) pretty face no waist
I just want the bush, so I can mack you
Give her a package to push, cause I work dem hoes
Den dey hoes, I show you how to play them hoes
Can you just visualize it
Before I go to sleep I check the beds and the closet
so I can sleep safe, not too many people mill in the briefcase
Infrareds help me sleep safe, but wait

That's not all, MC's have the gall
To pray and pray for my downfall
Pray and pray for my downfall
Pray and pray for my downfall

Y'all motherf*ckers live off of negativity
What y'all niggaz need to get through your motherf*ckin heads
Is that, y'all f*ckin with some niggaz that's on a higher
motherf*ckin level -- we don't give a f*ck
About what you think about less how you feel about us
What you got to say about us
We gon keep doin our motherf*ckin thing
From now till the year three thousand bitches!
You can't breathe, you can't sleep, you can't eat
without thinkin about us!
Without thinkin about us to the end!
We gonna kill you heartless motherf*ckers!

That's not all, MC's have the gall
To pray and pray for my downfall
Pray and pray for my downfall
Pray and pray for my downfall



Long Kiss Goodnight


I make yo mouthpiece obese like delawese
When I release, you loose teeth like Little Cease
Nigga please
Blood floods yo dungarees
And that's just a half of my warpath
Laugh now cry later, I rhyme greater
than the average playa hater, and spectators
Buy my CD twice
They see me in the streets they be like yo he nice
But that's on the low doe'
be the cats wit no dough, tried ta play me at my show
I pull out 4-4's, and go up in they clothes
Short-change niggas
snort-cane niggas
extortion came quicker
Bought the Range' nigga
Ya still tickle me
I used ta be as strong as ripple, till Little Cease crippled me
Now I play hard-like my girls nipples be
The games sour like like a pickle be
Ya'll know da rules
Move from BK ta New Jerus
Thinkin bout, all the planes we flew
Bitches, we ran through
Now da years new
I lay my game flat
I want my spot back, take two
Muthaf*ckas mad cuz I blew, niggas envious
Too many niggas on my dick, shit's strenuous
When my men bust, you just move wit such stamina
Slugs missed ya
I ain't mad at'chya (we ain't mad at'chya)
Blood rushin, concussions, ain't nothing
Catch canes, come out frontin
Smokin something
Sippin White Russians, bitch in the Benz bumpin
I laced it wit the basic
6 TV's, a system, knockin Mase shit, face it
We hard ta hit
Guard ya shit, for I stick you, for ya re-up
Wipe the "P"
Mix shots, "work ya seat up"
Go in the ashtray, spark the weed up


UH-I flamin gats, aimin at, these f*ckin...
Maniacs put my name in raps--"support them"
Games dat
Like they hustle backwards
I smoke backwards, and Duchees
Ya can't touch me
Try ta rush me
Slugs go, touchy-touchy
Ya bleedin lovely, wit'chyo, spirit above me
or beneath me, ya whole life ya live sneaky
Now ya rest eternally, sleepy, ya burn when ya creep me
Rest where the worms-n-the weak be
My nine flies, baptize, rap guys
Wit the holy ghost
I put holes in most, you hold ya toast shakey
Slip-n-tryin ta break me
Look what'chyou made me do, brains blue
My team in the Marine blew, six-coupe
Skiid it out, weeded out, clean it out
The block for distance is, given long kisses bitch


Frank White the menacin, craw-craw's demenacin
I got the lettuce in
You turn green like cucumber skin got the new hummer in the summer when I was
a new comer
drugs and mac-10's
Hug from fake friends
Make ends they hate'chyou, be broke girls won't date'chyou
That's why I relate to, choke yo ass till ya face blue, make you
Open the safe too
No matter how ya call it(how ya call it)
This "bralick",alcoholic
Like his weed green'd out like his brick solid
Distribute to kids who, take heart like Valentine, drink Valentine, all the
Slugs hit'chya chest tap the spine
Heard through the grapevine, ya got f*cked foe times
Damn that three ta nine, f*cked you up for real doe'
"Slink steal slow"
As you remorse we feel no




You're Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)

[Puff Daddy]
Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil -- for you are with me
Your rod and your staff, they comfort me
You prepare a table for me, in the presence of my enemies
You annoint my head with oil, my cup overflows
Surely goodness and love will follow me -- all the days of my life
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Niggaz in my faction so black askin questions
Strictly gun testin, coke measurin
Givin pleasure in the Benz-ito
Hittin fanny, spendin chips at Manny's
Hope you creeps got receipts, my peeps get dirty like kites
Run up in your crib, wrap you up in your pillow sheets
Six up in your wig piece, nigga decease
MWA, may you rest in peace
With my Sycamore style, more sicker than yours
Four-four, and if they fall draw
There's my pilot, he steals my liv, gets my div
Shit's official, only, the Feds I fear
Here's a tissue, stop your blood clot cryin
The kids to Don, everybody buyin -- no lyin
So don't you get suspicious
I'm Big Dangerous you're just a Lil Vicious
As I leave my competition, with sporated style
Climb the ladder to success escalator style
Hold y'all breath, I told y'all -- death
controls y'all, Big don't fold y'all, uhh
I spit phrases that'll thrill you
You're nobody til somebody kills you

You're nobody, til somebody, kills you
(I don't wanna die, God tell me why)
You're nobody, til somebody, kills you
(I don't wanna die, God tell me why)

Uhh, uhh
Watch Casino, I'm the hip-hop version of Nicky Tarantino
Ask Nino, he know
Green with envy, the green tempts me
to make the richest enemy, and take their cheese
Take their spots, take their keys, make my faculty
live happily, ever after in laughter
Hah, never seen Cristal pour faster
And to those bastards, knuckleheads squeeze lead
Three of mine dead, nuttin left to do
but tear they ass to shreds, leave em in bloodshed
Incidents like this I take trips
Lay up in Miami with Tamika and Tammy (huh)
Some Creole C-O bitches I met on tour
Push a peach Legend Coupe, gold teeth galore
Told me meet em in the future later, they'll take me shoppin
buy me lavender and fuschia Gators
Introduce me to playa haters and heavy weighters
Rich bitch shit, drinkin Cristal
til they piss the shit, uhh
Thorough bitches, death to any borough bitches
Be in spots where they were no bitches, you feel me
Reminesce on dead friends too
You're nobody til somebody kills you

[chorus 2X]

Uhh, uhh
You can be the shit, flash the fattest five
Have the biggest dick, but when your shell get hit
You ain't worth spit, just a memory
Remember he, used to push the champagne Range (I remember that)
Silly cat, more sway than the rain
Sways with the G'n game, had the country framed
before Dana Dane, thought he ran with Kane
I can't recall his name, wasn't he that kid
that nearly lost half his brain over two grams of cocaine?
Gettin his dick sucked by Crackhead Corainne
A puff of shame, dude's the lame, what's his name?
Darkskin Jermaine, see what I mean?

[chorus 2X (fades)]
Copyright: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, EMI Music Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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