Nuclear Death - Corpse Of Allegiance Lyrics

Nuclear Death Lyrics

Corpse Of Allegiance Lyrics
Evil walks among us in the guise of man
killing to be blessed, the innocent pray and die...

I stick a knife into his head
and twist it through his brain
I pull it out and extract his eyes
father, forgive my sin

To a corpse, I confess, an unholy bestial sin
I killed a priest to be blessed now I must kill again...

My tortured soul will never rest
for I am blessed by death
I have pledged to myself
the innocent to pray and die

A preonant whore, I come upon, walking home alone at night
I beat her senseless and extract the child, father, forgive my sin...

I f*ck the whore's battered corpse
and place the fetus in a bag
I smile at my handwork
and pledge my allegiance to death...

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