Num Skull - Off With Your Head Lyrics

Num Skull Lyrics

Off With Your Head Lyrics
After the victim's final plea, from the scene you will flee
Then you wait until the night, keep yourself out of sight

Hiding out in the trees, cold sweat as you freeze
French come hunt you down, await the trial back in town

Off with your head!
Soon you'll be dead!

Bloody and red!
Corporation Pull-in

Evidence piles high, jury looks you in the eye
Primitive society, convicts you - you're guilty

From your window you will see where your figure is to be
You can't sleep, you can't eat 'cause you know that you're
dead meat

Time has come, you will die - see the fear in your eyes
Drop the blade, hear the chop - now your life and all will stop

Off with your head!
Now you are dead!
The blood is so red!
Off with your head!
Off with your head
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