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Num Skull Lyrics

Fridays Child Lyrics
Act I
Executed for something that you've never done
Your life has barely even just begun
You swear every last one would pay
You promise to return from the Grave
As a man of religion you will die
But the promise of God is lies
Your faith was given all in vain
Hope - mere illusion in your brain
Free from grace of Holy Rest
Absolute nocturnal death
Soon lie in the grave awaiting those to be repaid
The trial - how long you have waited for this day
Guilt is what you hope they won't say
But luck forgot your name this day!
Sent to Death
No delay
Now in your grave you rot, deep inside your cemetary plot
Your epitaph spells out lies, as a friend looks down and cries
Break the brace of certain death, return from your
eternal rest
Strike out from your very grace, soon they all will be repaid
As you rot awaiting your great transition
Patience is a virtue in this plight
Hell's price for rebirth and reprisal
Long awaited
Many Full Moon nights
Act II
Now the time has ended, your corpse has fallen to dust
Your Blessed Death the jury's invitation
For you're falsified unjust
Now you'll gain the satisfaction of your unrelenting thirst
But the Hell that's expected now a violence getting worse
My soul is reborn with hatred and scorn
For vengeance of death and not prison
Beware of my toll I'll torture your soul
From the Black of Hell I have risen
The jurors die in cold blood in their bed
For the verdict that left me dead
And for the lawyer the went unsaid
A pathetic man from Havard now dead
The judge will be torn at his seams
For the hammer that smashed my dreams
Now they're all here in Hell
They learned a lesson I can tell-acap
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