Num Skull - Kiss Me Kill Me Lyrics

Num Skull Lyrics

Kiss Me Kill Me Lyrics
I met there by the stairs
She seemed to catch my eye
An unkwon love sent from above
The last before I die
We carried on through the years, getting worse and worse
As time went on our love was gone, never ending course

I couldn't see why she left me
All I could see was death
I'd made my mind to leave behind
My body, my life, my breath
I'll buy a gun, have some fun

Blowing my brains out the back
A helpless try to make her cry
As I perish into the black

She kissed me, she killed me
The love that onve filled me turned black inside my heart
She kissed me, she killed me
Life no longer thrills me - death to me my only friend

Soon to be just a memory I sit and stare at the gun
On this night, a silent night
My life of death has begun
On to my lips th cold barrel sits
Aiming for my instant death
I pull the lever, its now or never
As I breath my final breath

She kissed me, she killed me
The bullet that fills me will stop the sorrow and hell
She kissed me, she killed me
You know I go willingly leaving this world behind
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